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  1. I used blu-tack (or similar) when I did headlight surrounds on my recent Mini Pick up shell. Not the best photo but I had headlight masks and added blu tack so that I didn’t paint the area that will be the chrome surround.
  2. I'll be so watching this. A few years ago I bought a body and took a load of reference photos at a museum and then....nothing. My inability to create at your level put me off! Welcome to TC!
  3. Thanks for the info, much appreciated! I'm tempted to take the parts off the sprue and have my son build it so he can see how his 'toy' one works. But then I won't have the fun of doing it myself ...
  4. A fun little delivery for my other hobbying. Best thing is, the drill is a kit!
  5. Gagh! All the stuff that has been out of stock for months! My Escort will remain in the loft for a little while yet...
  6. If you really want one, keep an eye on Amain hobbies in case they discount the kit again. It went down to $130 ish so I got one for under £200 delivered. Sure, there will be the other costs on top but I definitely saved. Or get the Losi
  7. Ooooh! Then the sanity chip kicks in. My road cars get run a couple of times a year at best and I already have more than I can use. Looking forward to seeing some sweet builds on here though.
  8. Those seats stand out nicely @Willy iine
  9. This post deserves photos...of rock cakes.
  10. Try double tapping on the image you want to get the menusl up. Don't use the paperclip to insert photos, just paste the BB code link into the text of the post and it will appear as a photo when you save the pos m
  11. With the uploaded image, click on embed codes And then scroll down
  12. It is a special one, for sure. Gorgeous in white. I waited too long to get the black 934 and then the 40th edition and was even too slow on the first batch of the 45th - not enough made it through to Fusion to meet demand. I feel very, very lucky
  13. I was out of luck first time round and didn't even make the top 25 if the Tamiyaclub competition with my dodgy cut and paste creation. So when the fantastic @Fusion-Hobbies got in touch how could I say no?
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