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  1. When I saw that the bonnet and interior needed adjustment my first thought was "Nooooooooooooooooo!" but I can see it was well worth it at the end - especially once I got the pics up on a monitor to see the rig in all its glory. It is nice to see the boys have plenty of head and foot space and the transmission is largely hidden. Will we get a photo of the finished bonnet? This rig was my favourite until the recent photos of OK TC! Now I can't decide!
  2. We have run my cars in the underground car park of my office, most recently my FTX Outlaw. Between lockdowns the office was a lot quieter so plenty of room to stretch it out. It helps that it was my boss who got me in to the hobby when he got a Hornet for his 40th birthday.
  3. Fab work Jenny. I can’t decide whether I prefer this to the ‘Ghetto Vanquish’. This one is just so...purposeful!
  4. So you can put a crash mat at the bottom. Or a paddling pool in summer. Since when did slides need crash mats?!
  5. Good work with the ramps and great you got Small Ax involved too! How wide and tall are your ramps? Are the double my little plastic one? Shame about the TXT-1but looking forward to reading more words / seeing more pics! EDIT: got the width and length from a previous post. Should be able to work out the height
  6. There are also some great Dakar trucks on the Scale Builders Guild forum. https://scalebuildersguild.com/forum/showthread.php?27898-Kamaz-Inspired-Dakar-Build-The-Tekin-K55
  7. There was one on the MSUK forum but the pics no longer work in the thread. You may want to try over 'the other side' and contact Gaz. You'll find some in the Tamiyaclub mainsite too. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=108689 This is quite an informative video. Captioned so you know what is going on
  8. Two mounts test-fitted and trimmed Now to get fitted and reassemble the rear suspension so I can fit my rebuilt RC4WD dampers on the front with the new wheel arch liners. Then, plug in the electrics and see if it still runs..maybe...
  9. Tidied up my triple layer mounts a little - plenty more could be done to make them look nice but hopefully they will be hidden under a load cover one day! A little more fettling required to the bottom of the middle layer so it fits well against the chassis rail and I can get a screw through.
  10. I did mine box-art - Chevy S10 box-art! Much better fit!
  11. Yesterday we went for a walk in a local park and there was a guy with his daughter running an SCX10II, trailing on the paths and trying to scale a riverbank. “We could come here and do that” said Mrs BC. Right, better finish the JK... This morning it is 4 degrees centigrade in the garage so I did as much as I could before the cold set in to my fingers and I started making mistakes. Third delrin plate cut and drilled on both sides so now cutting down the original single plate mount to go in the middle so it looks less Swiss cheese-like. I think this might actually work! Three plates a lot stiffer than the single but the delrin is pretty light so not too much weight added. I’m sure a single metal plate would suffice but I’ll use what I have!
  12. Oof. @simalarion. I think I'll be staying stock for a while!
  13. Thanks @Robert5000. I think I'll start stock and move to Clod tyres later. Good to know those Tributes are probably the way to go for wheels.
  14. @Robert5000 are they a direct fit to the Agrios? The package indicates they come with adapters. What tyres are you running? I’m looking for non-stock inspiration, struck out on finding adapters for Clod wheels so far.
  15. There was a thread linked to this recently this recently when someone bought the four pack 54753 - which are listed as for touring cars. The following text is from the Models port listing - This shock set includes parts from Item 50746 CVA Super Mini Shock Set and Item 53440 On-Road Tuned Hard Spring Set. It allows a total overhaul of the TT-02 suspension in one clean and economical swoop. This set is ideal for beginners or first-time upgraders! Contains parts to make 4 CVA Super Mini oil shock dampers. Includes Yellow (medium) springs, for improved stability and to help the car hold uneven surfaces.
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