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  1. also, I don't quite get the distinction between trf419xr and ta07ms/R. I mean, what are each of the cars trying to target/achieve? the costs of these cars are so close to each other.
  2. I want a competitive race car since I have the tt02r as a "leisure" car.
  3. I am interested in getting a discontinued porsche 911 gt3 cup xb as it removes the need for me to apply stickers, paint the body, getting the width. but how do I go about replacing the chassis with a newer chassis like TT02 and beyond with hopups? the porsche has a 251mm wheelbase with a wide tread. Other than the stock TT02 and the original tt-01E, I am not aware of any other tamiya chassis with such wheelbase and width.
  4. I will be heading to germany and I am hoping to get some touring cars while I am there. But a search of online rc car shops in germany shows they don't seem to sell trf419xr, ta07r/pro, etc what online shops do germans get their rc cars from? other than ebay.
  5. I need another touring car chassis as I only have a TT02R but I have quite a few bodies. Getting another tt02r isn't what I want because nowadays a TT02R costs just below a TA07 pro with discounts. I am also thinking of long term use and I wish to avoid buying Ta07pro then buying hopups then upgrading to a 07R, then trf419xf. I mean, based on prices I see on ebay, etc, a Ta07R costs about US$500, ta07 MS US$550 +20 for shipping. a TRX419xf about US$550.+20 for shipping, a Ta07 pro with a few hopups costs almost half that of the previous 3 kits. Ta07 pro with all the upgrades to reach a 419xf level would still be cheaper but the hassle is not worth it. any advice?
  6. I recently saw a listing for a tamiya 1/20 mammoth dump truck (original ones, not re-release) and it had parts that didn't match reference photos, the dampers and links
  7. is this kit really going to be limited in production numbers? the previous anniversary kit, porsche 934 jagermeister, has a product code starting with 8 which suggests it's a limited edition porsche but months after its release it can be found easily on retail shelves everywhere. some sites claim this kit will be limited in production volume but it has a product code that doesn't start with 8. can someone enlighten me?
  8. Question 1, gear pitch of the final 3 gears of the high lift transmission? I've been trying to measure the gear pitch of the final 3 gears and it seems I more or less reach the number of 0.96 module, which does not make sense as the closest gear pitch is either 0.8mod or 1.0mod. So to be sure I tested against a known gear pitch (1.0module) on another short course truck, and it seems to match. The thing is, I can't be sure so I am just asking for confirmation or corrections if I am wrong. 2nd question. 1 of the ways I am trying to modify the gear ratios of the HL tranny, is to get a replacement gear for the final gear, the one with a hex slot in the middle. How do I find 1.0module gears with the same sized hex hole?
  9. I got the junfac kit because I watched some guides and youtube videos and it seems it addresses some issues like slop etc, so I thought i used it. I do want a low-rider, I already have a scx10 II Took a 2nd look at the links. It appears the junfac upper links are shorter and lower links about the same or longer than stock ones
  10. I didn't get the cc01 then get the chassis lowering kit. it basically came together. it's become an "lower riding kit" maybe I should change the position of the spacer on the skid plate and/or remove spacer in dampers
  11. Ok I get what you mean now. Sorry I made some mistakes in my original description. The lower links are the ones hitting the chassis. not the upper links. It is on the shaft inside the damper. The spacers between the skid plate and the lower links is causing the ride height to be much lower, about 6mm lower or so.
  12. I see. the LHS keeps having them. I've already bought 2 m05 ver R, 1 XV01 long damper spec and they still have it.!
  13. What's the consensus or general view towards this kit? There seems to be a clearance sale for this kit. Not sure if sales for this kit is bad or just clearing space for the m07 kits.
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