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  1. The TD2 looks better, although not quite enough to convince me to part with my money. The TD chassis was the right idea but executed in the wrong way, for me at least. I'm at the point where I'm just not buying any kits until something I really want arrives. I'm envious of your Super Astute but I think I made the right call in not buying one. Parts seem a bit sparse as I thought would happen. One Astute chassis 6 years ago and nothing since. At least the m-chassis cars are really great right now, like the new XM-01.
  2. It's been that price for a little while now. I almost want to buy one. If the TD2 was $300 I'd probably get one.
  3. I have to admit to having a spreadsheet to keep track of things. Mostly it's so I know what paints I've got and what motors, servos, etc I need. I don't track costs but on more than one occasion it's saved me from buying a new kit. I see how much I already own and what else I'd need to buy to complete a new kit, and the urge to buy disappears. In a way I'm kinda glad that Tamiyas and the other stuff I've bought aren't really worth anything on the used market around here. I'd panic and sell up almost everything. Anyone need 20 cans of PS paint at retail price?
  4. Car bodies which still cost the same but now don't come with the racing livery stickers. I've got to track down a grey-market supplier, but the quality won't make the now doubled cost worthwhile. I end up buying nothing at all and everyone loses. I really don't like now that every aspect of their kits are coming with the Tamiya tax. Mechanical fixes are one thing but car bodies? It's a bit ridiculous.
  5. I'd definitely want one for that much too! I think it might be a typo because RCNZ have it for $340, which is $230 off the regular price.
  6. Finally got an m-chassis Alfa. This will go on the M-08. I definitely want the classic red paint job at some point, but this one might be a two-tone race livery.
  7. I've got a Subaru XV and a DT03 in pastel grey. I still have a full can of it, but since it's now discontinued I'm waiting for the perfect car to use it on. I assume it'll just depressurize before I get around to using it.
  8. I haven't bought a kit all year so I thought I'd better get one of these. I also picked up a Toyota Yaris GR m-chassis body, a set of wheels for the CC02, and a few paints.
  9. DT03. After building it I haven't even run it. Not that I think it's particularly terrible or anything, but once you buy a couple of nicer cars it's hard to go backwards. Do I really want to spend my free time with a buggy that can't jump, isn't especially fun driving, and will probably snap the chassis if I hit something?
  10. Hop-ups are a bit like the cars themselves. I don't need them, but I like spending money on them regardless. It gives a bit of new life into a car and adding a new part is like a tiny reminder of why building kits is enjoyable and mentally stimulating. I generally only buy ones that have a specific function or benefit, otherwise it seems a bit silly. The hobby itself is a little silly so I'm not too much of a stickler. And we all know carbonfibre makes anything run better.
  11. I'd go with the XV02RS. On loose surfaces the XV01 is great, but I don't think it would be better on tarmac. There's a few hassles with the XV01 that the XV02 doesn't have as well, like the battery compartment.
  12. I definitely would. It's an uncommon body in an uncommon colour which looks fantastic.
  13. You can add me to that (very short) list.
  14. I assume these are quite popular for vintage racing, so Tamiya will keep putting out batches of them. I might finally buy one (and then wish I'd bought the Evo).
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