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  1. I had a quick look at mine and yours looks correct. There isn't a whole lot of compression suspension travel when it's loaded up but it will droop a good amount.
  2. I'm in that camp as well. I hope Tamiya give us a better body for the CC02 but at this point I'm leaning towards the TRX4 Sport unassembled kit or the new Element Enduro builder kit. Traxxas protect local distributors from cheaper imports so there's a Traxxas-tax on everything here. The TRX4 looks to perform really well but upgrades are expensive ($75NZD plus postage for the overdrive). The Enduro is more of a scale accurate kit and I don't think it's quite as durable. I should just buy my CR01 a few hop ups instead to scratch the itch.
  3. Looks great! I've been thinking about getting one of these. It's a bit of a step up in price compared to Tamiya but it's so tempting.
  4. Picked up two of the new TT02 hard black chassis. When the blue and white ones came out they disappeared pretty quick so this time I got them as soon as they released.
  5. Not great to be honest. The wheelbase and having the motor out the rear adds a lot of weight bias to make the MF01X very snappy. There's no real suspension adjustments to a stock MF01X and I didn't lock the rear diff or anything. The real thing performs much better:
  6. Had an idea yesterday. Drift Jimny.
  7. Yeah, it's a really good deal and I've been hoping someone else would buy it so I wouldn't have to. I like the Top Force and it'd be good for vintage racing but the Super Astute keeps calling to me. Childhood nostalgia trying to override practicality.
  8. My plan is simply to get all my cars up and running. I've been sorely tempted by a couple of cars the past couple of months, and there's a new Top Force going cheap I could buy right now, but I'm managing to hold off from any purchases. I wanted to get some bodies and have them painted over summer but the cost adds up quickly. I had an idea of doing a Clod body for the CR01. The possibility that Tamiya are re-releasing the DN01 Zahhak next year means I'll probably get one, but being released at the end of summer down here means it will be an end of 2020 purchase. I want an M08 but I'm in no hurry. Other than a buggy, all I really need is a big wheel truck. A WT01 of some kind will be the most likely. There's always hope a WT02 is in the pipeline.
  9. I was interested in this until I realized that it more than likely won't be coming with the race decal set. It's the same with the Supra body they're about to re-release on the TT02 chassis. The Supra photo has been released and it shows the Supra as a street car despite it being named Supra Racing. The Porsche re-release is labelled as a "street" model so it stands to reason. Very disappointing. https://tamiyablog.com/2019/12/first-photos-of-upcoming-tamiya-47431-eunos-roadster-m-06-chassis-tamiya-47433-supra-racing-a80-tt-02-chassis/
  10. The flanged 850s are used on the driveshaft and the flanges hold the bearing in place. I'd think using the plastic B2 washer with the standard 850 bearings would work fine until you get replacements since there's only an 850 plastic bushing stock anyway.
  11. I'm surprised Tamiya don't do more classic Japanese cars. Maybe there's a licensing issue since ABC Hobby seem to have the market cornered on a lot of the Japanese brands. Something a bit different but recognizable, like a first generation Honda Civic racer, would be fun.
  12. Oddly enough, my most expensive kit is the best value one. The CR01 can be used almost any time since it can be driven on most surfaces, the build was complex without being tiring, and it's the only one sitting out for me to enjoy just looking at it.
  13. An upgraded Type S would be good. The original Type S needed at least the aluminium motor mount and the driveshaft but not enough to warrant a new model. They might swap out the reinforced plastic damper stays for the carbon ones. I'll be interested to see if the aluminium steering setup is added as I don't think they've done that with a TT02 chassis kit yet. Aluminium dampers might be overkill but you never know. At what point does a TT02 simply cost too much? There was supposed to be a new TT02 hard chassis in black but I haven't seen it surface yet. They might be holding it back to include in this kit.
  14. Installed the new servo in my XV01. Hooked it up and adjusted it to get it centered and then set the EPA limits. After that I realized that I hadn't noticed the steering channel needed reversing. Did that and of course now all the settings were wrong so I adjusted them back to stock settings to start again. Now the servo wouldn't move at all though. Switched things on and off, unplugged it and plugged it back in a couple of times. I can hear the servo making faint noise but it refuses to move. Hoping I haven't accidentally killed a new expensive servo I plugged it into another receiver. Works fine. Reinstall it in the XV01, still no movement. I looked up resetting the model in my transmitter and voila! Back to working again. I think what I'd done is when removing the EPA limits instead of going down to zero I must've gone up to 100. I was very relieved. Needed a lot of adjustment to get it to center the steering and the servo mounts are right up against the where the servo wires are. As much as I enjoy my XV01 it can be cramped and fiddly in ways it shouldn't. Not to mention how annoying the chassis can be when doing simple tasks like adjusting the belt tension. It powerslides so nicely I still think it's worth it.
  15. I keep thinking I should make the jump to lipo. By the time I get around to it we'll probably have solid state batteries available.
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