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  1. I removed sold items and lowered prices.
  2. I have some Avante and/or Egress spare parts for sale either as a lot or separately. All parts are new. They are… Avante upper carbon deck $21 shipped Pargu Avante aluminum suspension mounts $18 shipped Front & rear universals full set $26 shipped All shipped within the US, outside US please contact. Photos are not loading. If you want photos please ask.
  3. So as i said earlier Tower literally emails me 2-3 times a day. The new tactic is by using my name in the email “ hey Ryan super savings member” but the best is i never renewed from the summer.
  4. I don’t want or need anything but Tower has been emailing me nonstop 2-3 times a day. They must be hurting.
  5. For one I read that xtra speed gear set diff does not fit from a few people on facebook. The evo comes with bearings. That is the wrong high speed gear set with the blue aluminum. That set works with the tt02b. Get yourself an aluminum motor mount, that is priority one.
  6. Lol, i used ts paint by accident on one of my re re optima bodies. It was a metallic orange and yes it starting flaking. I tried to save it by backing it with ps silver but no luck. I painted my cougar yellow and not a fan of how it came out. I bought a new body last summer to paint but no idea what color to do.
  7. Nice cougar paint job. What color is that?
  8. My egress is one of my favorite runners and one I always go to. Handles great, much better than my avante and it is one of the best looking buggies from that era. I would say it handles as well or almost as well as my top force evo that most say is the best handling tamiya from back then. I am so glad i cancelled my td2 preorder years ago but if they ever are super cheap I may buy one. I say get an egress.
  9. Tamiya superstock bz or rz and gear it properly you should like it. You could also get the high speed gear set.
  10. Someone said on a kyosho facebook page that the vendor who made the chain for the kit went under and they were trying to get a new supplier to provide both the chain and belt with the kits.
  11. So I got the new parts for the shocks and rebuilt it with plumbers tape and all good. I am convinced though the cap threads are messed up. I had a hard time screwing it on and lining it up. The other 3 would seal up right away with problems.
  12. It is a nice build, I like the jj more so. I’d rather build a trf lol. I wish I bought some a local shop had near me before covid but I was afraid you’d never get parts if I broke it.
  13. It is amazing I have built 11 tamiyas since 2015 and hop up shocks for most of them such as trf ones and not one has ever leaked.
  14. I totally agree they are, my jj was a perfect easy build minus one issue. This mid was too aside from this shock problem.
  15. Not at all, the gaskets are lined up. I tore it down first just redoing the shafts & o rings and the last 2 times everything was redone. Late this week i will go over it all again.
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