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  1. You throw enough !hit at a wall some will eventually stick
  2. Before i went with the heavy duty rods and only 2ws the stock rods did bend but i was able to bend them back until i changed to the heavy duty but i am sure after more use they wouldn't last.
  3. Yes it is very simple, just wish i could fit ky heavy duty rods
  4. That is true, the only issue i had adding rear steering was I couldn’t fit my heavy duty rods and had to use the crappy stock ones.
  5. It isnvery simple, do you have a y cable?
  6. Aluminum motor mount, ceramic diff balls, aluminum shock mount support and gearbox covers. The gearbox covers im not sure i will use. That sucks about not shipping outside the US but i still have my doubts about March especially after talking to my local shops telling me tamiya usa has no clue
  7. I am doubtful on the tower march date for the evo too, but it hasnt stopped me from buying hop ups lol.
  8. I get your reasoning but it isnt much of a sale. I had an astute as a kid, great look car but that’s about it lol.
  9. That is the same “sale” price they had it priced at before they shut down for the new year to do inventory.
  10. The vqs is available everywhere, it is def not selling well esp for the price they want.
  11. Pretty sad with tamiyausa, i saw the vqs out of stock now lol. Tower had a 25% off sale yesterday. They had the Ultima re re listed, meanwhile it was out of stock before the sale. I was going to buy one for $210
  12. Yea almost $300 for a fox is comical. Tower used to have the egress, before i ordered mine from rcmart i almost Ordered from them but i saved $50-75 more. I would think it has more to do with if tower orders from tamiyausa then just not getting it.
  13. Thanks just preordered from tower, they must of just added that in the last day. I was checking and only the original top force showed
  14. What USA sites are getting info? Tamiya usa says coming soon, and my local shop said he preordered all the new models coming but tamiya usa wont commit any dates and basically said they have no idea when they are getting any new stock.
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