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  1. hello, today I was trying to maintain my Sandmaster, I found my front right hex can't go all the way deep to the shaft that attached it. I did everything I could to clean and it still has a gap between and that might attract more dust. Is there a way I can fix that? Which part is broken? thanks
  2. thank you guys, I did my best to read all 10 pages basic on my English reading ability and I appreciated all the thoughts that people shared here. I think I did build my alloy suspension correct. I just bought the the front one and it's on the way shipping. They are made for Sandmaster so I thought someone here could share their ideas about those parts. My personal preference now will be getting a bigger set of tires and wheels on the rear only. Do you guys think this will be weird? To have a bigger rear tires than front. And what size should I use? Can I use 2.4 diameters? My rear damper really has a hole about 5mm long by rubbing the floor.
  3. hello, I posted a question before that since I changed my rear shock to the gold kyosho ez aftermarket shocks. (ezw005 HRT Oil Shok Set) My rear damper started to rub the floor when I drive someone posted a reply that I could change the shock stiffness. but one of my friend suggested me to change the shock oil to 600 first and I did the problem still remains so changing the shock is my only solution now? and I found out when I press the rear body down it just won't bounce back easily like the front. anyone has the same problem as mine? by the way, if I am heading to change my shock, what length should I buy? for the gold ez aftermarket shocks thanks a lot (pic is the Sandmaster's position after I press down and it won't bounce back)
  4. so if I wanna buy a pinion gear just type "29T 48P"? I looked it up and some are listed 5mm on item name, what's 5mm about? which one would fit on Sand Master? PS: Has anyone bought the Boom Racing Combo Upgrade Set here? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kyosho-Sandmaster-Performance-Combo-Upgrade-Set-7-Items-Silver-Boom-Racing-/191701310081?hash=item2ca249da81:g:0nEAAOSwhAZWBhfH
  5. hi, I don't know if someone already posted this question since my English isn't that great to read. I have a newer Sand Master for about half an year. I had a lot of fun. I am still very new to RC world. Now my Sand Master is using G20 motor from Kyosho, and the rear gold suspension from Kyosho made for Sand Master. Other parts are original still, I have few questions, My rear bumper always rubbing the ground when I drive. now my rear pumper has a hole. Is there anything I can do to solve that problem? If I just changing bigger rear tire set, will that cause problem? How often should I clean bearings? I just finally cleaned few days ago and found out all my bearings are rusty. I just ordered another set of bearings from ebay. It's not expensive but I wonder if I can maintain them well. Last question is about gear, as I saw some people already discuss the plastic pinion gear isn't great. I did't know that so ordered 3 more plastic gears from Kyosho and 2 of them are already stripped. So I am looking for metal one. Do you guys know which company makes pinion gear that will fit on Sand Master? I have asked on retech and they told me the diameter might matter. also is that ok to use different tooth like 28 or 29t? Will that match the 91t spur gear? thanks, I am not joking that I have those questions running in my head during my day time, RC hobby really keeps my brain thinking all the time
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