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  1. Trust me i thought that too haha
  2. Thank you, still not sure what to do lol
  3. I am considering ordering on of these, all I ever hear about is what a $hit show building Schumachers are. Care to elaborate or point out the issues?
  4. Someone in the top force facebook page says the new molds for the pressure plate cap and the joint cup are definitely not the same quality. He said the same as you that they thrashed theirs, unless that was you on there lol. I find it odd that my rear ball diff is perfectly fine and the front failed.
  5. I ordered from them a few years ago. I actually found a zahhak dn01 body from them.
  6. The first ball diff I converted I used these parts 50529 gear set, 53218 touring car hard joint cup & 50602 bevel gear set. Obviously I could use them again but these other parts I first posted I was told are better and because the diff cups dont have those ribs that can wear or strip and this lock in better.
  7. That is the problem I literally get different responses and different part numbers from various people. I wanted to use the diff cups in the photo because they dont have the grooves like the other ones I used for my first gear diff conversion. They are also $15 as opposed to a few bucks. I was told these lock in and won’t round/strip like what happens to the ball diff and possible again with the gear diff conversion.
  8. Thank you, where does he want you to loctite the diff cups? It doesnt tell you what diff cups to use, but looks like 53790
  9. Is this the correct bevel gear set 51008 to fit for the diff cups 53790 to convert my other gearbox of my evo? I purchased months ago and can’t remember. I would rather not open them if they are wrong. What gear set do I need? Is it 50529? I have an extra set of them too.
  10. Everytime I see an ultima it makes me want to get one to build. I am holding out for a turbo or pro hopefully soon.
  11. I built a black clod during the lock down mostly stock, i hated it especially since i had txt 2. I would only say get a LMT LOL there is no comparison.
  12. Thanks, as of now the rear ball diff is fine with a 4600kv brushless. I have all the parts to convert that to gear too if need be. I just wanted to rebuild the front to have but I am not going to go crazy if I cant find the parts.
  13. Need an Top Force Evo pressure plate cap MA23 19805420. New or used.
  14. I had sometime today and even though i switched to a manta ray gear diff in my front evo gearbox I wanted to rebuild the diff that was slipping. Looks like I got the infamous tamiya silver dust on the short gearbox joint. I am guessing the glue i added did not hold the joint and caused it to do this. The diff looks perfect otherwise. I am surprised my rear held up compared to the front.
  15. Manta ray ball diff 53070 $25 shipped
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