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  1. I don't have a specific budget but I keep track of most RC stuff in a spreadsheet. Once I decide on a new model I start adding up what I need to complete it and pretty soon I cross it off my list for another 6 months. Sometimes even just seeing a big list of what I already have is enough to tell me I don't need to spend any money.
  2. You've done a great job on both bodies. Perfect shade of green for a Unimog. Did you do anything to the red wheels? I've been looking at my set and trying to decide whether to paint them or just replace them because they look so plasticky.
  3. Gave the CC02 a run around the garden.
  4. 29 degrees Celsius, scorching sunshine, BBQ, and everything is decorated to look like snow. Another successful Christmas day in New Zealand.
  5. MF02X. An M07/M08 style 4WD race m-chassis. Dreams are free.
  6. Peeled the protective film off today. A couple of lines aren't as straight as I'd like due to being a bit wobbly with the knife but otherwise it's pretty good. Just have to add some stickers and I'm done. I stretched the CC02 wheelbase to 252mm and took off the front bumper and I think it looks much better.
  7. I probably should have done something similar. This was supposed to be a simple body to get me back into painting this summer but I couldn't resist making it more difficult for myself. 5 empty cans in the bin today for one body. Used all the cans that were running quite low for this one and I think I've gotten away with it. The bright silver started sputtering before I got the third coat of that out. The silver lasted barely a single coat to back it. Tried the white and that barely only a few seconds. Metallic red lasted perfectly up to the moment I was done with it. Gunmetal likewise just got enough done for what I needed. I'm now onto the final couple of coats of black and then I'm done. Do I try painting window trims on the outside now? Hmmm...
  8. Spent the weekend masking because the Rock Socker/Stadium Blitzer rear rollcage is not easy to trim around if you want to do it in multiple colours. Now I think it might have been in vain. Got a few coats of PS41 Bright Silver down and realized I made the error of spraying the lightest colour first. I could clean it off and start from scratch, but I will try backing it with the small amount of PS12 Silver I have left to make it opaque enough that the darker shades won't come through. Maybe even a coat of white after the silver might help. It's all my cans of paint with small amounts left over so I might as well press on.
  9. Installed the bearing kit into the CC02 axles and put the electrics in. Still need to tidy the wires but it's almost ready to run. Servo is in the vertical mount position. I test fitted the servo, a Savox SC-0251MG, in the horizontal position and while you could argue it fits, it's really tight and I wouldn't recommend it. Maybe 5mm clearance from the motor. Got the body fitted today as well. I'm using my spare CR01 Rock Socker body. Need to think of a new name for it since it's a trail truck not a rock crawler. Trail Nailer? The front lines up with the stock body post dimples quite well but the rear is about 10mm out from the center of the wheelwell. It's built as a 242mm S wheelbase so a switch to the 252mm M wheelbase would be perfect. I might just trim the body a bit to save having to change wheelbase when switching between my planned Unimog and Bronco bodies. I was going to leave a lexan bumper under the grille but it looks a bit clunky with the CC02 plastic bumper. I could not run the plastic bumper as it attaches to a bumper mount with three screws that are easy to reach. Lots of clearance for the tyres even at full articulation with this body. It looks a bit excessive in the photos but it's not so bad in person. I've got a couple of ideas for the paint scheme but I'm not certain what I'll do.
  10. I am definitely considering getting a Bronco body too. I previously had one on a CC01 and CR01 so I should probably branch out and get a Land Cruiser instead this time. Need to complete my Unimog first of course.
  11. Bit of an impulse purchase. One of those paint cans you know will be out of stock if you ever need it. At least that's what I tell myself when buying stuff I don't need.
  12. Assembled the rest of the CC02 last night. Had to use plastic bushes since the bearings were MIA. Today they arrived! I'll pull apart the axles switch the bushes out and reassemble them again tonight. Not a big problem but I do need to remove a couple of e-clips which are never fun. Now that it's more or less complete (servo and other electrics still need to go in) I quite like it. Much nicer than a CC01, as it should be after this many years, and reminds me a little of the CR01 although a much less intensive build. I believe 4WS should be possible with a second kit scavenged for parts although I'm not quite game enough to try that yet. Bearings, metal hexes, and a steel pinion are all I've changed. Didn't have to glue anything like the manual suggests. I'd like a crawler motor and ESC in there but I'll run it as is for now. Stock plastic steering link feels a bit bendy for my liking. The receiver box needs to be attached with tape when a couple of screws would've been better. I hope the stock driveshafts hold up as I don't think I've seen replacement steel ones that fit the short wheelbase. Tyres are still garbage for anything requiring grip of course. Other than that I think it's quite a good little truck. I'll see how bad the widely acknowledged bumpsteer problem is then decide if I need to find a solution. I'm going to be running a different body to the Unimog and it's one I haven't seen on this chassis yet. I'll get it mounted this weekend and maybe even paint it if I can.
  13. Last night I decided that the bearings for my CC02 were most likely lost in the mail and getting a new set would take until next year so I built the rest of the truck. Today, the bearings arrive. Ah well, at least they got here. I picked up a few things at the local hobby shop today amid all the Christmas shopping. There was a couple buying what I think was an Arrma Granite monster truck for their 10yo son ahead of me in line discussing if a truck going 100km/h is too much. Growing up with silvercan 540s and NiCad packs is a whole different world compared to today.
  14. Made a start on the CC02 last night. I had half a dozen 1150 bearings left over from another kit and that's exactly how many are in the transmission, so that was handy. To go any further I'll need to either continue waiting for the bearings kit to arrive or just plow ahead with plastic bushes. The build is interesting. Some odd choices but it all goes together smoothly and I have no real complaints. Nice plastics and the transmission feels pretty smooth. Disappointed the dampers have the metal one-piece shafts so you can't adjust the pistons. Picking up a servo tomorrow. Going for the vertical mount as I don't think there's any chance of squeezing it up against the motor. Tempted to get a Hobbywing 1080 crawler ESC but I should probably stick with the kit ESC for now.
  15. Step 2 of building the CC02 and I'm already in trouble. Step 1 is to charge your battery. I didn't pay attention to the fact that there's a standard and low gearing option which cannot be easily changed. I should've done the low gearing but that is put below the step in the manual as an optional feature. Without noticing I started building the standard gearing. Now I have to fight an e-clip off the gear shaft. The same one I just fought to get on there. <smacks forehead>
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