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  1. Just... wow.... Between you this is an epic build.
  2. Badcrumble

    My midlife crisis backyard RC playground

    I’ve a small bucket of the ‘Action Force’ (later GI Joe) UK equivalent in my garage. And the Marvel U.K. comic from the start until it was incorporated with Transformers up in the loft. Not sure I can stretch to a track in the garden but I’m working on a plan for a ‘trail’ section behind the big bush at the end! This thread is inspiration, along with your vehicles and photos!
  3. Badcrumble

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    @Bevan, also looks like the one available from Racers Paradise in Germany.
  4. Badcrumble


    Turns out it is Tamiya after all!
  5. Badcrumble


    Not exactly Tamiya but I thought these looked cool. Made me want a Tamiya F1...
  6. Badcrumble

    Wanted - BMW Z4 Hatsune miku bodyshell

    Is it worth getting some similar 1:24 stickers and seeing if MCI could scale them up?
  7. Badcrumble

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    l I have no idea!! I think XBs are usually painted and decalled to a fairly high standard and will come with the correct Tamiya electronics. Still have plastic bushings though! This one has taken a beating but I can see that the original job was good. I didn’t pay over the odds for it - otherwise I would be really hacked off.
  8. Badcrumble

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    My ‘new’ M03 arrived. Unfortunately, the seller made zero attempt to package it - just slapped a bin bag round it with an address label. Consequently the box has been nicely squashed. But really, it now only in as bad condition as the shell within. It has made my mind up though, rather than keep it all together I have a long term plan for the knackered shell, the XB chassis will become a future project and ESC and radio gear will go on to the M03 Mini I have been slowly building for Mrs BC.
  9. Badcrumble

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    My M04 build has stalled at about 90% of the chassis complete. With another m chassis incoming, I dug out some dampers for a clean and rebuild Turns out two of them had no oil in them at all so the pistons have damaged the ‘cups’ at the top of the reservoir. Nicely dented. I have no idea who made these or whether I can get spares!!
  10. Badcrumble

    Soft top defender

    I was going to suggest Kamtec as a possible body supplier but their D90 style front ends appear to be more suited to Traxxas / Axial wheelbases. I think they are also 215mm wide.
  11. Badcrumble

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Broke my ‘don’t spend anything in March’ resolution after @TurnipJF‘s M03 comments. I put a bid on something I thought would go for much more. It didn’t. The reason? The body is pretty bashed up and these days nigh on irreplaceable. I really should pay closer attention. On the plus side, I’ll have an M03!
  12. Badcrumble

    Wanted - BMW Z4 Hatsune miku bodyshell

    They have the mirrors and wing too
  13. Badcrumble

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    I bought a second hand TL01 which had those lightweight kingpins. Well, just one of them!!! Looking forward to the build thread on the 4WS M03. My imagination is going into overdrive!
  14. Badcrumble

    Bullhead / Clodbuster alternative bodies

    Give Modelsport a ring, see if they can get one with their next delivery...
  15. Badcrumble

    Please delete.

    PM me your details and I’ll drop them in the post on Monday.