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  1. Of the cars i own the best handling is 1. egress 2. dn01 3. tt02bms worst was the monster beetle by far
  2. Putting this set up in my txt 2, hoping it helps my savox servo with a stronger bec
  3. My motor for my losi min t 2.0 is arriving today from hong kong. Took almost a month. I also ordered some spares for my egress from rcmart that just shipped.
  4. One was a rollover at a park going very slow actually must of been the way it hit. Another was driving in the woods, got stuck between a downed tree and branch it tore right off. The last was a crash by my daughter. The only one which i can see happening is the crash due to the high rate of speed. Besides the shock tower issue i can say the tt02b ms is very durable, nothing broke and since switching to the aluminum 3 yrs ago i havent had a problem.
  5. Do not add the fiberglass front shock towers, they are terrible and i broke 3 until i had no choice and went to aluminum. I got aluminum because tamiya had not released the carbon ones yet.
  6. What is the W12 after the 1200? I have 3 m5gs, is it a mod?
  7. Added the carbon radio plate to my optima
  8. I ran my re re alot over the summer didnt break anything thankfully. I always thought the rear trailing arms were cheap plastic. I did lose one kingpin screw on my rear hub. I do have the yeah racing aluminum ones on. It was still lost even with a little of threadlock. I also noticed the screw and nut on the steering by the ball bearings come loose after driving sometimes and also lost that too. So after every run i check all my screws now. As you said i do see front towers broke and there is an aluminum upgrade for connecting the front gearbox. Problem is i saw someone on facebook say theirs didnt fit probably.
  9. Anyone else have this issue and know how long the freeze is?
  10. One i would soak and clean all the parts to remove any grease. I would replace all the diff balls, the diff plates if they have grooves in them you can sand to flatten back out or possibly just flip them. Depends on the use the diff had. i had an astute back in the day and remember that diff had washers or something as spacers. Many had problems with these ball diffs, i ran a twister hurricane motor in mine and never had any issues.
  11. I always wanted a wild one,clodbuster and 959 as a kid. I know i can get one now no problem but i dont think ill like the wild one’s performance. I am still considering a super clod since the black is cheap. I just dont know if ill like the pretty poor performance also, esp already owning a txt 2. Supposedly the 959 will never happen but if it does i will definitely get. For non tamiya cars i always wanted a kyosho optima, optima mid and turbo ultima. I have the optima and hopefully soon the mid and turbo ultima will come out
  12. Finally pulled the trigger on an optima carbon radio tray since i had about $12 in ebay bucks.
  13. I have the yeah racing aluminum hub sets for my egress and dont recall any play. I will check, i have read some people mention different tolerances with yeah racing upgrades. I have them with my tt02b ms with no play either
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