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  1. What servo saver are you using or servo horn? I use the white kimbrough with protek high speed servos. They are good but still get some play.
  2. yea i bought the 15t one and i could tell from the crappy photocopied reedy label it was a crap chinese one. Plus it runs to hot not even geared high. My superstock bz is as fast to boot
  3. Yes i have a bz now in my avante black with a 18t pinion, this is for a hobbywing 10.5 g3 v10 motor
  4. looks like 20t, thank you so much
  5. Someone had posted a chart of gear ratio on the egress i think regarding a bz motor but i dont remember. I had the photo and apparently deleted it by accident on my iphone. I was trying to figure out what size pinion to use with my hobbywing 10.5 motor. Hobbywing calls for a ratio of 9.0 for 4wd off road.
  6. I recently built my avante black and put a superstock bz in it and used the recommended i believe17t pinion for the correct gear ratio. On 2s it is not bad about the same as the reedy 15t radon 2 i put in at first. The reedy just got to hot and is really just one of the chinese rebadged motors. I will tell you having the rz also in the past there isnt really any difference between them unless maybe the gearing as recommended does, that i dont know. I will be replacing it with a brushless i ordered on black friday, a hobbywing 10.5 v3 g10.
  7. I totally agree with the clod, i built one during the lockdown and it was terrible out of the box. Literally sold it 2 days later.
  8. No matter what i did my re re popped out all the time when hitting bumps or jumping. I tried old hop ups by crp and other companies. I even tried new stuff or tricks people said worked.I had the mip ball diff in it and even tried frog re re dog bones which someone told me resolved this issue. Well nothing worked, so after dropping atleast $200 on various things to fix this i sold my beetle as is to someone for $300. Shame cause as a kid i had one and with the thorp ball diff never had any issues
  9. Added tamiya grey rims and dual blocks to my avante black. Next up is add a brushless to replace the bz motor. Deciding between the same reedy 10.5 s plus torque motor that is in my egress or hobbywing 10.5 no stickers except for the wing and finally got the tamiya smoke spray for the windows right
  10. No particular order Ayk/race prep pro radiant tamiya egress tamiya avante kyosho javelin kyosho turbo ultima losi jrx 2
  11. I need a bushing base for the avante or egress to mount the shocks. Part 19804552. Any help please
  12. Correct they are good quality. As for the driveshafts, there are other options. You can use traxxas revonones but you need to mod it. I use gds racing ones on ebay, but you need to have someone machine it out 1 mm to fit. These so far for me with a castle 3800 combo have had no issues. I have 4 tamiya shafts they I probably should sell. They did last me over a year with the castle so i cant complain.
  13. I would upgrade to heavy duty steering rods, the stock ones bend very easily. They are available on ebay. The hop up shocks are more for show, the stock plastic do fine. I did the upgrade but dont notice much of a difference.
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