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  1. That's what convinced me to sell my basic FF03 kit. Even if I could find all the hopup bits I'd want/need it'd cost too much to justify it. Mokei mentioned a possibility of a FF03R re-release last year I think but it never eventuated.
  2. I was going to do something similar with a blue RX7. I think you've just about got it exactly right for what I was intending. Here's my own translucent purple painted EvoX (although it's now someone else's shelf model). I used translucent purple then backed it with gun metal and black. It looks almost black in normal light but when the sunlight hits it the purple comes out.
  3. A whole year since release and we're still stuck with only the Mercedes G500 kit.
  4. Bought some tyre glue at the hobby shop today. I was crouching down to look at what body shells they had in stock when something damp touched my hand. I yanked my hand back and looked at what it was. There's now a dog sitting beside me. Note to self: hobby shop has a dog. Got home and glued the tyres for the M07. Somehow managed to get a couple of small blobs of glue under the green cutting mat so when I was finished I had to peel it off my desk. It must have squirted some out when I first took the lid off. I'm trying to decide if I should go back out today and find some acetone to try to remove it from the desk. I might be better off just leaving it instead of potentially making things worse.
  5. A guy was selling some new unused M-chassis radials so I couldn't say no to having a spare set.
  6. Went to glue some tyres for my M07 and found out my thin tyre-specific glue is now a slow thick glue that I can barely squeeze out the bottle. I can't complain too much since I've put on a couple of winter weight kilos as well. I guess the lid wasn't tight enough or something. Good excuse to go into the local hobby shop and buy a couple of things while I'm there.
  7. Electrics and a new Sports Tuned motor installed in the M07. A new silver Sports Tuned instead of the old traditional black. Booo! Using a TBLE-02S instead of the Hobbywing 1060 I had last time. I remember now why I liked the compact 1060 in there previously. The vertical fitment looks nice at least. I put it too far back into the chassis to easily reach the button on the ESC but I shouldn't have to use it often. Wires will need a proper tidy up as well. I really should start looking at learning how to solder. I drilled out and trimmed up the switch mount.
  8. Yeah, getting a little CRX was half the reason I got back into Tamiyas so I just couldn't do it. There's someone selling an assembled but not run M07R on TradeMe if you're not wanting to wait. Even comes with a CRX body.
  9. I decided I couldn't sell my M07 so I got it a new motor and I didn't want to ruin a pair of S-Grips running around the road outside so I got some basic radials too. The spare inner foam is for the XV01 but mostly because only buying two things feels odd.
  10. I've still got the original HeroQuest stashed away. My painting of the miniatures is a bit dire but I knew nothing about painting beyond buying Tamiya acrylic paint and a brush back then. I actually sold the two expansion packs a while back to buy Tamiya RC stuff but couldn't bring myself to sell the base game. I like the look of the new version. The original will always be superior in my eyes but updating it certainly adds a point of difference. I wouldn't mind getting this as well. There's apparently a convention happening online in a few hours that will talk about the game. It's already crushing it's funding goals so hopefully there's a bit of information about a retail release to the rest of the world. https://hasbropulse.com/pages/hasbro-pulsecon-2020
  11. I came to similar conclusions recently and sold off as much as I could. I'll miss some but there's more freedom now. I don't have my lists of expensive "necessary" upgrades for cars I didn't drive much. I don't have to decide which car gets it's parts first. I don't need to think about anything really, and losing that weight on my mind when thinking about the hobby is the best part. I've officially got more than double the number of receivers I need, which I never foresaw happening. More wheel time and less reading/spending is my mission. By the standards of a lot of people here I hardly had a collection but, in hindsight, I still had too many. I'm down to just an almost stock XV01 and a stock M07. Both are very capable even without upgrades so I don't feel the need to spend much more on them or research what is needed to solve the inherent problems other chassis can have. Although I'll still buy another car or two, I can now see how being more pragmatic is necessary.
  12. Sent off about half of my collection to someone else today, so I sorted my wheel and tyre collection for the therapeutic effect. Now I've got a little money it's burning a hole in my pocket. New-ish buggy, retro buggy, crawler, and stadium truck are all in the running. The Kyosho Scorpion re-release thread has got my brain ticking.
  13. Instead of car bodies he asked if I'd like to do tanks and trucks! I didn't say no, but the responsibility for getting an expensive vehicle like that right for someone else might be life shortening.
  14. Wrapped cars and bodies in bubble wrap and packed them into cardboard boxes for sending to their new owner. I was afraid to ask if they were going to be given to kids for Christmas to crash into each other. Turns out he is going to use them for shelf display. Now I'm paranoid they're not good enough and he'll be disappointed. He asked if I'd like to consider doing a couple of other bodies for him. I'm not sure I'm ready for the pressure of doing that for someone else, especially for something to display. I get a fraction of paint over a line or a decal not quite centered in a runner body and I'm annoyed.
  15. Kits that perform out of the box? Is that a thing that happens with other brands? It can't possibly work that way. The only thing saving my wallet from a Scorpion or two is the lack of a dirt RC track. I can't drive an old school buggy on astroturf. Just seems wrong.
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