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  1. Continued on my cougar classic but cant figure out how to mount the larger/thicker wing mounts provided. The stock wing mounts can go on easily.
  2. I know a few people where giving two left or two right ones. I also believe i read the same issue you have last summer. ive yet to build mine and havent checked. Im still taking my sweet time with my cougar classic
  3. Did tamiya do anything about the rear gear box blowing under any strong motors? I did the mod for my tt02b years ago. Kind of pointless releasing this without a fix for that. Then again it is tamiya
  4. I had a dt03t, so i can tell you it is what is a basic entry level tamiya runner. I will admit the chassis and front wheelbase is odd. Alot of the hop ups are not needed aside from maybe carbon shock towers, universals and metal hex .i too went all in on them. I ran a castle 5700kv combo in mine which was crazy and actually held up for over a year until the diff blew. No biggie, replaced it for about $8. The most bizarre thing i experienced with my dt03t which made me end up selling it was when i converted to turnbuckles I broke the rear gearbox case where it connects 3 times in the same spot with no major crashes. One time my daughter took it and fell off the table about 3 feet onto carpet and broke. I finally was sick of it breaking there and sold it on ebay.
  5. Now i know why I couldnt find them. I kept running a search with grey. Thanks
  6. Hey sorry for the late response, i didnt see this. I had a 14 x 2, when geared properly it was nothing special. I did go up 2 or 3 teeth and made a huge difference but i probably would have heat issues running to long. I didnt want to ruin it. I would say my superstock rz or bz were faster and they are geared properly. i do have a LRP 17 x 2 i never tried i will put in my schumacher cougar classic when done and let you know.
  7. Does anyone know the part numbers for the tamiya 4wd front & rear grey star wheels? I have a set but don’t have the bags.
  8. Someone on facebook told me to make sure to glue the layshaft. Did anyone else do this?
  9. I started my cougar build yesterday. I am taking my time. I am up to the servo saver which I ended up using a tamiya hi torque saver I had laying around from my txt 2. Couldn’t believe what a pain in the *** the ball cups were snapping on until I realized you can kind of slide them over to pop them on. I will continue if next weekend, it is nice having each steps in a bag going slowly.
  10. @moffman thanks I look forward to building it actually moreso than my optima mid i have sitting. I think cause as a kid I always wanted and loved Schumacher cars in rc action & rc model cars mags. You schumacher collection looks great.
  11. Can I just you an aluminum servo horn? If break a crappy $17 amazon servo i don’t care.
  12. It was very close in price from rcmart. I had a 15% off coupon from a store. I ended up paying around $120
  13. I too know nothing about schumacher and haven’t built my cougar yet. I read a few people complain about similar shock issues. I also read i believe on facebook that the steering upgrade never came out cause of an issue in production or pulled right away. Don’t know the truth of it. I have heard mixed reviews with the stock gearbox also, some say it is great other say it strips. I am keeping my brushed with a tamiya superstock rz. I wont build mine until the spring most likely. How did the assembly go? I have heard and seen on youtube the joy of building the universals lol.
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