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  1. I think many first time buyers also have unrealistic expectations. I've seen a lot that want one car that can do everything, others want to spend more money on cosmetic aluminium parts than the kit, and many don't have the budget for their goals. There's only so much guidance you can give. On the other hand, I've been trying to formulate a polite and reasonable way to describe the current Tamiya offroad line-up but I can't. It sucks. There, I said it. For my needs, there is simply nothing I want to buy. I might get a DT03 just to have something but I don't think I'll bother to be honest. They need new kits above the entry-level TT02B and DT03 models.
  2. "We have such hop-ups to show you" Great idea.
  3. I like it and there's plenty of potential hop-ups. Hopefully Tamiya have worked out how to get plenty of steering angle (and no slop) or even make four wheel steering possible. I was quietly hoping for a nice IFS model for a re-release of the Honda CRV, but this is a better direction I think. I just have to work out whether I keep my CC01 or not now. The only real disappointment here is they're still using the same old tyres.
  4. Well, they'd have to really go out of their way to make it any worse.
  5. How typical do you think the CC02 price of EUR220 will be? I know it's almost impossible to speculate but I'm just wondering about whether Mercedes licensing is typically expensive or not, and whether it's likely they'll release the first CC02 as an example that costs above average to get as much revenue as possible (assuming high demand for the new chassis from both collectors and builders).
  6. Agreed, although the Daihatsu Fourtrak (or Rocky as it is known down here) would be perfect for an MF01X release.
  7. I've been wondering if this will be a CC01 replacement or a much better spec/scale model above it. I don't think it'd be labelled as a CC or come with a body if it was a kit with reinforced plastics, solid axles and so on like a proper trail/crawler kit. I'm hoping for a Land Cruiser 80 series body. An iconic Japanese 4WD with Tamiya attention to detail would have to be a success. They already have a scale model of it too.
  8. I've seen some car restorations where all that was left of the original car was a frame riddled with rust. On the other hand I've seen people refuse to fill stone chips because it would detract from the originality of the car. I don't dabble in vintage Tamiyas just because I know I'd fall into the latter category. If every nut and screw wasn't original, I wouldn't be happy. I'll fit retro bodies to a new Tamiya chassis or buy a re-release instead.
  9. I find myself looking at my CC01 and wondering if I should sell it now and put the money aside for a CC02. I might wait and see how many hop-ups might be re-used on the CC02. Other than tyres I hope none of them are necessary though. I can only imagine the pressure on the designers to create a new CC chassis that could live up to the original. I remembered I said this earlier in the year. I didn't really think there was a chance after all this time.
  10. Put the radio gear into the CR01 and put the Bronco body on it. It's pretty much exactly what I was hoping for. I still have to set EPA etc but I gave it a short run around to make sure everything works and I don't think I've done anything wrong. With the locked diffs it has a big turning circle of course, but I'm also not running a rear servo for now. Hopefully I can get it outside this weekend.
  11. Someone tell TamiyaBlog that it's called April Fools Day not August Fools Day. This might be something I'll only believe when I see it. It does make sense though. I buy an M05, soon after they reveal an M07. I buy an M06, they reveal the M08. I buy both a CC01 and CR01, they reveal a CC02. I will, of course, buy one anyway.
  12. I completed the CR01 chassis last night. The instruction book seems fairly short until you are building it and see steps that mention things like "Make 16 of these." Now that it is all done I am quite happy with it. It's stock other than a 18T steel pinion and bearings. The kit pinion is 25T but other CR01 kits have a 20T. The Rock Socker kit also has short barrel springs. To get it up and running I'm going to steal the ESC and receiver from my CC01 until I buy new ones. I was going to use my Bronco body but I quite like it on the CC01. Same with my Unimog. Given the long wheelbase I'm now wondering about the new CC01 Hilux body. My initial assumption/hope is always that I've done something wrong that is blindingly obvious to others, so it being the wrong part would be a nice change.
  13. Made some progress on the CR01 today after the servo arrived. I also got a servo horn but for some reason it doesn't fit on the servo. I tried it on another servo, same problem. 25T should work for both Futaba and Savox servos, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've gone with the kit saver for now. I've put some more of the chassis together. It's slowly getting there.
  14. A new servo and servo horn for the CR01.
  15. Decided I'd test fit the Savox 0251 "tall" servo from my CC01 in the CR01 before buying another one. Lucky I did because it doesn't fit. There's not enough space due to a couple of ball connectors behind it (as shown in the pic) and you can't just move it forward a bit because there's not enough space behind the bumpers. I could run it without the bumpers but I think I'll play it safe and just get a regular sized servo. A lower profile servo horn instead of the servo saver could work too perhaps.
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