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  1. Easy my original Blackfoot Got it For Christmas Circa 1985
  2. Sure if you don't speed, aren't sloshed out of your head, or use the phone you are the best driver in the world. Because that's the only three thing that the police seem to focus on
  3. Funny you mention that I was thinking the same. I actually fixed one up a few years ago which belonged to my brother, Then when it was all working he reclaimed it
  4. Original Blackfoot, Super Blackfoot, King blackfoot, Blackfoot Xtream Monster Beetle, WRC Escort Cosworth, HKS Nissan Skyline, Ford Mondeo, Lunchbox mini, Fighter buggy RX Memorial Land Rover Defender, Grasshopper, Brat, blackfoot hybrid built from spares, MadBull Dancing rider Peugeot 306
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