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  1. I spent the day in the garage working on my trail truck. I think I'll have been working on it for a year in December. I made some damper mounts from Acetal using the old ones as a template. Fitted them and the GCM battery hangers - with a bit of fettling. The new ESC is in (but needs programming), the battery needs a charge but most of all it needs two new dampers and some tyres. Just had a notification from Royal Mail that my tyres are reached the UK, dampers are due early October. Maybe have it running before Christmas?
  2. So true. Decompression time is not wasted time though. To get some RCing in, I have booked a day’s holiday on Friday for a ‘Daddy skive day’. I plan to spend it in the garage, tinkering. I won’t get everything done but I hope to make some decent progress, even if it is just organising some stuff for winter building. As for a car in the desk, go for it! I have my ‘All Metal Frog’ on my desk at work, it is a good conversation starter. But then my boss can’t really complain - he got me interested in the hobby when he bought a Hornet (and he had a go with the Outlaw this afternoon in the car park!).
  3. This has certainly be me recently. So I bought another car. At least it ran straight out of the box...
  4. My ‘oops I’ve bought a car’ purchase has arrived. Any buyers remorse has evaporated, I’m quite giddy about this one. I know they are fragile and the ESC will probably blow on the first run but I think it will get some decent use by me and el kid. EDIT: My colleagues and I just had a little blast round the underground car park at the office. Great fun! Lots of torque twist, ***** a wheel with extreme inputs. I can see why some people think they are slow as stock but it is a great starting point. Looking forward to getting it on some loose stuff. EDIT-EDIT: *raised a wheel
  5. You're right @dannymulder, it is difficult! And you are doing well - I bought a heap of parts to try and finish my JK trail rig this month too. I'd been browsing thread on another forum and had always like the Outlaw's 'rock racer' look. I think my son is going to love it (mainly because it is red), my wife less so. Having taken the plunge, I reckon I have a relatively cheap basher that can take some inexpensive modification over time. However, I really ought to let go of something in order to give this one some space in the garage. Perhaps three Dual Hunters is two too many? Or an M38 is a restoration project too far? My unused used CC01 just a box filler? I'm not good at letting go...
  6. This year has been all about the M05-RA and my GCM JK Jeep. I built and ran the M05 and the Jeep is edging closer to being able to run. I really shouldn't be buying more cars - I've run out of room and I have plenty I should be fixing / restoring / building.
  7. Got sucked into eBay and bought my first car of 2020. Not even a Tamiya, a 'lightly used' FTX Outlaw. Oops, I'd been doing so well...
  8. I also ordered on 14 September but the package doesn't appear to have made it o the UK yet.
  9. I'd would agree with this. I thought my six year old would like 'monster trucks' and he does love his Dual Hunter (and has rebuilt gearboxes of our 'spare,' ones) but the moment I bring out the Hornet, he wants to swap controllers. Even though that means using a full size tx instead of the little one I got specially for him! He enjoyed the M05-RA on tarmac too but gets more out of the bouncy stuff. A 10yr old will, I'm sure, have a slightly different perspective...
  10. 36?! That deserves a list! I have managed a 3rd part chassis brace, heatsink, stabiliser set. I suppose I should look on the back of a manual....
  11. Does Hobbycraft count as a LHS? Got myself some Tamiya acrylics.
  12. Fingers crossed indeed @ChrisRx718 and @Juhunio! If I don't get charged, I'll be pleasantly surprised to say the least!!!!!
  13. My £70GBP order (including postage) has been sent by 'SF-Express E-Parcel'. Given that I have received the text from Royal Mail, it is inevitable that charges will occur.
  14. I've received a text from Royal Mail to say that a parcel is en route from Hong Kong. First time I've ever had this on an RC Mart delivery but it was more expensive than most of my orders from them.
  15. I knew so should have asked here first! I picked up a couple of Power HD 9001 MG based on the reviews on Modelsport. Only 9kg vs 17kg for the 1501 MG if the specs I found are correct. Haven’t installed them yet. Oddly enough, couldn’t find the 1501mg listed at Modelsport.
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