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  1. Well you can make a FPV setup for cheap, it depends on what you use. Those products are mostly for drones and planes, but it can fit into RC cars also. You don't need a HD cam with SD recording, you can either use a cheap one like this: http://www.banggood.com/600TVL-8_0MP-14-2_8mm-CMOS-FPV-170-Degree-Wide-Anlge-Lens-Camera-PALNTSC-p-984345.html I have the same into a micro glider: You'll also need a video transmitter and a receiver, there are some cheap kits like this for example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Boscam-FPV-32Ch-5-8G-Wireless-AV-Mini-Transmitter-TX-TS5823-Receiver-RC832-/111832257691 . As you can see, for something around 40 or 50$ you almost have a FPV setup here. You just need something to see the video, it can be a little monitor like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-inch-LCD-Screen-FPV-MONITOR-Photography-For-RC-Airplane-Quadcopter-CCTV-Tester-/181706707508 or this http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-3-4-3-Inch-TFT-Color-Monitor-with-Mount-for-FPV-or-Automotive-Use-USA-Stock-/262597580903 but it can also be a laptop with required input for video (there are adapters, I'm using one RCA to HDMI to get live video on my laptop which don't have RCA input). You'll also need a battery to power on the video Rx, and you'll have to find right power voltage on the car for both cam and Video Tx. If you want a better setup it's more expensive: HD cam, DVR, better video Tx and Rx, OSD... There are many various kind of FPV products, for all prices. If you need any advice just ask me. I hope weather will be nice tomorrow so i can make a little video to share here.
  2. Sorry for posting in wrong forum, thanks for having moved the thread. Here are other pictures. Tuning time: With FPV stuff, you can see it's sending live video from cam: Live video can be seen on DVR, and recorded to SD card. On OSD U1 is Lipo voltage before ENos and U2 is voltage after ENos: Here we are, ready to go: Live video from inside the car with the body. We can see view as if we were behind the windshield, and we can see front wheels: Screenshot on the road: I'll try to post a little video.
  3. Hello, I'm working on a new project which is based on a Tamiya TT-01E. There are a few unusual upgrades so I thought it could be interesting to share it with you. Basically, I was driving my Madcap on asphalt and I was reaching for speed, but it was not really the good model so I get a few TT-01 models and started a new project. This TT-01E has some basical upgrades: -full ball bearings -3Racing shocks -Tamiya53336 reinforced rings -Tamiya53227 radial tires -long gearing with 55T spur -Trackstar 6.5T brushless motor -Tamiya TBLE-01 ESC -Peak Racing 3300 mAh 45C 2S Lipo -Futaba R2004GF Rx -Blue neons -little rally conversion (higher ground clearance) and also other upgrades much unusual: -HK ENos system: it's giving higher voltage for a few seconds when using channel 3 switch on the T3PL radio This was a nice setup, but since i don't have a speed gun and I'm also playing with FPV gliders, I thought it would be cool to put a FPV system on the RC car. Here is the FPV part: -Mobius cam -HK cheap OSD (this is same as G-OSD) -Fatshark 5.8 GHz video transmitter -Fatshark filtered power supply And on the video Rx side: -RC832 5.8 GHz video receiver -Mini DVR -1300 mAh 15C 2S Lipo So this setup is working fine, car is very powerful and it can reach high speed, but in fact I don't have enough space where I live to reach top speed, I need to find a better place where I can push it to the limit and use ENos system. I'm not satisfied with OSD which seems to give crappy speed datas, maybe it's because GPS system has interferences with 2.4 GHz radio system, 5.8 GHz video Tx and all electronics in the car. But system is nice, it can record video from inside the car in HD, and I can view FPV in real time while driving, with OSD vaues. I can also record OSD video with DVR, it's fun. Here is the TT-01E, with his Impreza WRX STi rally body: Without body: ENos system: Motor, ESC and Rx: Video transmitter: GPS antenna: OSD board is hidden here: All plugged in and ready: ...
  4. Yes but even with stock holes on the motor mount plate I have enough space to put bigger pinion. Problem is that bigger pinion just won't fit into the gear cover.
  5. Thanks for all those interesting replies! When rebuilding this diff, I added 1 more spacer on each side to have less slipping: (Part SC7 on the scheme, I put 2 of it each side instead of 1) But there is still slipping, setup is overpowered for this gearbox. Locking the diff is perfect for drag race but will cause bad handling and destroy tires on curves. In fact, I started with a 18T motor on this Madcap, and it was just nice, but I wanted more top speed. I can't put bigger than 25t pinion because it won't fit into the gear cover, so I tried with other motors and this one really gives high speed. But yes you're all right, it's way too much power... But it's fun I managed to avoid backflip (I already made 1 or 2 backflips before the videos to be honest) trying to find best speed when pushing the throttle and how far I can push it, but it's very sensitive so when you see Madcap is making wheelies and there's no backflip it's not only that diff is slipping but also because I release the throttle just the right way, or the Madcap would try to take off!
  6. About the diff problem, here is what's happening when using powerful motors: (Got picture from this thread: Center Gear Support: Madcap = Astute = Super Astute?). Diff will get hot, balls will melt plastic from the diff spur until it will turn as if it was a bearing. Altough I searched, I didn't find any alloy diff spur or something stronger that can fit in. OK so here are the videos:
  7. Yes I know about Madcap diff weakness, I already burnt 2 diff spurs. It's always same problem, Madcap powertrain can't handle so much power. I'll put this motor into a TT-01 soon instead. I searched for Madcap stronger diff but I found no alternative except replace whole powertrain. I'm not at home now but I'll post videos soon because anyway it's fun to see a Madcap running so fast.
  8. Hello, I bought a few old Madcaps and parts last months, so I can build up something to have fun like when I was younger. But I found out that it was better to use modern electronics, so I put some hop ups and stuff into my Madcap, turning it into a overkill Madcap which is now almost undriveable if I go full throttle. It has so much top speed and torque that I already burnt 2 diff spurs. But the funny thing is that the Madcap is making wheelies if I put too much throttle so I wanted to share that with TC users because it's lot of fun. Setup: -2S 3300 Lipo -TBLE01 ESC -Trackstar 4T brushless motor -ball bearings -25t pinion and 70t spur -Carson rims and tires set (all terrains) Result: I'll upload it on Youtube it's really lot of fun
  9. This one is SOLD. Hello, I have for sale a Tamiya 58082 Madcap in an incredible new condition, so clean you just won't believe it. Just look at the pictures, everything looks like brand new, maybe you'll never get another chance to get a Tamiya Madcap in such condition again. Price is 250€ or best offer + shipping. It is full complete with body and Futaba Inspec Transmitter, just add battery for car, batteries for radio and there you go for a perfect vintage Madcap. You have body, rims and tires, electric parts, Futaba FP-R102JE receiver and 2 FP-S148 servos, the Transmitter, the Madcap with everything on it as you see in pictures. I noticed only one little minor fault, it is that rear tires are deformed since model stayed for very long time in a hobbyshop showcase in Japan where I have it directly from. It's not a problem, tires can easily be found, and we can find a deal for 2 brand new rear tires since I have other vintage Tamiya stuff here and tires in stock. See pictures, this is exactly what you'll get. I'm shipping from France, and I can ship almost worldwide, just PM me for shipping price if you're interested. Buyer pays shipping, Paypal only. PM me if interested, other pictures available (I'm also on RCGroups). Thanks for reading.
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