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  1. It's nice but without the stickers these cars only seem halfway there. I wish they would at least put out a few new sticker sets of their own fake sponsors, numbers and so on.
  2. Mine cracked around the driveshaft area, too. At the time it seemed unusual. I just wrote it off as me putting the screws in too tight during the build. It was from the initial release batches of the MF01X Jimny, but I can't recall how long before the plastic cracked. It wouldn't have been long, though. I think I can safely state it had nothing to do with age, aggressive driving, the temperature, UV rays, threadlock, and so on. I no longer have it so I can't say whether the problem continued after I replaced the parts.
  3. It's basically the Astute chassis drivetrain but attached to a much bigger chassis.
  4. It's possible but I think it's more likely they have other reasons. At this point I'm really not sure what the hold up is. The same could be said for a number of other cars of course!
  5. I've often thought about doing a replica if Tamiya ever re-releases the King Cab itself. Maybe they'll side-step getting Nissan copyright permission and will just do their own version of this one. Everyone who owned a King Cab seemed to know about that particular one so it might even work out quite well for them.
  6. I agree. I'd like a lighter gearbox out back too but removing that weak point in the chassis would be the priority. The DT buggies actually seem a little anachronistic given the rest of the buggy line-up. A TT02B is probably the only entry level buggy needed these days.
  7. I don't see any need to defend Tamiya. If people don't like it then nobody is forcing them to buy it. I don't mind discussing things, and I have my own criticisms of Tamiya, but when it's some kind of polarized "them" versus "us" it just isn't worth getting into it. Every brand has it's faults or downsides. A lot of other brands I can't look at without wondering why their bodies look so awful even when they cost a small fortune.
  8. They had them for sale at that price for quite some time before the cyclone. I'd say you'd be doing them a favor.
  9. A set of Blackfoot wheels will probably be easiest to find, then just spray with plastic primer followed by matt black paint.
  10. If you're thinking of getting a TD2, there's a new one on TM going fairly cheap. it hasn't sold in the last couple of auctions (and it's starting to get to me).
  11. I like the concept of this chassis. The B in the name is almost like they're saying it's a modern interpretation of the spirit of the original m-chassis cars. It looks like something that people will do all sorts of interesting things with. I recall an Australian m-chassis race group saying that the M07 basically killed off their hobby because it was so damned good as a race car. They were used to tinkering endlessly with the M05 and M03. The M07 out of the box was too competent and a lot of them lost interest. Not saying the MB01 isn't competent of course!
  12. A lot to be excited about this year. Even a CC02 Landcruiser 40 kit! They apparently changed the window stickers so now they're all tinted, which seems like a backwards step. The roofrack with lights and wheels from the Bronco suit it really well. One website even said it comes with a cockpit and driver, but that must be an error. The little Alfa looks great with the new livery. I guess they changed the Alfa paint job so they wouldn't have to bring back the grey paint. No artwork on the box either which is a shame. Interesting chassis and I hope it's a good build. Golf body is almost a mandatory buy.
  13. I'll wait to see what the BBX costs here but it's a great looking kit. I hope the tyres aren't the usual Tamiya kit stiff rubber compound.
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