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  1. Hi there. I have a HotShot running with the black motor and the same ESC as I used for the silver can. And I only use the most basic stuff. Quickrun 1060 and the likes. The car is indeed a tad faster than my HSII with the standard motor. The difference is not huge though. Since most vintage Tamiyas have the motor on the outside it also looks really cool. The black motor is still quite close to the standard silver can as far as specs, so I would not worry about it. Edit : On a second note, I see that the TEU105BK is rated for motors down to 25T, but not lower. The black motor is 23T, so it draws more current than the ESC is rated for. It could still work, but maybe other forum members need to chime in here.
  2. I printed my parts in black Polymaker PolyPlus. I mainly use black because it looks good and it seems to print better than the other colors. It is also of the correct flexibility I think. Pure generic PLA is not well suited because it is too stiff and brittle. There is also PolyMax but I feel that PolyPlus does a better job in general for my prints. You could also go for ABS. I personally have no experience printing in ABS. For mirroring you can use a ton of tools. A slicer can do it or a program like MeshMixer.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. @MadInventor Indeed the shock tower is on my radar but I only start modeling once it breaks, and mine seem to be holding up really well @WillyChang That Super Sabre R part was the one swing arm that I had not modeled yet. So many thanks.
  4. Hi there. First post on this forum. Just wanted to show what I have been doing with my recently acquired HotShotII that was in a fairly broken state. The usual cracks around the screw holes and a couple of unexpected ones. I have been working some time now to recreate several Tamiya parts as a 3D design. While I almost never do an exact replica, the parts are drop-in functional replacements. On this car you can for instance see some printed wishbones, and the lower one at the front is an integrated print instead a composition of the original HotShot wishbone with that HotShot2 extension. For anyone who is interested I will be posting my designs on Thingiverse. I only do this after I validated them for fit and function ( not for longevity, that will have to wait ). https://www.thingiverse.com/Qbee/designs
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