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  1. That looks fantastic fun @Mad Ax. It is on my wish list but I'd need a working truck - I haven't even built my SCX10.3! I especially like the idea of a hotel overnight. And a beer. It must be pretty satisfying to get a truck round, especially when you hare out quite a bit of work into it. Out of interest how many and what size batteries are you using? Hope Day 2 goes just as well as today, keep us informed!
  2. Nice work on the vinyl. We've been talking in the 'crumble household about having ours restored to working order. It is the DeLorean of record players The Strathearn Story. I second shoo goo - it has been really good for me - if you haven't used it before. It is really stinky though and takes a couple of days to cure. My son and I have been making a dice tray using it this week.
  3. Nothing so fancy, 4WD if I can get a prop to fit. I have plenty of other dual motor and 4WS cars
  4. To enable a 330mm wheelbase which matches the shell @Frankster I call it my TL-01.5
  5. Interesting idea - I'd not considered it as I'd been thinking purely as a low, smooth tarmac-oriented drift truck. I've seen some body-raising work on builds on another site I frequent - will take another look. Edit: progress is a half-trimmed body and two TL-01s in bits! The inspiration:
  6. Oddly enough @Frankster and @Willy iine I have a project in the long queue with a ProLine Silverado body, two TL01 chassis and some big HPI wheels and thin tyres to make a 1:10 version of my son's very low (not as slammed as that photo) Hot Wheels pick-up. One day...
  7. I love it @Willy iine, that chin spoiler is a work of art! If I didn't have so many project I would be sorely tempted to attempt a copy but I know that my styrene work isn't a patch on yours. I'd have to paint it white and call it a 'pale imitation' Looking forward to seeing yours painted up. I hope you feel it has been a fun exercise and injected some new life into your model.
  8. Absolutely love it! That's what I call taking an idea and running with it! You know where I am if you need any more crazy schemes!
  9. Not to me! You should see my Pajero, it is in a really sorry state...
  10. Ooh, more of a challenge than I thought but I reckon you can do it with your plasticard fabrication skills. I do like the exhaust . And the roof box on the Mini - way more aerodynamic than the car it is sitting on!
  11. I like your lowrider CC-01 @Willy iine. I've one of the lowering kits in the loft. Can't remember why I bought it now?! Given the tinted windows and with that exhaust and chrome rims, how about a rear spoiler to make it proper drifty? Take off the front bull bar and give it a chin spoiler too?
  12. Good to see some progress on this after your recent issues. I'm not sure such as thing as a 'quick project' exists!
  13. This was a great thread but the photos aren't showing for me :-(. Clear instructions though
  14. I saw the 1:1 at the Brooklands Museum a couple of months ago and I have to say, @pininfarina, yours is stunning. I would love to have one for the shelf but I know I couldn't reach your standard!
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