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  1. Another garden run for the Dual Hunter and modified Hornet. It ended prematurely for the DH - started making a strange noise under full lock. Turns out we lost a kingpin! I fruitlessly searched the grass whilst the kid ran the Hornet. I bought him the smaller Carson Start tx so he could run the DH easily bit he's taken to grabbing the Hornet with its full size Carson tx at any opportunity! Kids, eh? At this point I'm wishing I stored my spares methodically - I'm sure I have a spare kingpin somewhere..... The Hornet is bagged up and a battery is charging so my colleagues can have some fun in the work's car park tomorrow...
  2. I'm no CC-01 expert, I'm afraid. Wheel weights are an option but the crawler fraternity would likely suggest staying away from adding rotational mass but add to axles, hubs, etc. Whether wheel weights would be too much of a hinderance to a brushless motor I don't know. There are optional springs for the CC-01, including barrel springs which could be used to adjust the suspension. Hopefully someone with more CC-01 knowledge will chime in soon...
  3. Went to a local park today (via BMX track for el kid's first go on one). Whilst picnicking, a guy turned up with a couple of cars. Didn't get a chance to say hello but I think one of the cars looked like an Arrma, the other was definitely an X-Maxx - boy, that thing could fly! Just looked it up, orange, brushless...how much???!!!!
  4. I think I'm in the minority but I like that shell. Looks like you have found your sweet spot for the CC-01!
  5. Got new (shorter) dampers on the trail rig and the wheels back on. Still sitting too high for my liking.
  6. Had another garden run with the Dual Hunter. A bit slippy on the wet grass but the boy is getting better at handling it so no breakages this time out! We’re now out of charged batteries so I’d better get them plugged in!
  7. I like it! But then I would - I have the red and bright gunmetal for a future build... now thinking of adding white.
  8. I think that looks great, despite the bleed. What colours did you use? Translucent red, gunmetal and white?
  9. After dinner, the boy asked if he could have a play with a monster truck in the garden so out came the Dual Hunter again. Then he suggested I get one too for a 'monster truck rally' so out came the WW2 that didn't run yesterday. It lasted all of five minutes before the 3rd party upper link broke on the front right corner. Oops. So that went back in the garage and out came the modded Hornet. That ran really well but in the hands of the boy was magnetically drawn to the concrete line post - must be the rusty core! At the end of the session the right front wheel had some pretty extreme camber. I had a look and...my homebrew upper link came undone. Think I need to cut a longer piece of threaded rod... At least the Dual Hunter is still in one piece!
  10. This guide is for the v.2 on tarmac but I have used the set-up sheet at the end for a baseline. https://www.thercracer.com/2017/07/tamiya-m05-v2-guide-mods-tuning-and.html I'd echo @TurnipJF (and will now add foams to my tyres, thanks!) and have just bought the heat sink for my motor mount. I went for 54000 oil dampers as I've gone a bit OTT on my build.
  11. This morning, I turned my attention back to my JK trail rig project. A few steps needed to be done before the new dampers could be installed and I had reverted to the original damper mounts In preparation So on the getting the sliders on. A while ago I had bought a selection of RC4WD spacers and Axial nuts, so glad I did! 5mm spacers left no room for the lock nuts after the rod ends, 4mm a little thread so I swapped the lock nuts for thin nuts. Then on to the sliders... A bit tricky to get the nuts on with the other links in place. Will have to do it all again one day with threadlock, glad I haven’t done it yet given the number of times everything has been apart and back together! The sliders provide body mount points - good job too as I had cut away the front and rear mounts! Next up - get the new dampers on so I can re-fit the 1.55 wheels.
  12. Our RC meet-up didn't quite go to plan but the Dual Hunter got a good run and gave two six year olds some grins. The Carson Start tx proved it's worth in their small paws. Afterwards, the others wished they'd let me run the WW2.
  13. Managed to complete most of 3 - body posts need fitting. Should have listed ‘remove dampers from trail rig’ - rear ones off so far and the replacements have been built. Battery hangers have been assembled but not fitted. So...the list is still 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5!
  14. Updated to - Charged three batteries - realised that WW2 doesn't need a motor swap as I had done it before it's last run - located the last Dual Hunter that isn't in bits - swapped the kid's rx into said Dual Hunter - put rx for full-size handset into the WW2 - put the XV-01T back for another day - found some more AmPro upgrades for the Hornet that I had totally forgotten about - took out the shell I painted for the Hornet last summer that I have yet to decal - tidied away what isn't going out to play tomorrow Now hoping the rain we have at the moment goes somewhere else....
  15. Not have done but planning to do. My 6yr old has an RC session tomorrow with a friend who has just got an RC for his birthday. I don't know what this lad has but I'm told it is '4x4 but doesn't run well on grass' so I'm guessing it is toy-grade. I'm debating whether to run the WW2, a Dual Hunter or the TL01 Bowler as there could be some tarmac / hard trail action. I might even take more than one. Whichever goes, I can't be too precious given the drivers! Better charge those NiMH this evening... EDIT: have located - charger and batteries. - Hornet, ESC, rx and tx - WW-02 - needs a motor swap - XV-01T - rear body post not attached. Really?!!!! Haven’t gone through enough boxes to find a working Dual Hunter or the TL-01 Bowler yet!
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