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  1. I had a similar issue with my shocks but after some fiddling they seemed to settle down. I couldn't work out what I had / hadn't done that had made the difference!
  2. Love these. Looking forward to the new addition to your garage and scale course! As you have built the SCX10ii could you help me out?! I'm missing the washer / shims that sits between the bearing and the axle pin at the rear. Could you measure them for me?
  3. Think I have solved the problem with the rear links on my crawler. Next job is to see whether the front end encounters similar issues. Need to document my progress with some photos.
  4. Wow! You must have really progressed with this! I might get the decals on mine and give it a maiden run next summer!!!
  5. Not today but yesterday, the 1:14 Huina excavator for my son (to be from Santa), some assorted bit including Brat tyres for a future project as well as a rear wing and mounting hardware for All Metal Frog. Then my replacement gearbox casing for my son’s Dual Hunter arrived. Mrs BC is away at the end of the month so hopefully I can persuade the boy to rebuild his car!
  6. An added bonus from your move?! You must be saving on postage and customs fees!
  7. Looking forward to seeing this one come together. I really enjoyed my XV-01T build, hope you feel up to it soon. I used the kit oil for the shocks and the diff. It is quite a heavy truck when it is all assembled.
  8. Not a Dual Hunter, for the points raised by @Saito2 despite its sealed gearboxes! Double the gearboxes mean double the weight and twice as many screws when you strip it down after a run. The shell was also plastered inside and out. I would have taken my WW2 but didn’t have time to swap a new motor into it. The Dual Hunter is el kid’s though so he wants to take it on the beach next time!
  9. Did a test fit of the rear axle of my crawler / trail rig. Top links failed to mount properly to the frame. Sighed and put it back under my desk while I try to figure out a solution. On a more positive note, I ordered an RC excavator for my son’s Christmas present!
  10. The second part of my Modelsport order arrived today. Plenty of parts to keep me amused. Time to start pulling together my JK Jeep build. Unfortunately, my Wild Dagger gearbox case - ordered from another supplier - didn’t make it. Instead I received something with a similar part number. Never mind!
  11. Here’s how it was explained to me when I bought a used servo/BEC/ESC package “It just regulates voltage, most electrics in RCs suffer from what's called brown out, it's basically when theservo is pulling power and the ESC can’t properly operate.” and the blurb from the Castle BEC on the Modelsport site... Our Battery Eliminator Circuit is a little device that eliminates the need for a receiver and servo battery pack. It draws higher voltage from the motor batteries and drops it to a voltage level that is suitable for your receiver and servos. This is required in applications which draw high power for multiple servos or use more than 3S motor packs, as most ESCs with linear BECs are not designed for these applications.
  12. Part one of an order from Modelsport arrived today. Screws, servo and foams for my Dual Hunter rebuild. Hexes for my crawler build. More crawler bits due tomorrow!
  13. @TurnipJF Do races only take place mid-afternoon? Is racing banter known as 'hob-nobbing'? Is cake given out as prizes? Love this idea, sounds like great fun.
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