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  1. It has taken me a while to post on this thread while I deliberate. My second CR-01. Why two? I haven't even built the first one yet. Having learned more about crawler / trail rigs, my money would probably have been better spent with another manufacturer. M04. not the first, not the second, not the NIB Giulia by why oh why did I buy another Giulia runner? CC01. Not so much a regret in buying it but more the fact that I have never run it. And I now have a SWB trail rig in my GCM Racing Skeleton JK. TL-01LA. Having sold the shelf queen LA because I would never run it, I bought a junker that..I have yet to run. ORV 'mongrel' runner. Didn't need it. I already have two ORVs in bits. I've never run it. Maybe the third WT-01 Dual Hunter. Did I need three? I bought them as a runner for my son and two 'loaners' for his mates to run. I reckon my son will get more fun out of the FTX Outlaw (maybe not on a beach though!). I hope we can get them all up and running and bashing in Spring / Summer 2021.
  2. I have resisted streaming services so far. The majority of what I want to listen to I already own on CD and have converted to MP3 so I'm reluctant to spend £9.99 and month ($9.99 in your money?) to listen to whatever I have already purchased. I like buying CDs too (I'm labouring under the illusion that I'm keeping the industry alive by buying form a physical shop and half-decent the royalties make it to the musicians). I have an old iPod classic which still does the business for me. When Apple phased out the Nano they continued with the Touch - basically an iPhone without the phone - which you can still buy. Expensive new though. I also use my smartphone - an Android device with a fat memory card. Over the years these have been Samsungs, Nokias and currently a Sony Xperia 10ii. I've also got an iPhone as a work phone so have some music on that too. Both of these connect to our cars either through bluetooth or line in mini jack. I get a day out of my phones but I'm not listening to music all day - no way my old iPhone 6S would last that long!! So perhaps you could look at upgrading your current smartphone? Then you can listen to your own stuff, not using up data and not worrying about wi fi connection? The flipside is Spotify, a friend (who has an more extensive collection than I) has surprised me by switching to the paid service - it means he can instantly stream what he wants to the Sonos speakers all round his house or on his smartphone when outside (using his data bundle, of course). He hasn't looked back....
  3. At least you'll be rid of those red hubs by going M08 @Carmine AA. Glad you're feeling better!
  4. Ordered another Mini shell for the stickers I ordered this morning. No Black Friday offers other than MCI Racing have tempted me . Came close to ordering an SCX10iii from Nexus models for £391, it seems like the price of the kit is dropping - it is now sub-£400 on Modelsport, I'm sure it was £440 recently. OTOH, I need a new laptop.
  5. Once again, it is from the States but this is an interesting tutorial https://vent-works.com/blogs/the-ventilation-blog/15945741-diy-hobby-spray-booth
  6. There's a thread here but the contributors aren't in the UK. Some good ideas though
  7. Thanks for the heads-up, I've ordered a couple of sets of decals for my recently purchased (not quite a Tamiya) Mini shell. Might have to get another shell now...
  8. I've not had any RC-related deliveries in a little while. I'm trying to practice restraint until I get my trail rig up and running (which itself is delayed while I concentrate on non-RC Christmas present projects!). I thought I would take a punt on this Mini shell though. It wasn't advertised as Tamiya but as 'not a original Tamiya so not perfect but everyone seems to like them'. I'm going to need some decals for the lights though... No complaints from me for £22 delivered.
  9. Fantastic work. I'd better not let my son see this, he'd want a chassis for his Dual Hunter!
  10. I have the same issue with my iPhone and tcphotos. I find that if I edit the photo and resize it slightly, it uploads in the correct orientation. Hope that helps!
  11. As I’m a novice with far too many M04s, I picked up a few of these https://hobbyking.com/en_us/trackstar-d-spec-drift-gyro-v2.html?___store=en_us but I’ve not got as far as trying them out! Them I bought a multi model 6 channel rx / tx for crawling which has the gyro in the rx too https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-gt5-6ch-2-4ghz-afhds-2a-surface-radio-w-gt5-receiver.html There are vids on you tube showing people try out this system and demonstrating the gyro Not sure that helps!
  12. I’ve made no progress on my trail rig so I have ordered a few parts for a project in 2021 - Operation Outlaw Upgrade. The normal route for these is ‘Chuck in a brushless motor and replace what breaks with something metal’. I’m going down a slightly different path - chuck out the bits I don’t like and replace with proven tech from another source. So I have ordered an Ali chassis plate, metal servo mounts and a clone SCX10ii gearbox to start off. This could be fun!
  13. I could say ‘Bob Mould broke me’ but that could be misconstrued. His gigs are particularly loud because he turns everything up...because he damaged his hearing early in his career!!!! I’ve had to start wearing those musicians earplugs at gigs now.
  14. That’s why the out the kits out first @Blista!
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