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  1. Blista

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    A few last tuning bits for a CC01 arrived today. Thought I'd try out a set of F350 wheels since I couldn't find a cheap set of beadlocks that I liked. Also ordered the Unimog 406 kit. I was hoping to buy a CC01 kit locally to build it this weekend. Unfortunately there either wasn't a kit I liked or they'd need me to order extra bits to fit the Bronco body anyway. Almost went for a CR01 but my car battery died last night and I think the alternator might be to blame so I decided to be sensible.
  2. Blista

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Thanks for the offer but I need a blank slate for my first CC01. Great photo though!
  3. Blista

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    I finally put in an order for a CC01 today. Ordered the Unimog 425 this morning and waited all day for confirmation. Nothing arrived, which seemed odd, but I figured I'd just have to wait until tomorrow. Then I got the email tonight. Great, I'll just put the rubbish out and do a few other chores then I'll pay for it. Half an hour later I see there's an apologetic email saying they actually didn't have it in stock but did have the alternative Unimog 406. I decided I might as well... wait a second, the model number doesn't look right. Turns out its the CW01 chassis and the importer doesn't have any others. So, no CC01 Unimog for me. Now, to spite the universe, I'm dangerously close to buying a CR01 Rock Socker.
  4. Blista

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    I saw that and it looked to be in decent shape and with a brushless setup. I kinda regret not bidding on it since it went for only $150 but I've told myself I have to get a CC01 before anything else.
  5. Blista

    tq rc racing a good site to buy from?

    I've used them a few times and they have been great.
  6. Blista


    Not wanting an Evo or Subaru cuts out a large number of rally cars but there's the Toyota Gazoo Racing TRD 86 and Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT.
  7. Blista

    What to buy? (M-07R?)

    I run a non-R M07 on car parks and tarmac and it handles it just fine. I would recommend a plug for the hole in the underside of the chassis though. I got one from Shapeways and it works well at keeping debris out. I avoid gravel but I don't think it's a huge deal unless you're looking to try rally driving. I don't recall needing a thread forming tap for the stock M07 so that might be something to do with the R version. The build itself I found to be one of my favourites so far. It is quite a simple build but it all goes together really well. So far I haven't found the need for any hop-ups for just having fun with it outside, and from what I've read the stock version is great out of the box for racing. I don't have a tonne of on-road experience but out of my M07, FF03, TT02R and TT02S I'd easily rank the M07 as the best. I've been running a stock silver can motor since I built the car. I originally aimed replace it with something faster but I haven't actually found the need to. The short bodyshells (210mm) won't fit as it only has medium (225mm) and long (239mm) wheelbase settings. Some bodies have pre-drilled holes for the body posts that won't fit correctly, as I found out with my CRX shell. I'm not certain which bodies this affects but it's only a minor cosmetic problem to drill a new set of holes. There's also an M08 possibly coming out around July, which everyone assumes to be a similar design kit as the M07 but with rear wheel drive if that appeals a bit more.
  8. Blista

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Received a Yeah Racing CC01 steering set today. It's only been a year since I started buying CC01 bits. Don't want to hurry things just in case Tamiya come to their senses and announce a CC02.
  9. Better to wait for Skynet to release the T-800 R kit. It doesn't come with skin but it has full ball bearings and a blue aluminium head.
  10. So it might've caught Sarah Conner if they'd fitted it with a bigger pinion?
  11. Blista

    Body doesn't sit evenly on chassis...

    I did something similar with my MF01X Jimny. A bit of wire allowed me to adjust the body position and stopped it wobbling around as much.
  12. Blista

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    I knew you'd be the one to know about this. I might have to stock up on a few cans of Pastel Gray if they're going to stop selling it. Thankfully the guy didn't drive off, which would've been quite easy to do at the time, so I've just got to wait for the insurance companies to sort things out. Last time something similar happened to me I was waiting in traffic and the guy ahead of me decided to put his truck into reverse! Not only was it a Dodge Ram but he had the license plate "I AM RAM". I didn't know he meant it literally until his truck was wedged into the front of my car!
  13. Blista

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Someone in a Hilux drove into me in while I was sitting at some traffic lights, so now my real car needs some body work done. PS Pastel Gray having no PS number is a mystery to me too. There's half a dozen PS cans that don't fit in the usual numbering scheme. Someone here is bound to know why. Perhaps they aren't part of the permanent line up. TamiyaUSA listed the Pastel Gray as discontinued last I checked.
  14. Blista

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Managed to collect a Toyota Hilux in my 1:1 car's rear bumper in traffic today. When I came home to find some PS paint waiting for me I took it as a sign from the universe that I have cars that need painting.
  15. Blista

    58669 M-08 Chassis Kit confirmed

    Some purchases just aren't optional (and I haven't even finished building my M06 yet). I'm assuming it'll be a chassis kit like the M07. I'll be interested to see if they keep the rear motor layout or switch to mid-mounted in front of the rear axle.