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  1. I like that mantra (if mantra is the term). I think I need to adopt that. Somehow I seem to have garnered multiples of the same chassis - three (maybe four) M04s, four ORV, two CR01, a few TL01 ( I have lost count) and three Dual Hunters. I have one shelfer, though I would like to elevate some of my models to the quality levels you see from some people in this forum. Hah! That will take talent and time I don't have. The shelfer is an ORV, the all metal Frog I bought from Finman. Having thought about it for a while, I have started to embelish an already impressive model. It is a fantastic piece of "desk art' and has started quite a few conversations at work, all positive. Perhaps that 'keep it for best' mentality comes from the previous generation who saw much tougher times. Now there is FOMO so YOLO, just run what you brung.
  2. I remember you posting about that database(?) before @Mad Ax. I think it planted the seed of an idea with me. You can see that my data is quite simple - the text above was lifted from Excel. I can add separate worksheets for individual projects and the GCM has a parts mountain which goes from yellow (needed) through orange (ordered) to green (received) as it escalates towards the peak - ready to build. This could be a separate topic in itself but my boss got me on to bullet journals... And now I need to add another M04 Giulia to the list. Stupid eBay bids. What did I say about it stopping buying doubles and triples??!!!!
  3. OK, I’ll play. I’ve created a ‘garage’ spreadsheet to keep track of everything. Rather than depressing me with the sheer amount of work I am left to do , I can use it to pick ‘quick wins’ or focus on a rare day off to play Tamiya. I can also keep track of the parts I need, orders outstanding and a check to try and ensure that I don't double (or triple!) buy. I have 7 categories – runner, to fix, to finish, to build, to restore, NIB and shelfer. For the purpose of this thread I’ll only list fix, to finish and to restore. That omits 8 models! To fix M04 BMW 2002 Check servo, Fix body mount, Fit Gyro, Dampers ORV Mongrel Update to ESC To Finish GCM Skeleton Jeep Buy body mounts, axles, tyres XV01T Asterion Decals, Front Bumper Hornet Steering arms, AmPro Rear Suspension, Decals TL01.5 pick-up Create Chassis jig, weld Left Chassis, weld right chassis, reassemble whole chassis, dampers, Body post holes, Paint, decals M04 Giulia Dampers, fit tyres, fit wheels, trim body, paint, decals M03/M04 Minortaur Trim body, repair body, body mounts, paint, decals M03 Mini Dampers, fit wheels & tyres, test fit junk body Dual Hunter Finish Chassis reassembly Tractor scratch build Mock up body, choose axles, make chassis, etc To Build ORV Frog ORV Brat Mini Recon Jeep body To Restore Wild Willy LWB M38 Hot Shot CC01 Pajero TL01 LA TB01 M03 Mini Monte Carlo
  4. Bumper lots arrivals when I got back to the office after a couple of days away. ORV gearbox plates thanks to @njmlondon Junfac driveshafts for my GCM Skeleton Jeep. Some generic hexes, probably to go on my Dual Hunter runners. Still have some wheels and an ESC/motor/servo combo en route. Then a break from buying stuff, I think.
  5. That’s how I want to be when I grow up. I’m mid-forties very soon.
  6. There used to be a template of the plates on the main site. I’ll see if I can find it. Perhaps AmPro or one of the other guys with a Shapeways shop could draw them up? Ah, the post I was thinking of doesn't include dimensions https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=95689&sid=
  7. Thanks to @Grumpy pants and RCMart I’ve had a nice little delivery today...
  8. Resist the urge for a ‘cheeky bid’. It was my downfall yesterday and now I have yet another car coming If it was arrives as it was in the pictures it will be a bit of a bargain though
  9. As I find it difficult to finish projects when it comes to painting, I thought I would try a different tack - a finished body I took the plunge when a second hand chassis came up for a reasonable price with some nice goodies attached. A fun scaler project - solid axle, linked suspension, SCX10ii gearbox. What’s that you say? Tamiya are launching a CC-02?
  10. Where are you based? If you are happy to source from Germany and want something monster-y, how about a Rock Socker? https://tamico.de/Tamiya-Rock-Socker-CR-01-Bausatz-58592 The only hop-up upgrade often suggested are the driveshafts. I can’t vouch for the performance though - yet to build mine!!!! Otherwise, I would go for a Konghead. https://tamico.de/Tamiya-Konghead-6x6-G6-01-Bausatz-300058646
  11. Aw, Babymog looks cute. What model is that? That Loops body is expensive but it looks great.
  12. I followed your thread and have ordered a Hot Racing set up in case the CC-01 ceases production and associated third party support stop.
  13. It is hard to see on my tiny phone . The photo still bakes my noodle! The lower part of the shock appears inside the frame too. I thought that if you mounted the shock inside the frame it would be at too much of an an angle to the mount on the axle. I couldn’t see how it would work without a second mounting point on the axle - which doesn’t exist. How about a leaf spring set-up as an option?
  14. It gives me a headache each time I look at the second photo and the damper appears inside the frame on the closest side, outside on the other one.
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