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  1. I hope this means potentially more Toyota re-releases. ST185 Celica, and maybe even the ST205, would be fantastic. Toyota Hilux monster racer might be an outside shot but a TA02T PreRunner would be nice too.
  2. I think my CR01 would say "Spend money on me. Take me out. Get dirty with me. Recharge my battery and then do it all again."
  3. Sad Unimog wants to go outside to harass the neighbour's dog but it's raining too much. The CR01 with locked diffs isn't great at turning in tight spots indoors.
  4. I've never been more envious of anything in my life than you having plastic containers that perfectly fit each vehicle.
  5. I've been browsing more than posting for a while now. Life getting in the way of hobbies. Seeing the XV01 in storage without wheels is a bit like having an old car out on the front lawn sitting on bricks. Is it just me or do a lot of images load really slowly now? I used to like scrolling through build threads and the postman/done today threads, but now it takes too long. Wait for photo to load. Scroll down a little. Wait for second photo to load. Doing that when even one post might have half a dozen photos puts me off reading as much as I normally would.
  6. $250USD (without shipping) when a TB05 is $186USD? That'll be a pass from me.
  7. I always liked the more dynamic box art where there's a bit of dirt. I was a bit let down by the Stadium Blitzer chassis compared to my King Cab at the time, but I loved the artwork.
  8. I'd try a couple of coats of PS59 dark metallic blue then a single coat of PS45 translucent purple, followed by one more PS59 coat before backing it in black. Experimenting on plastic bottles is the way to go until you get the desired effect.
  9. A few photos from the latest clip give a hint about the suspension set up.
  10. Gotta go with B. Wheel size to tyre sidewall ratio is off in A.
  11. The XV01 rally car and CR01 crawler. All they need is a charged battery and they're good to go, but then I start thinking about having to drive around to find somewhere to use them and I put it off for another day. I've put off getting a buggy for a long time, even though I'd like one, just because I know it'll see even less driving time without somewhere nearby to use it.
  12. The ones I look at each month thinking "I could drive that right now" but don't. I'm in shelfer denial.
  13. I'm a bit surprised that the TT02SR is sold locally. I can't see it having much of a market here. It'd be good if there was an advanced TT02 race series like in Europe but I doubt there's enough people to justify it. I guess the distributor will bring in a small number of kits and I'll end up buying one when they're on sale because nobody buys them.
  14. My assumption is that the high spec TT02 SR is for the various TT02 chassis specific racing events. A TB05 would surely have to be the superior car.
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