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  1. The friend obviously needs to buy a second re-re to strip for parts. Then he can have the restored vintage car for shelf duties. Surely he'll make some money back selling on the unused parts? Or keep them as spares? Or put towards some custom creation?
  2. I did that but he insisted I swap out the 55T motors for silver cans!
  3. My only concern at the moment is dialling down the speed but I’ll give it a try at some point. If only all my cars weren’t in bits...
  4. El Kid got his paws on the tx this evening and he could get full extension on reverse - sorting the problem he’d had with the full size Carson tx - he wasn’t able to reverse at all and had to change his grip on the big controller, then adjust again to set off.
  5. Will do. Not quite sure when we will get to use it but it will hopefully be an incentive for him to rebuild his Dual Hunter following its strip down and clean. Or I’ll end up doing it...
  6. My dinky tx / rx / regular sized servo combo arrived, plus two pinions and some dampers for my M05-RA build.
  7. My Carson Relfex Start pack arrived today. Not sure how easy it will be to reduce the throttle down but then again, no so easy for the user to increase it when I’m not looking. Servo was part of the package and included in the photos for scale. The rx is TINY!!
  8. The same model is c.£270 plus shipping from Tamico but they don’t have the Rock Socker any more. Nor is it in RCMart where it was pretty cheap. The prices seem to have gone up since I bought my Rock Socker. There also seems to have been a resurgence of interest in this chassis of late - seen a couple of showroom update on the TC site as well as three recent threads in the forum.
  9. Er, which came first? The bid or the self-imposed ban!!!
  10. Given your love of tinkering and fabbing, I reckon you would get a lot out of a CR-01. I wish the photos still worked on @jeekelemental 's Tonkatsu build on the forum - here's the showroom - https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=123674 Not many pics here left after the Photobucket debacle bit some interesting resource.. http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/tamiya-cr-01/ I think it is our own @OldSchoolRC1 is the most prolific poster. The only issue is the lack of available hop-ups.
  11. Some damper mounts for the rear end of my trail rig. They will allow for quite a range of adjustment. Hoping the mounting holes line up with my chassis!
  12. Someone on <cough> another forum asked about the Carisma and received the following response... "If you do go for the Carisma Coyote may I suggest you buy the kit version. As well as getting the satisfaction of building it you also get the second generation parts over the RTR. These include chassis mounted servo and battery tray, stronger shock mounts, aluminium shocks and proper 1.9 beadlocks (albeit plastic). " This is the thread, not much detail.. https://www.msuk-forum.co.uk/forums/topic/233183-what-is-the-best-budget-trail-truck/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-2481069 A lot more background here... https://www.msuk-forum.co.uk/forums/topic/226230-got-my-carisma-sca-1e/ As for vs a Rocker Socker? They are quite different beasts and there is a thread on here running at the moment about the CR-01 being (or not being) worth the money. Like you, my preference is Tamiya - I have two CR-01 waiting to be built) - and from what I have read, bearings and metal driveshafts are all you need to make a solid CR-01. However, if you want a crawler competitive CR-01 you are looking at many mods and more expense Not sure any of that helps...!
  13. I ordered a Carson Start yesterday for my son (link at the end of the pastes thread). I have seen them without the bundled servo for £20 on eBay. I have no idea if it is any good yet but I have been using basic Carson trigger wheel units I got on sale from Tamico without issue. Sure, they won’t be anywhere near as good in the hand as some of the options listed here (my 5 channel Turnigy is a thing of beauty in comparison to the Carsons but the Spektrums, Sanwas, etc are another level up from what I can tell) but should be good enough for the occasional bash. And cheap to replace when a kid rips the wheel off or drops it...
  14. I’ll have a look at it when it comes in and see if Young Master Crumble is happy to act as a hand model!
  15. I needed a couple of pinions and a servo horn. So I ordered them plus a tx / rx / servo combo, another servo, a scale winch rope, a pair of rally block tyres and two pairs of dampers.
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