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  1. I wish I was in Tauranga. I'm over in Hamilton. Less beaches, more cows and roads. While I've been tempted to get something for the local track I've come to the conclusion that astroturf just doesn't do it for me. Something about driving on dirt seems more natural. There's several subdivisions going up which usually means open areas of dirt before the concrete starts getting poured, but they're now getting immediately fenced off. I wonder if modern RC is simply too stratified? There's so many vehicles of different classes and varied abilities even within the same class. It might be impossible to be a club that doesn't specialize (to a certain degree). I remember reading about a club that raced m-chassis cars which simply disappeared soon after the M07 was released because their racing was based around tinkering with the older chassis for a competitive edge. The M07 leveled the playing field so the guys who like to tinker lost interest and they were the core of the club. Do kids want to drive on a proper track with astroturf these days? For me, I'd like to see a car skidding around a loose dirt area that could be considered a track but is mostly left up to the imagination of where someone wants to drive. That kind of thing keeps it open to everyone. If a few people are there you can think up a route and have impromptu races. You can temporarily have half the area for little kids and so on. The camera work is a bit nauseating in this one but you get the idea: One thing I note is that in the UK there's a lot of talk about where you can and can't drive RC cars and paying for insurance. The idea of designated areas only, club fees, insurance, plus other ongoing costs after forking out for a car would put me off if I was either young or a parent. When I was young I just wanted to charge a battery and drive around. I had two sets of tyres: the worn out set and the good set.
  2. For me, I'd definitely be more inclined towards a club that doesn't market itself as a race club. A lot of clubs I see have a list of what they race and when and what's allowed, so racing seems like all they do. I'd be interested in a club that truly caters for whatever RC people bring along. I'd like to see more variety rather than be stuck in a club that only does one thing, even if they do that one thing really well. Races, time trials, open driving, crawling, vintage, building, whatever really. You're possibly thinking of Berman unless I'm mistaken. I recall some Tauranga beach shots of his cars. I need to get a vintage RC at some point (holding out for the Kingcab re-release like a fool) but at the moment a patch of gravel or dirt is all I need for the XV01. Finding a good spot, having a charged battery and there being no rain looming overhead is the only issue.
  3. I enjoy RC because I want to have fun. Racing comes across as too serious. There's enough rules and regulations in life without it becoming part of my hobby. The tracks aren't any use for the cars I want to run. Modern buggies need astroturf or prepped surfaces, big straights and ridiculous jumps. All I see is massive acceleration, jumps bordering on flight, turn corner, repeat. Smaller bumps and jumps coupled with powerslides in the corners on dirt are more my thing. Running a rally car on a modern track would be pointless.
  4. Not mine but I really like this colour. I'm just waiting to find the right body to use it on. For backing I'd possibly do a couple of tests. I've seen people try to back PS48 with silver before black and it didn't look like the chrome finish you get with just black backing. PS49 would probably be similar. Silver behind a metallic works nicely, as opposed to an anodized. I'm not certain what the actual technical difference in the paint is.
  5. My Escort was scrapped and turned into washing machines in China. Back then it was worth more as raw metal so it got chewed up. I found out when I went into the wreckers to get some parts for another car and saw my old license plates sitting outside. It was a really nice example too. The body was arrow straight and rust free. Now I've got to make do with a plastic toy car from Japan instead.
  6. Ken Block has popularized Fords like the Escort with some younger people through his creations and the accompanying videos. At the very least he's made kids aware that these cars exist. I can't think of the last time I saw an Escort on the road and most in NZ are now likely stuck in sheds appreciating in value. There's still a few doing motorsport events but for everyday people they're gone now.
  7. I had thought the body parts set was due a couple of months after the kit release but seeing it's already potentially available is a welcome surprise. I see the body manual says to paint the wheels blue so I guess dyed blue wheels are a kit only item. I expect there's a couple of Tamiya executives scratching their heads over the popularity of the Escort. "I think this is just an aberration. I say we stop producing it and get back on track to re-releasing an Alfa MiTo pre-painted in limited edition green."
  8. Once you get past retirement age, memories aren't always as solid as they once were. Having physical objects that trigger memories could be a part to good mental health in later life. Men are less apt to keep photos or have conversations about things going on in their life than women (based on pure speculation and personal observation here) so some physical objects can play an important part in maintaining a sense of self. Will I need a shed full of model cars and video games? Maybe...
  9. At a certain point all hobbies or collections seem to go into decline. They're of a time for a certain group of people. Some new people might pick the hobby up but nothing like the initial numbers. Anyone hoarding kits for an investment to sell has to time it just right because eventually there's going to be an influx of kits being sold. A couple of years back I helped a family member downsize for moving to a retirement village and they couldn't understand why so many of the things they thought were valuable simply weren't. Everyone around their same age had been selling while the market of buyers was dramatically shrinking. The next generation have their own interests. Some brands can move with the times, like Lego, but others struggle and disappear.
  10. My first car was a white 1.1 litre Mk2 four door. Cost me $800 which, when I think about it now, was about twice the price of the King Cab I had bought a few years earlier. I don't have any photos of it but that car seems indelibly etched into my brain. I knew a couple of people who got much faster cars, like the Mazda 323/Familia GTX turbo four-wheel-drive imports which were becoming all the rage, but I learned to enjoy driving a slow-car fast. At least one person I know ended up sticking his car, a very quick modified Toyota Corolla TE37, through the front of a shop plate-glass window on the main street late at night trying to be a hero mere weeks after he'd bought it. I may have once or twice had to push the Escort out of a hedge it had entered backwards on a country back-road corner but I think it stopped me becoming another idiot (mostly).
  11. It seems like a body someone has put out because they think it will be popular rather than some corporate branding exercise (Mazda 3 TT02). More classic rally and road cars on the m-chassis would be great. I don't think they'll find another body as popular as the Mini was, but there's so many great cars they could do. I'd also like to see them put out some decent sticker sheets for once. Race car numbers, stripes, window banners, sponsors, and so on. I'd be ok with their generic sponsor brands rather than genuine ones if necessary. Something to create personalized race cars, instead of the dragons, flames and weird anime girls stuff they've done in the past that only seems to suit the off-road buggies they no longer sell.
  12. I know that feeling. At least I only have the one car. I promised myself to do a full decontamination of the paint, clay bar it, wash, then sealant, but my knee hurts a bit this morning soooo...
  13. There might be some kind of spray wax that will keep bodies looking good, help repel dust, and will make it easier to clean them. Wouldn't have a clue which to try since any of them might affect stickers or plastic.
  14. The limit is $1000 before GST gets added.
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