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  1. i have tried ps-12 backed with black+white.. i have ps-48 and ps-63 on the way. so far from all the google pics i can find ps-48 is going to be it but we will see. my painting skills are ok at best.:)
  2. has anyone come up with a paint color/combinations that will give you the color of stainless steel?? i have a Delorean body but having a hard time finding a color that will work/close to stainless steel. thanks
  3. @KEV THE REV i just gave a quick shot of tamiya ts paint. I kept a little of the yellowing by the spokes for the "slightly aged look". ALEXKYRIAK-- thanks. hope this helps with ur tires. your build is AMAZING!!!!
  4. on the tires. i just acquired a old audi quattro. i found(on here) about Vegatable Glycerin to help. i repaired a couple of cracks. then messaged it inside and out and bagged for about 3 days. they came out great! actually drive the chassis today seemed to handle just fine for what it is.
  5. yep!!! this guy had mad skills even that lower grille is paint... he had a audi quattro up there with all the checker painted it was wicked!
  6. Actuall its a team blue groove.. with all the stripes,grill and tail painted...the only deacals are the advertisements... got it on ebay.. and it was well worth it. I got a junk vintage body for the wing,interior,headlights and stop light things on the roof
  7. Look for COLT STRATOS.. that how it comes up..
  8. I got the replacement number from tamiya data base... but came up with nothing.. got it working with just 2 cells... its pretty cool!
  9. like the title reads--i am looking for (1) solar board in working condition. thanks
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