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  1. Id assume so, some people got lucky and dont leak. I had one leak no matter what i did. I was only able to slow it down by adding green slime and heavier oil
  2. Its a trap to make you purchase the gold shocks like i did for my optima lol
  3. I dont think they would since many places in the US were blowing out the rc10 worlds for $150. I wish i picked one up
  4. For around the same price get yourself a top force
  5. I see 2 people on other boards already posting that the red shocks are leaking again
  6. The reason I ask is because the only thing I could find is they announced and brought back a new losi mini truck
  7. Yes it is with red plastic. I did break a few knuckles too. Sold mine in the early days of ebay for decent coin
  8. The super sabre was my first rc in 1986ish. If they release it i would probably get for nostalgia. I do remember losing dogbones quite a few times.
  9. I am still on the fence on getting this, i love my re re optima. How come they havent announced any option parts yet. Id assume they will have carbon towers, ball diff ect. If they announce that it may push me to order. I really always wanted a turbo ultima as a kid and turbo optima mid se
  10. I broke the white kimbrough one on my monster beetle and upgraded to the larger kimbrough. It will also help if you center your servo. I forget the size but i used schumacher titanium rods that were only about $5. Once i did both of those upgrades i never broke a saver again
  11. I did mine with a file and a vice grip, works great
  12. I can tell you from experience that proline dirt hawgs do not look right on this buggy and take away handling. They are a little bigger than standard 2.2 tires and screwed up the handling of my dn01. For street use i use duratrax bandito in the rear and jconcepts ribs in front. Off road proline holeshots
  13. I would def upgrade to the metal diff cups from the 201. The plastic ones that come with the dn01 get stuck when you go to rebuild the ball diff down the road. If im not mistaken a regular silver can, torque tuned ect. will not fit. They recommend a super stock bz which i did have when i first built mine and was pretty good. I now run a castle 4600kv. Like someone else said you can go down the rabbit hole and upgrade a ton like i did.
  14. Started the rebuild of my re re optima and completely cleaned it simple green and wd40
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