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  1. I finally got around to installing my LED light kit in the Bronco. I wasn't really sure what the best method is and didn't feel like researching what everyone else does. I just dived in and went with what seemed correct. Let there be light!
  2. Switched the 0251MG servo into the CR01 this afternoon. I had to add three 1mm spacers each side and I managed to find 4 3x15mm screws in my spares for the perfect fit. The servo saver has only a tiny amount of clearance with the front bumper moved as far forward as the screws allowed. The connecting rod to the servo rubs a little against the bumper but I don't think it'll cause a problem. Having a 16kg servo in the CR01 should be a bit more appropriate than it being in the little MF01X.
  3. A lot of mucking about with servos today. All of it ended in failure, which is an accomplishment itself, but time you spend twirling screwdrivers is enjoyable regardless of the outcome. I fitted the new Savox 0254MG to the XV01 but it is slightly too tall to fit the compartment. I used spacers but then the servo saver doesn't have enough space up top. I bought the aluminium servo horn and high torque saver kit for the XV01, so that's doubly annoying. I'll just have to buy a low profile 1251MG in a couple of weeks. My MF01X is in bits due to broken chassis parts, so I put the 0251MG tall servo from it in my CR01. To space it forward enough I'll need to swap out the 3x12mm screws for 3x15mm I guesstimate, but when spacing it forward the servo saver is also too tall and hits the front bumper. There's only a millimeter or two clearance even with the standard size servo. I've got a servo horn I could use instead but it is too long and fouls the steering rod below it. Trimming or removing the top half of the CR01 bumper might be the easy solution. I'll never fully understand Tamiya logic. They put a lot of effort into making cantilever suspension but then have needlessly cramped servo mounting. So I'm back to where I started with the original servo back in the CR01 and the XV01 and MF01X are still motionless. I'll try the TT02R this weekend and see if I have better luck.
  4. A new servo for the XV01 today. I went with a Savox 0254MG. A low profile 0251MG would have been the ideal choice but this is half the price. I got the servo spacers because I thought I'd try fitting the 0251 tall servo to my CR01, but I've just now realised I would need to also get some longer screws to hold it in.
  5. Noticed a bit of damage to the MF01X where the prop shaft mounts to the chassis. I must've done it putting the screw back in with a bit too much effort after installing a different servo. A bit annoying that I'll have to get a new chassis part and rebuilt the front end because of it but at least I caught it before the prop shaft came loose and possibly caused more expensive damage. I have been looking for an excuse to buy another Jimny kit for a new body. Or two.
  6. Decided to tick another job off the list today so I put the aluminium mounts in the XV01. It wasn't until after I'd finished and put it all back together I remembered I still have to install the sway bars.
  7. Yup, I've had the gear diff gearbox in my parts bin for at least a year or two waiting for me to get around to upgrading the FF03. I've had a look through your FF03 builds and they've really good. I think Mokei hinted that there might be an FF03R re-release at some point last year, so I've been holding off spending too much but now I'm wondering if I might need an on-road and a rally FF03 too.
  8. I was going to add sway bars and the gear diff to start with. Finding bits like the spur gear mount is getting harder so I'm debating how much to do with the chassis.
  9. Dusted off the FF03 chassis to replace the kit pinion. Took everything apart and checked it since it was the first car I built a few years back, but nothing was out of order. I just need to get a new receiver for it (after stealing it for another car) and it should be good to go again. Definitely needs a few upgrades but I'll hold off from diving into that rabbit hole for now.
  10. Pinion day today. Steel pinions for my cars still running the soft aluminium ones. I want to get every car running in the next few months. That means servos, ESCs, and receivers instead of blue aluminium and shiny new kits. I don't see myself being that responsible but I'll pretend.
  11. I forget what I paid for mine, I think they were slightly cheaper at the time, but they've been very good. Like all good tools, after a couple of years you forget how much they cost and enjoy the quality (or just the perception of it maybe).
  12. A bunch of upgrades for the XV01 I've been meaning to get for quite some time. Went with the Yeah Racing mounts over Tamiya since they were significantly cheaper. Just need a new servo now. I'm thinking a Savox 254MG but I need to measure first since the XV01 has a very tight servo compartment.
  13. That won't work. It's essentially just a clear paint that dulls the shiny exterior of the body when you peel off its plastic wrap. Spray it inside and it probably won't do anything but cost time and money. You want to mask off the windows and lights, then spray the exterior to remove the glossy plastic body shine rather than the PS paint itself being shiny (PS paint is actually all a matt finish rather than gloss). I don't think PS49 would be a good idea either. It's very light and, while this isn't my truck, I think it looks very different to what you're after. I find it is better to look up photos of people's vehicles after using a particular paint than relying on Tamiya's colour chart. One thing to keep in mind is that you can buy new Land Rover bodies. Rather than trying to get a perfect and complicated job done on your first try, maybe keep it simple to gain some experience and then later on get another one you can get a bit more adventurous with. The Build Tips forum is a good spot to get some information on prep and painting.
  14. Sold the M06 chassis today. It was a nice surprise to sell so quickly since I had thought I'd probably end up with it gathering dust until I eventually figured out something to do with it. I've also rebuilt my front XV01 diff using the guide on TheRCRacer: https://www.thercracer.com/2013/07/how-to-build-perfect-tamiya-gear-diff.html I decided to leave the rear diff as it is since it hasn't leaked (yet). More XV01 bits are on their way before I rebuild the chassis.
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