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  1. New Zealand's government have just announced that in 48 hours the whole country will going into isolation for at least four weeks. It's going to affect a lot of businesses and be hard on people but I'm glad it's happening. I'm holding off from going to the local hobby shop and buying up just in case that money might come in handy elsewhere. If everyone else could start doing some detailed build threads that I can vicariously live through I'd appreciate it.
  2. I just heard about the new government restrictions and my immediate thought was I needed to rush out and get a crawler ESC to tinker with in the coming weeks of being locked down. I might need to rethink my life priorities.
  3. If the riots start I'll be down to the local hobby store in a ski mask. I'll get caught because the PS paint cans will take several trips to clean out before I even get to the cars. I still can't get over how some people are behaving. I guess it's natural for a good chunk of people to be overly worried and a small percentage to start doing stupid things. I went to get a few things at the supermarket and the meat, canned goods and anything frozen were all cleaned out.
  4. This is probably the best advice. Tamiya aren't overly complex. Even the trickier ones have excellent manuals. If someone wants complex then tell them just don't look at the instructions. Tip all the bags into one pile for an extra challenge.
  5. I don't know if I'd call the CR01 complicated. There's just a lot of it to do. Still a great build, though.
  6. Sold my FF03 chassis today. Down to four chassis left. The M07, XV01, CR01, and TT02. Starting to feel a bit anxious at the lack of cars.
  7. Not an RC car but you could go JTCC race car: All you need is a cheap set of 17" wheels and then a fake cage made of PVC pipe to complete the look.
  8. My CC01 didn't get much use before I sold it off but the CR01 I really like. If I hadn't been watching youtube videos of other brands doing things a CR01 can never do I'd probably still be happy with it. Lesson learned here is to stay in the Tamiya bubble I think. I'm somewhat tempted by the new CC02 but by the time I replace even the basics like tyres and bearings I'm most of the way to a proper crawler kit. It's hard to be a Tamiya fan when the competition is so good. Never thought I'd even look at a Traxxas but the TRX4 Sport crawler has almost won me over for my next purchase.
  9. The XV01 is a blast. As much as I liked seeing the little MF01X bopping around, it can't hold a candle to the XV01 for performance. The CR01 might be a victim of similar circumstances. It has personality, but after seeing what modern crawlers can do, I think it won't get used. One thing holding me back is that I like the Tamiya bodies so much more than other brands.
  10. Said goodbye to the MF01X chassis today. I'm trying to get down to owning just a few cars. The MF01X is great but having the XV01 did make it a bit redundant. I'm trying to decide if the CR01 is going to make the cut or if it'll be sold as well. I like it a lot but if I get a modern crawler it might have to go.
  11. What springs are you running? I noticed in a lot of videos of CR01s with stock height springs the body leans quite a bit more than my CR01 with the short barrel springs.
  12. I kinda expected someone here to outline their plans for a mausoleum so they can be buried with their NIB Tamiyas. I'm disappointed, guys.
  13. Sold a TT02 (which was mostly a TT02R except bits scavenged for my TT02S drifter). I'll have to spend a day or two thinking about whether or not that money is now Super Astute money. I'm trying to be practical about how many cars I own versus how many I need. I realize this is the worst place to be airing such thoughts.
  14. I've been looking at non-Tamiya trail trucks recently. Initially I was interested in the GS02 as well however a few reviews put me off. I think it was the plastics and the gearbox design that they weren't happy with, but I can't remember exactly. I don't think it was anything that would be a problem for what you want to use it for though. I haven't seen much about the Venture. I'm probably getting a Traxxas TRX4 Sport. The Element RC Enduro is also quite good if you haven't seen it yet.
  15. Baked beans are for winter axle flexing.
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