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  1. The Nissan R91CP wheels have always been a favorite part of restoration process when building one of these iconic group c's.
  2. These are a set of vintage Kyosho Superten wheels. The rears have been custom fabricated with a increased lip to smooth out the rear design of the 911 GT3 RSR. The tires are Kyosho radial grooved super wides.
  3. These are special Tamiya red card Nissan 300ZX group C wheels only sold at special events in Japan.
  4. Replacement of the classic 787B aero brake disc.
  5. Here's a vintage very (1st) first USA imported Tamiya Mazda 787B 1992 RC Car Action Magazine Test Review by John Huber from back in 1992 restored to factory original specs and road test duplicated 27 years later.
  6. The selection of wheel and rubber for this build are a cross breed of Hpi and Kyosho. The rear wheels are made by Kyosho Super-Ten FW03 BBS Super wide wrapped in RJ Ride G30 race slicks. The fronts are Hpi vintage super dish silver wheels widened with hpi slick M compound. The combination of the two work well together and achieved the vintage race look I was going for.
  7. This is my Hpi Super Rs4 EP brushless 2 speed PTI Racing Porsche 962. One of my favorite on road touring cars.
  8. Thank you. I've had lifting issues with the Renown lines on other 787B's in the past.
  9. The body is an original #58102 used on the project.
  10. When I started this project "Return of the Mazda 787B Rotary 🇯🇵" honestly I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. The most enjoyable part of this build was the creative process along the way which at times can be overshadowed by the final result. Visit www.Motorworldmedia.com 👈 for the complete Build Story. Here's a few pic's of the finished project. Thermal Orange in Sun
  11. Looking for any help from the paint experts out there with the dark chrome wheel color on this kit. Any suggestions on a TS or PS color match or technique to achieve these exact results. Attached pic for reference thanks!
  12. Looking for Vintage Tekin 408S Sport TSC. Item found thanks.
  13. I enjoy collecting top quality Group C race cars. The 787B, R91CP, C-11, XJR-12. Originals and re-released versions.
  14. My vintage original Mazda 787B #58102 ex-racer retired to the shelf for over 25 yrs. After all these years I decided to finally pull the car off the shelf and paint the rear wheels and add Dunlop tire decals which didn't matter much over 2 decades ago. Next project is to paint and install a group c driver cockpit to finish it off in style which wasn't very popular back in the day on the race track in the 90's.
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