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  1. I dedicate this thread to my stories with my little Tamiya Suzuki Jimny Since about one year I was fascinated by the options the 500KV ROC 412 would give to Road Car based Scale Rigs like my loved Traxxas 1/16 based Nissan Titan "The Independent" But I never really liked CC01 - and then came Jimny - affordable and technology that reminds me of my Tamiya Cup days. What could possible go wrong. So a kit was ordered and the build went pretty straight forward - as I wanted a car to beat hard - I only invested about 3 minutes for painting the body. After the car was built it was clear - that for my goal to finish a RECON G6 I would need a little bigger wheels. 96mm Dirt Grabbers showed to be far to big - so I purchased a set of 1.55 Baja MTZ on Steelies that look perfect to me. After some testing with brushed motors I finally implanted the 500 KV Tekin ROC 412 - and that was perfect right out of the box.
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