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  1. How typical do you think the CC02 price of EUR220 will be? I know it's almost impossible to speculate but I'm just wondering about whether Mercedes licensing is typically expensive or not, and whether it's likely they'll release the first CC02 as an example that costs above average to get as much revenue as possible (assuming high demand for the new chassis from both collectors and builders).
  2. Agreed, although the Daihatsu Fourtrak (or Rocky as it is known down here) would be perfect for an MF01X release.
  3. I've been wondering if this will be a CC01 replacement or a much better spec/scale model above it. I don't think it'd be labelled as a CC or come with a body if it was a kit with reinforced plastics, solid axles and so on like a proper trail/crawler kit. I'm hoping for a Land Cruiser 80 series body. An iconic Japanese 4WD with Tamiya attention to detail would have to be a success. They already have a scale model of it too.
  4. I've seen some car restorations where all that was left of the original car was a frame riddled with rust. On the other hand I've seen people refuse to fill stone chips because it would detract from the originality of the car. I don't dabble in vintage Tamiyas just because I know I'd fall into the latter category. If every nut and screw wasn't original, I wouldn't be happy. I'll fit retro bodies to a new Tamiya chassis or buy a re-release instead.
  5. I find myself looking at my CC01 and wondering if I should sell it now and put the money aside for a CC02. I might wait and see how many hop-ups might be re-used on the CC02. Other than tyres I hope none of them are necessary though. I can only imagine the pressure on the designers to create a new CC chassis that could live up to the original. I remembered I said this earlier in the year. I didn't really think there was a chance after all this time.
  6. Put the radio gear into the CR01 and put the Bronco body on it. It's pretty much exactly what I was hoping for. I still have to set EPA etc but I gave it a short run around to make sure everything works and I don't think I've done anything wrong. With the locked diffs it has a big turning circle of course, but I'm also not running a rear servo for now. Hopefully I can get it outside this weekend.
  7. Someone tell TamiyaBlog that it's called April Fools Day not August Fools Day. This might be something I'll only believe when I see it. It does make sense though. I buy an M05, soon after they reveal an M07. I buy an M06, they reveal the M08. I buy both a CC01 and CR01, they reveal a CC02. I will, of course, buy one anyway.
  8. I completed the CR01 chassis last night. The instruction book seems fairly short until you are building it and see steps that mention things like "Make 16 of these." Now that it is all done I am quite happy with it. It's stock other than a 18T steel pinion and bearings. The kit pinion is 25T but other CR01 kits have a 20T. The Rock Socker kit also has short barrel springs. To get it up and running I'm going to steal the ESC and receiver from my CC01 until I buy new ones. I was going to use my Bronco body but I quite like it on the CC01. Same with my Unimog. Given the long wheelbase I'm now wondering about the new CC01 Hilux body. My initial assumption/hope is always that I've done something wrong that is blindingly obvious to others, so it being the wrong part would be a nice change.
  9. Made some progress on the CR01 today after the servo arrived. I also got a servo horn but for some reason it doesn't fit on the servo. I tried it on another servo, same problem. 25T should work for both Futaba and Savox servos, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've gone with the kit saver for now. I've put some more of the chassis together. It's slowly getting there.
  10. A new servo and servo horn for the CR01.
  11. Decided I'd test fit the Savox 0251 "tall" servo from my CC01 in the CR01 before buying another one. Lucky I did because it doesn't fit. There's not enough space due to a couple of ball connectors behind it (as shown in the pic) and you can't just move it forward a bit because there's not enough space behind the bumpers. I could run it without the bumpers but I think I'll play it safe and just get a regular sized servo. A lower profile servo horn instead of the servo saver could work too perhaps.
  12. Couple of steel pinions today. At least I hope they're steel. I just saw the RW Racing name and didn't think to ask. One for the current CR01 build and one for the MF01X.
  13. Good timing. I just took my old rally watching jacket out of the closet to wash today.
  14. The CR01 is slowly coming together. I accidentally used the wrong screws in the chassis which became apparent when I put the axles together. Luckily it was easy to change them out. Really interesting build so far. I was happy to see thread lock is included with this kit, despite already having some I'd bought for a different kit, because so much is being used.
  15. Basically the D, S, R and RR kits have hop ups or unique parts that can't be used. You can easily downgrade the TT02D to stock TT02 parts. From memory the D has some harder grey plastic parts for the steering so a stock black parts tree will be all you need. Other than that you should be good to go. They'd have to be hugely pedantic to not allow a kit just because of the box it came out of if you've changed it to a standard TT02 spec. I suspect they state that just for new people who don't know any better. One thing is they encourage a GT or similar racing car body so the Nissan might be frowned upon where you race. At least that's what I read when I considered running in the local races.
  16. I'll look forward to seeing how yours looks when it is done. I've been thinking a simple red with a white roof paint scheme for the Land Rover. I'm surprised Tamiya didn't release a set of wheels in white plastic for the CR01. I've seen a lot of Land Cruisers and Broncos with the wheels painted white and they always seem to look good.
  17. Put together the CR01 beadlocks last night. I debated painting the wheels white and the rings silver. I might wait until I decide which body the CR01 will wear. I've got the Bronco and Unimog already, but I like the ubiquitous Land Cruiser too and the new Land Rover Defender might be something a bit different.
  18. Perfect timing. The CR01 bearings arrived today after picking up the kit yesterday. I want to build it stock, but I keep looking at other builds with shiny metal parts.
  19. I never really meant to get on-road cars. I only got the FF03 at the time because it was really cheap and I'm a Honda fan. I definitely wanted a M05 CRX, and when the M07 came out I sold the M05. Since then I've added more cars when I should've been buying buggies and trucks. Maybe this summer it'll happen. My TT02R Subaru: The only body I've seriously considered buying a second of to create a shelfer. FF03 Frog Civic: The M06 S13 Silvia: Recently finished the body but the chassis is only halfway done. No point finishing until summer returns. M07 Honda CRX: TT02S Drift EvoX: I thought I'd get bored with drifting in 5 minutes then sell the car but it's surprisingly fun.
  20. Is a CR01 worth the money? Guess I'll find out soon. I'd been looking at a few other crawlers but the CR01 Rock Socker was on sale so I decided to try it. The Axial SCX10 II and Traxxas TRX-4 were too expensive and the MST CFX-W didn't appeal for some reason. I really like the GMade GS02 BOM (and the price is good if you can avoid customs charges), but the CR01 was available locally and on sale.
  21. Picked up a CR01 today. Bearings are on the way here.
  22. This is a common problem. The damper needs a spacer put in it to limit the travel slightly.
  23. c) the 1985 movie but somehow ruined by distracting changes. I never saw E.T. when they re-released it in 2002 but they altered it in seemingly pointless ways, like digitally removing the guns from the police. I can't think of anything they'd need to change in Back To The Future, although I'm sure something would be altered for the worse. Perhaps the terrorists couldn't be described as Libyans anymore? I'm not a big Star Wars fan however the first three movies I'd watch again if it weren't for the changes that George Lucas did when he re-released them. For me those movies were rendered unwatchable after the significant changes. I think changes in Tamiya re-releases are almost inevitable so it becomes a matter of how much gets changed before it isn't faithful to the original. I would've bought the recent HKS Skyline re-release but once I added up the changes it just wasn't worth it. There's not even the original box art. On the flip side, I am tempted by cars like the Super Astute and Top Force since they seem to be close to the original.
  24. Is there any specific type of silicone sealant to look for? I assume anything clear, flexible and designed for general purpose?
  25. After recently helping a relative pack up their house, I decided on not buying more kits or parts until I tidy up every RC thing I already have. I thought I'd seen bad house moving before but this was an ongoing nightmare for several days. The problem was nobody knew until the last minute she is basically a hoarder and after weeks of her saying everything was fine and sorted out, it was apparent things were not fine. Nothing like seeing (and trying to solve) someone else's disaster to get motivated. I've broken down nearly all my kit boxes. I kinda liked the idea of having all the boxes to match the cars but in reality there just isn't space to store or display them. Now my cars and parts are in stackable plastic storage containers. I can see it'll be a matter of fine-tuning things to fit better and be more organized but I'm calling it mission accomplished for now. Time to reward myself with a purchase I think.
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