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  1. If you're fine with the limitations and drawbacks of an old chassis, which doesn't really have any aftermarket support, then I see no reason not to get one. It's probably the best build of any car I've put together. The planetary gears are really cool. I don't particularly miss mine other than the fact it looked great sitting on a shelf. I wanted to do more with it but the reality is I'm not much for fabricating bits. Finding anything for it was going to be expensive and time-consuming.
  2. I've been looking at buying a re-release Monster Beetle. I haven't bought a car in ages. 2WD odd-ball monster truck seems like the most fun category to me right now. Maybe even a Midnight Pumpkin will scratch that itch.
  3. They look similar but the Pro-line tyres are super soft and grippy in comparison and have a foam inner so they'll keep their shape but can still compress over obstacles. Basically, wheels are measured in inches with 2.2, 1.9, or 1.55 being widely available. There's others but they're less common. 2.2 would be too big for your needs. 1.9 is what Tamiya wheels are (although not an exact match). 1.55 can still work if the overall diameter of the tyres is the same as with larger 1.9 wheels. Then you get into offset, weight, cost, materials, etc. I'd probably recommend you to stick with what you've got for now then upgrade later on after doing some research. It's a really deep rabbit hole and can get very expensive very quickly. I stuck with the soft Rock Blocks and plastic kit wheels because I didn't want to spend too much on my CC02. You could easily spend the cost of the CC02 kit just on replacement wheels and tyres. At a certain point, you're spending money that should go towards a far better crawler chassis rather than the CC02. As you can see, the soft Rock Blocks look identical to the kit ones but are just a somewhat softer rubber compound. They might not be massively better but they're definitely the cheap option. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/54598/index.htm
  4. The kit ones are stiffer than the soft hop-up versions. Tamiya like to include tyres that never wear out with their kits. I got the CC02 Unimog which comes with rounded lumps of cast iron instead of tyres. I've seen people saying good things about these tyres but you'd want a set of beadlock wheels as well. https://www.rcmart.com/pro-line-bfgoodrich-krawler-t-a-kx-class-0-1-9inch-g8-compound-rock-crawler-tires-2-pcs-w-foam-for-1-10-rc-crawler-10171-14-00102059
  5. Are you running the kit tyres? That's one place you'll get some nice performance gains if you go with something softer. I went with the soft Rock Blocks because of the price but there's better options out there.
  6. XV01 - Versatile, fun, and durable rally/touring/drift CC02 - Enjoyable scale trail truck/crawler for tinkering M07 - Perfect M chassis (although I'd rethink it if Tamiya started selling the 210mm Minis again) King Cab - More precise than a monster truck and more interesting than most buggies, although I am also basing this pick on it being re-released and actually having available spares (Re-re in 2023 please Tamiya!), otherwise it might be a modern buggy or maybe a Monster Beetle for nostalgia.
  7. If I was in Germany I'd probably get one at that price, but shipping etc kills the value for me unfortunately.
  8. Yeah, it's a shame that nobody else does bodies quite as well as Tamiya. There's some really good ones for crawlers but it's not quite the same as a Tamiya.
  9. An 80 series would be amazing. I've been hoping they'd do one for a while. A 70 series double cab pickup would be really great too. A 60 with a new PS spray of beige would be cool. Pretty much anything except the 300.
  10. Oh wow! A CC02 Land Cruiser... sigh 300. There's so many cool old Land Cruisers.
  11. I always wanted one of the little Fiats and a new chassis is good news. Hope it comes with the old boxart and not a photo. Definitely want a Golf but would rather have just the bodyset for that one.
  12. I like that Celica but I'd love an ST185 or ST202 in the Castrol livery.
  13. It comes with window stickers and a bunch of TT02BR logo stickers so it's not as dire as people might think. It's just not a Neo Scorcher set.
  14. The silly factor makes me want a a top spec TT02B but I could never justify the cost.
  15. I was considering doing the exact same thing: TT02SR Evo V road rally. Do you know if the Evo V is going to be available as a separate body set? I'd only seen it mentioned as the TT02 kit so far.
  16. Just the usual bearings, tyres and a steel pinion. I have found a couple of problems. The springs can catch on the chassis so they need to be spaced a couple of mm out up top. Also, when fitted with the Rock Block tyres, the springs also catch on the tyres, so bigger offset wheels or wider hexes are necessary. That's probably why the new Bronco fitted with Rock Blocks has +6 offset wheels. Motor, driveshafts, axle servo mount, etc might be needed depending on what you want to do but I find the kit to be just fine out of the box. I was considering adding the steering rods and maybe the CVs. I'm not willing to put a lot of money into the CC02. I enjoy it for what it is instead of trying to make it into what other trucks already do much better. I looked into all the fixes and performance upgrades and I think keeping the simple and fun aspect of the chassis is a better option.
  17. It was probably the Durga that gave you covid. Better send it to me to permanently quarantine it just to be safe. Hope it was a good b-day.
  18. It took three different suppliers and several months before I could get a set of the Rock Block soft tyres. I think softer would be a more accurate description because they're still quite stiff compared to modern crawler tyres. They'll suit the Unimog better than the stock tyres and should perform better, though.
  19. Got some supplies in for painting a driver figure I've had sitting around for ages. I'll then look at how to sit him inside the Unimog body.
  20. Final touches to the Unimog are underway. Primed the wheels front and back. The reverse sides are going to be done in matt black and the face in Italian Red. I also completed the paint on the Mk2 Escort body. It's going to get some Castrol stickers but you'd be forgiven for thinking it's a poor man's Lancia Stratos.
  21. A spare CRX body arrived from Tony's. I was tempted to buy a few of them but managed to limit myself to just one.
  22. Got the Unimog painting done last night. Stickers tomorrow hopefully, and then I need to decide if I'm going with the stock red wheels or painting them.
  23. Thanks. I used up the last of a mostly empty can of paint on the shell, so I was happy to get that part of the painting done before running out. I'm thinking I might strip all the grille chrome, paint it black and see if there's enough body colour paint left over to do the Merc symbol.
  24. Step one of the CC02 Unimog body complete. Painting the grille did not go well. I had the Merc symbol masked and sprayed the rest with PS paint. I quickly realized that it was a mistake not to use a primer. So I did my best to wipe it clean and now I'll either just use the stickers or look into doing it all in black. I used a little Tamiya polycarbonate body cleaner to see if it would lift the remaining paint, but it also started to clean off the chrome.
  25. I was thinking of using TS46 Light Sand spray on the outside of a rally body to give it a dusty appearance. Anyone done that before or something similar? I figure a few light passes across the front, some heavier arcs after each wheel, and then a bit on the rear. Spray the outside face of the wheels and maybe tape off the windscreen to simulate the wipers cleaning it.
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