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  1. I think you've had my share. I like the shell but the chassis has never appealed!
  2. Today I asked someone about tyres. That's it. Maybe get back to some proper RC one day.
  3. I'll start clearing a space in the garage Only kidding....honest. I already have an XV-01T that is built and never been run....
  4. Nice score. I've always had a hankering for that body - have the MF-01X already (Escort) but as yet unbuilt.
  5. There are more 'scale' trucks out there than Tamiya but most of them are quite / very expensive. Things like Cross RC Greens models Or even Traxxas Traxxas 5x6 Merc Slightly cheaper are the Chinese versions Ebay Austar Tyres could be key - a scale model doesn't look right wearing the wrong boots. A look at the Scalebuildersguild forum should also provide some inspiration - some fantastic scratch builds over there.
  6. From this... To this.. To this... Once the storage unit is empty the big sort out and clear out will begin.
  7. Good luck with the move! Looking forward to seeing their new home.
  8. I have 3d printed M04 body posts for this very reason.
  9. Nice. We were going to have a building to replace our garage but we couldn't decide / agree on it's purpose so opted for a verandah and 'workshop' (insulated shed). It gets installed on Tuesday so my RCs will have a new home and I'll continue to WFH at the dining table. I think you should have your shelfers on display behind you - the Frog on my desk at work has prompted some fun conversations. You can always blur your background if you prefer! Enjoy the process - lots of fun
  10. Your point about managing the point of failure echoes other threads about aftermarket hop ups and using alu arms - tubs / chassis are typically more difficult / expensive to replace vs arms. Enjoying your progress!
  11. I use MIP speed tips in a micro stubby ratchet handle. The handle was cheapish but great to have a ratchet function, the tips more expensive but the quality is definitely higher than my Tamiyas (though the T ones are a bit old now).
  12. Twin Detonator Tamiya USA Twin Detonator Manual WT-01 Tamiya USA WT01 Manual Both use 50736 sprue for hubs - as does the TL01 Tamiya USA TL-01 Manual Both use 5688 for arms Here's the WR02G if you need it Tamiya USA WR-02G
  13. My second recent purchase from a TC member. This time, the most excellent @Grumpy pants I have always wanted an M07 and this shell is a very similar colour to the Bluebird my Dad had when I was a kid (he bought it off his Dad!). Need to find a photo...
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