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  1. One i would soak and clean all the parts to remove any grease. I would replace all the diff balls, the diff plates if they have grooves in them you can sand to flatten back out or possibly just flip them. Depends on the use the diff had. i had an astute back in the day and remember that diff had washers or something as spacers. Many had problems with these ball diffs, i ran a twister hurricane motor in mine and never had any issues.
  2. I always wanted a wild one,clodbuster and 959 as a kid. I know i can get one now no problem but i dont think ill like the wild one’s performance. I am still considering a super clod since the black is cheap. I just dont know if ill like the pretty poor performance also, esp already owning a txt 2. Supposedly the 959 will never happen but if it does i will definitely get. For non tamiya cars i always wanted a kyosho optima, optima mid and turbo ultima. I have the optima and hopefully soon the mid and turbo ultima will come out
  3. Finally pulled the trigger on an optima carbon radio tray since i had about $12 in ebay bucks.
  4. I have the yeah racing aluminum hub sets for my egress and dont recall any play. I will check, i have read some people mention different tolerances with yeah racing upgrades. I have them with my tt02b ms with no play either
  5. Oh ok, sorry i must of missed you saying you converted to the gravel hound gearbox. I run my tt02b ms with a castle 4600kv on 2s 25t pinion & 64t spur. That can be plenty, i have run 30-32t pinions abd it was just to much and even in hot weather the esc shut down
  6. So you are doing 4000kv on 3s with stock gearboxes and drive shafts tt02b?
  7. Deans but they are a pain the *** to solder
  8. I would like one too and i usually dont mind spending the money hence paying $400 for an egress and more for a txt2 but i would never spend almost a grand on a bruiser. Id rather build a competition monster truck for that much that would blow the bruiser away
  9. The cogging is because the motor is not sensored. Some sensorless motor cog more than others. I have goolrc in my re re optima and it does not cog much, where as one of my castle sensorless in my tt02b ms seems to cog much more. I also have a sensorless castle in my txt 2 that doesnt cog at all probably cause of low gearing
  10. I would replace the plastic diff joint to the trf 201 metal ones. The plastic get stuck if you ever try to rebuild your ball diff. Change the rear wheel to hexes, before i did a wheel fell off a few times. If you are going to use a high power brushless motor upgrade to the heavy duty diff gear set. I melted a diff when i first went to brushless, could of been my fault with the gearing but since i changed i have never had an issue. There is alot more you can do as i did but these are essential imo.
  11. Rebuilt and added antiwear grease to my tt02b ms. Cleaned the bearings and everything else i could think of. First time in over 2 years
  12. Not a bad price especially compared to your other options in its class. Let me know if you want to a list of what should be hopped up or swapped from the trf 201
  13. Not a bad price especially compared to your other options in its class. Let me know if you want to a list of what should be hopped up or swapped from the trf 201
  14. So they are re releasing this? It is a great car especially for the price i paid and blows all other tamiya 2wd out of the water. Kind of comical though that it never sold when originally released and i am sure that this re release is just left over stock lol. Maybe tamiya reads the board and sees how much love it gets now to try to cash in. What is the selling price?
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