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  1. Rb4276

    TT-02B MS WEE

    Looks like a great build. One thing i would recommend depending on what motor you are running is the axle ring 54623 for the universals. Even with loctite on my universals grub screws on my tt02b ms i had pins fall out numerous times. Since i added the axle ring set to all 4 universals about 2 years ago i have never had a problem.
  2. I dont know anything about tomeg being a liar or having inside info but i thought it was ballsy and ridiculous that he was asking for donations to purchase old rc mags for “archival info”. He should of said for his collection lol. Either way i have no real interest in an Ultima, ill wait for a turbo Ultima or optima mid. I always wanted them as a kid.
  3. Little to much fun today with my txt 2
  4. How has the rear suspension held up? I literally broke my rear arm twice and the rear turnbuckle twice from the gearbox on both sides. I eneded up selling my dt03t because of this. I was running a castle 5700 which made it fly, it wasnt the power either because one time the truck slid off my stand and fell literally 3 feet and the arm snapped off.
  5. Finally installed my hobbywing justock 10.5
  6. Been waiting for months to get these
  7. Added my protek servo to my egress, super fast, got rid of the little slop i had with tactic high torque digital i was using and had to swap the ball end on the servo saver because it was hitting the driveshaft. This weekend i will add my hobbywing 10.5 motor
  8. Got a protek servo to go into my egress
  9. Looks great, finally was able to order my gold front and rear shocks for my re re optima. I was so sick of 2 of my red ones leaking no matter what i did
  10. What esc are you using? The rz and bz will not work with the tamiya tble included in the kit
  11. Glad i am not the only one who has the dislike for these type of releases, and dont even get me started with the comical line lol
  12. I agree, all these different color releases is a money grab (i get why) but tiresome and show a real lack of creativity. Other than re releases there hasnt been a completely new buggy released in a few years.
  13. I always wondered who on tamiyaclub bought my monster beetle with a thorp and a bunch of other hopups and my super sabre in the early 2000s long before i got back into the hobby
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