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  1. You need mod .6 pinion for the avante or egress. I actually use a 21t, sorry for the mix up.
  2. I ran my tamiya black avante which has the same gearing as my egress and ran a superstock bz. I was told the proper pinion gear was a 17t for the correct fdr. I now run a 22t pinion on both cars. One has a reedy 10.5 s plus and a hobbywing 10.5 v10
  3. I have seem people complain about that piece too, i never had a problem luckily. Also the front plastic piece for the steering, never an issue for me either
  4. I never noticed if the gold and red on the optima were the same but i do know many people had issues with the red leaking after building. I had 2 leak on my optima right from the start even after rebuilding atleast 2 times. I was able to stop one after changing the o ring and green slime. I now have the gold shocks with no issues
  5. It wasnt fun when i had to tear mine down last year. The reason i had to was the bottom plastic belt cover moved a little and dirt and sand got in the gearboxes after a baseball and soccer field run. Hopefully never again, i soaked the gears with simple green and degreaser too it was a mess
  6. Correct the s33008h screw, came loose alot for me early on until i just added lots of threadlock after having 2 or 3 of the hop up blue spurs chewed up. Now after every run i check almost every screw. The blue spurs have been out since covid started. I have 2 new still and sold one recently to someone in France i believe.
  7. And make sure you have threadlock on the spur gear screw, ive eaten 2 or 3 spurs with a 4300kv motor
  8. Beautiful machine until you have to tear it down and get back to the gearboxes lol
  9. Front gear box is probably number one, front and rear knuckles.
  10. If you are just starting out with the egress i would use a superstock bz or rz as raman said and a hobbywing 1060 esc. You wont have to worry about anything just plug and go basically. I ran a superstock bz in my avante black before going brushless and it is decent on 2s which is the same as the egress gearing wise. Eventually you will want to go faster i am sure, a 13.5/10.5 brushless is perfect for the egress. I run a reedy 10.5 s plus in my egress. It isnt super fast and uncontrollable.
  11. Also with the egress and avante black ball diffs they basically have to be fully tightened
  12. Most on that page are US based, but i did find someone who drilled out 6mm shafts for me and i purchased a good amount of spares.
  13. Where are you located? Also if you have facebook check out the txt txt 2 page. Lots of good info and people may help you.
  14. You have a link of the pics? Curious to see what I preordered, esp the servo mounts
  15. Thanks just ordered those and the diff and nut set to put me over $100 to use the coupon. I also used my points from my super avante preorder came to $86
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