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  1. Bingo. The driveshafts glue together, I must have done a poor job of it. I re-glued them and all seams well at present If it happens again time to get out the epoxy
  2. Got a Dancing Rider for Christmas Today was the first day I could actually give it a good shakedown after building it. There is something amiss in the gearbox. As soon as it encounters any form of resistance the wheels stop and you can hear the gearbox spinning. I have stripped the gearbox and rebuilt it numerous times. Removed the hop up diff and motor so the thing is totally standard again and still no joy
  3. I use this stuff Keeps the rubber nice a soft, and protects it from UV damage
  4. I keep saying no it's staying standard, then I find my browsing pumabuild / speeds websites lol . I was offered a de-restrictor pipe for nothing but politely declined
  5. After hitting a spill off diesel on the motorway and doing this to my poor Focus convertible I got a Focus ST-3 Just in time for a heatwave lol
  6. Part number 54519 . I keep meaning to order a set myself
  7. I haven't been able to post from Firefox in ages. I have to keep edge open just for TC
  8. How my Monster beetle arrived How it looked when finished
  9. Love that. Is that the unused bumper that is in the kit? Tempted to fit a roof rack to mine but how do you get to the body pins
  10. Thanks the paint didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. I got the snorkel on Ebay cost about £3
  11. I don't think so, they went back in and appeared to tighten up ok. Perhaps I should have put a bit of thread lock on them ?
  12. Whats that all about then? just taken it apart and the three screws that hold the two parts halfs together had backed out and where laying in the bottom of the diff casing
  13. Hi everyone. I have almost finished a Defender, and have noticed that the rear diff feels to be binding up intermittently. Some times it will be fine and others it gets very stiff. Does anyone have any advise of what I should check before I randomly start taking things apart. Also when it happens only one rear wheel turns, which with the locked diff should not be happening
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