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  1. Only four weeks? I think I've been looking at it for half a year. That's what it feels like at least. I think I know which other one you're also talking about. If you could buy that as well, you'd save me the trouble of watching that one too.
  2. I'm glad you bought it. It had been bothering me sitting there in stock. I might've been tempted to do something stupid like buy it.
  3. Put together the CVAs for the DT03. Not a fan of the all metal pistons. The fronts are a bit smoother but the rears have a darker coating of some kind that feels quite rough. I've seen other people polish off the coating and I almost wish I did. I should've just bought some separate pistons like I first considered. Oh well, they're all done now. Fingers crossed for warm sunny weather this weekend as I might get the painting done. I've had a Neo Fighter paint scheme in mind for years. When I looked at getting back into RC the DT03 was the first kit I looked at. After all this time I'm now having second thoughts.
  4. Made a start on the DT03 tonight. A "start" is actually about 80% of the chassis completed since it's such a simple kit to put together. I'm debating ordering a few parts for the dampers to replace the stock metal pistons. Probably not worth the time and effort. I'm trying to resist the temptation to overspend on hop-ups for this one.
  5. A few more PS paint color options. A couple of shades of brown would help.
  6. The new Avante chassis seems as though the plastics are of such a high quality it does still mean something when stamped with Made In Japan. The economic argument of lower costs in China or elsewhere can't be ignored, however I'd prefer it if companies didn't have to rely on a race to the bottom for manufacturing costs. Innovation and the ability to have more direct control on the manufacturing process seems to pay off in the long run over short term cost cutting. I'd prefer a Tamiya that retains it's character and position in the market rather than have it seek growth only for the sake of it looking better on a revenue statement.
  7. The XV01 battery access being on the underside of the chassis and it being secured by Philips head screws means that they fill with dirt every single time.
  8. First day of a short lockdown and I've received the essential DT03 parts from RCMart. I'm still waiting on the reinforced part tree to arrive but it looks like Fusion didn't actually have it in stock so I'll be waiting another month for it. I'm tempted to just get started.
  9. Thanks! I talked myself out a Renault 5 Turbo recently so I'll be interested to see how yours turns out.
  10. The box art is a very welcome sight! I hope Tamiya start going back to doing it regularly. At least on the more significant models instead of every TT02 variant.
  11. Not really a car I have any interest in but it's going to be hard for them to top the Escort Mk2 for me anyway. I really want to see some 80's Japanese cars. There's so many great cars from that era.
  12. In order of preference: King Cab + Hilux Monster Racer Mini Cooper Monte Carlo (not gonna happen without BMW unfortunately) Blackfoot Xtreme
  13. I would have to assume that Tamiya use their own PS paint so using their polycarb paint remover should work.
  14. I don't know if some parts are still in production but from what I understand the Super Astute kit was a limited run back in 2018. I've given up trying to figure out what Tamiya are doing. There's been nothing to suggest they even remember the King Cab exists, so either it'll be announced out of the blue one day or it simply won't happen.
  15. I had been hoping they'd re-release at least a couple of Astute chassis cars. Even a regular Astute body surely would've been a no-brainer.
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