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  1. I was watching an excellent DT03 mod video series not long ago, but it's all in Japanese. Seems like he's using DF03 arms and maybe their hubs. It's a bit hit and miss with the auto-translate but he spends a lot of time showing work he's done. I was just looking to see if someone had done a red and white Racing Fighter body and ended up watching most of his DT03 videos.
  2. If they hadn't hit sales targets then the chassis would have been eliminated from their line up. It's almost a decade old at this point and still selling. If they want to make an XV-02 then all they should do is alter the main chassis so there's no underside door for the battery and make the servo, esc, and receiver compartment more manageable. Maybe a few tweaks here and there but keep the development costs to a minimum by sticking with what is already working and available. I wouldn't bet any money on it happening though. A lot of their other chassis need replacing more urgently.
  3. They probably didn't know to be fair. They would've seen the name Tamiya Sand Viper and looked it up assuming it was the kit version. If it wasn't for the shocks being bright blue almost anyone could make the mistake. Why Tamiya chose to release an RTR DT02 chassis as the Sand Viper but with lower spec is anyone's guess, but it does needlessly complicate things.
  4. Your Sand Viper has the lower spec friction shocks etc because it came from a ready-to-run version with the remote control etc. It's basically a low spec DT02 chassis with the Sand Viper name and body.
  5. A timing system for Mini 4WD.
  6. Had it on pre-order for about a month or so with RCNZ. As soon as they were listed I paid for one just in case NZ was getting a tiny shipment that might sell out. Tempted to get a second of course. I haven't even finished off my MX5 body for the M06 chassis and it's already been superseded by the Escort. The chassis is probably not great for even slightly rough surfaces but I'm going RWD so I can relive a bit of my youth doing donuts in the gravel with a MkII Escort.
  7. Nice. Are you going to keep the Escort on the MF01X? I got an Escort body delivered today. The first of several I'm sure. And some Honda S800 stickers because they were there.
  8. Ha! I wasn't cynical enough. We're not getting anything.
  9. They've seen the Kyosho Scorpion and Turbo Scorpion re-releases and figured they can do the same thing but all they've included is a Sport-Tuned and a set of bearings. Either that or it's a DT03 Racing Fighter with a new sticker sheet.
  10. Are they also releasing it as a body-set? I had a quick look and couldn't find any indication they will be.
  11. I believe the rule is that it will be widely available right up until the day you decide to buy one.
  12. King Cab or Hilux Monster Racer. Really go crazy and sell parts for it too. Imagine owning one and a few years later you need a new parts tree and Tamiya have plenty of stock. I'd suggest putting effort into re-releasing it with an all new gearbox and differential but that goes beyond dream and into impossibility.
  13. I keep waiting to see some stock pop up locally for the body set. Seems like it's slowly making it's way around the globe. RCMart finally got some but they want about NZ$100 delivered, same with AsiaTees, and RCJaz are only slightly cheaper. Usually bodies go for about $75 and often a bit less for M-chassis ones. Is this just an expensive body set or have body set prices gone up in general?
  14. The Element RC Enduro chassis is supposed to be quiet. I haven't any personal experience but it's swaying me towards an Enduro over a TRX4.
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