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  1. I contacted him, he said he is a member on here but hasnt been on in a long time. He will look if he has anymore gears
  2. He def still has them. He was selling them to someone diring the lockdown
  3. I know a guy on facebook who sold me a set of steel drive gears. They are a perfect fit.
  4. Reedy 10.5 spec torque for my egress. I have hobbywing justock 10.5 which was good but wanted some more torque and top end with adjustable timing
  5. I didnt buy a complete kit, i had just an aluminum nut to fit the diff
  6. I believe the associated b4 will fit, im pretty sure i used one for my dn01 but it has been a few years ago
  7. I completely agree. i knew what i was getting going in and the fact i had a txt 2 already probably doesnt help by the difference in size and non plastic garbage. I probably should of gotten something else during the quarantine. Even the build wasnt enjoyable which never happens.
  8. Clod complete except for the body, i have to admit i am not a fan. I knew all the issues going in too just doesnt compare to my txt 2. I am selling it and listed on numerous group and ebay
  9. Clod almost complete. Definitely not my favorite build or really enjoyable. I can say I already prefer my txt to this.
  10. Axles complete on my clod black build. Def not my favorite build because trying to fit the cpe chassis was a pain not knowing if you use or dont use the tamiya braces too caused me to tear that section of the build down3 or 4 times.
  11. I ordered from a shop in Germany to the US and It was sent dhl due to the german post not mailing things i believe larger than a few cm. This was early may, it arrived last week. What dhl did was transfer it to usps either in germany or at customs in New York. which imo is bs since i paid about $30 for shipping for 2 small parts trees. I had tracking the entire time but it went radio silent for over 2 weeks inbetween
  12. Rb4276

    Rebuilding dn01

    That would def help, but i think part of the problem is i mostly drive this car on the street. This is not the first time ive had to do it. So its constantly hitting concrete, curbs, flipping. Which also shows how durable it is, especially the towers.
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