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  1. With regard to tyres, the included rally blocks will wear quickly on asphalt but should last a bit on the loose stuff. If you are purely going to be a tarmac runner then it is worth investing in some appropriate m tyres. I can't remember if I have softs on the front and mediums on the rear or the reverse!
  2. There are quite a few options for this chassis, I bought the same kit and hopped it up Didn’t it come with a torque tuned? I would probably stick with that. Steel pinion and oil dampers are probably all you need to get going but there’s plenty of scope. If you run LiPo there are alternative chassis parts available, as noted in the linked thread.
  3. I have one on the procrastination pile for this very reason. I want to do a very specific red and white paint job to echo an article on an actual car I once read. Need more pics of this one to inspire me @Re-Bugged 😁
  4. A real shame that translucent red is so hard to get consistent, you've put such effort into this shell. It looks great already, looking forward to seeing it finished.
  5. Like @Busdriver, I’m not a buggy guy but pre-ordered the TD4 because it is…different. I like the look of this new TD2 body far more but I will have a TD4 and a Hornet (and HotShot and Frog to restore) so I could easily give it a miss. I am interested to see if it will have a different steering arrangement to the TD4 and how the battery is set up. Given that I will not club racing and the car is unlikely to see a track, I’m keen see if the TD2 body and battery placement can be transferred to the TD4 for more pleasing aesthetics and easier charging. An Astvante? Or Avute?
  6. Thanks @Busdriver, I think you are spot on there - a quick Google and thank looks right based on the size and the base used to support it. Got tempted to buy one for a moment but I have nowhere to display it!
  7. With the F1-ish sidepods, shouldn't this be a Neo-Striker?
  8. I don't have nostalgia for Tamiya as I didn't have one as a kid (I only desired one) but I did have a mahoosive Spitfire that I assembled, painted (badly) and didn't apply any decals to (as water-slide scared me). It was maybe 1:32 scale? I can't recall the manufacturer. It sat on top of my wardrobe until my parents moved house about 10 years ago. I think they took a photo of it before it went in the bin.
  9. With art direction from el kid, we put together our entry for the Halloween competition on the main TC site. We’ve narrowed it down to a choice between four pictures, I need to get them on a big monitor to make a decision. It’s a shame we can only enter one photo - we took enough for a photo story! This is not the entry…
  10. That sucks @Busdriver. You've already come up against the 'bang for buck' problem. A crawler like the CC-02 would certainly up the ante but really ups the funds required. Correct me if I am wrong but I think you do a bit of static modelling as well as RC? How about trying a scratch build body? Or a scale garage? The raw materials won't set you back much, there's skill development and it would certainly be a time hoover! Stay strong, that TD4 can't be far away....
  11. You could well be right, @Nikko85, though maybe some excess kits would go first to offset the gas bill. I have more than enough ‘projects’ in my stash to see me through without the two kits I pre-ordered @nel33. Tempting though it may be to buy more, I have simply run out of space. You can bet @Willy iine that it will be the one last piece that I need to finish something off that will be out of stock throughout 2022. For a start, where are all the MF-01X hop-ups?!
  12. My RC burn-out doesn’t appear have lasted too long, in part thanks to my son asking to get the trucks out at the weekend. Today I took advantage of a 20% off eBay voucher to buy a servo for one of the two models I had pre-ordered before I started feeling ‘meh’. I was going to purchase an HW 1060 to go with it but the same UK-based seller wanted £35?! I’m not even sure that ESC is the one I want for this model (though I could do with a couple to replace some that have recently started to glitch). On the train home I skim read a BigSquid blog post which finished by suggesting that the global chip shortage will affect RC in 2022. Fear mongering? Maybe not when John Holmes mentioned that one of his projects had been delayed due to COVID-related shortages.
  13. You've got to be in it to win it (and vote) That would be a great entry @Albert Attaboy!
  14. Aha! I have only known of them being up in the current location. I'm relatively new to the hobby, I have no Tamiya memories to look back on, no LHS visits, no nostalgia. I like that on your holiday you bought a Holiday Buggy
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