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  1. Atleast you will get aluminum parts, upgraded drivetrain with a slipper
  2. Final pieces (aluminum knuckles) from hong kong came in for my black avante. Only took 3 weeks, not bad
  3. Besides the motor mount & bearings is there anything else? If i did buy it id probably only put a 13.5 motor in it
  4. I am still considering buying and putting away for the winter
  5. I literally put it in my cart since i had almost $100 in my paypal from selling my avante black Gt tuned motor and 2 other things this week. I said before i pay let me see some reviews and what you need to add. I ended up passing, just cant justify having an egress and an unbuilt avante black. No bearings, (even though i probably have most laying around) Garbage motor mount and a few other things That break easily just doesNt sit well with me.
  6. Hobbywing 10BL120 esc, acer ceramic diff balls, kimbrough servo saver & rc screwz avante hex set for my avante black special build. Just waiting on a Protek high speed servo from amain and i will start the build.
  7. They are gds racing universal 110-150mm. I was told not to use the included screw pins and buy traxxas 5189 they are a direct fit but if you attach to a txt 2 you may have to dremel the axle side ones down a little to rotate freely. They also have to be machined 1mm since they are only 5mm
  8. Finally added new driveshafts for my txt2 i had ordered and machined out to 6mm. Hopefully they last like they say.
  9. I want this but cant justify the price lol
  10. Is the brace the tie rods attaching to the shock tower?
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