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  1. Brilliant! I don't think I need video proof that none of my cars are currently runners.... Actually, one might be if I charge a battery....
  2. No 3D printer for me 😔. I think 210 is the standard Tamiya Mini wheelbase. I could be tempted by a set that extend it to 225 - there's a wider range of bodies available then. Good luck with the printing!
  3. Ooh, will these be going up on Shapeways? Are they for a 210 wheelbase? My scratch-build ones were for 205mm - only good for the body I never finished!!!
  4. Some fantastic detail in there. Love this truck! How about some inner wings to round out that engine bay and show off all that lovely stuff?
  5. I wish I was in the office to take a photo of the comparathemarket family of Meerkats some one (not me) has collected. I also wish I was there because that is where my M05-RA is waiting for me. Instead, I am WFH, 'chained' to a laptop and headset as I have been redirected into a call centre for work. I felt frustration creeping in yesterday as I was reading about builds coming together, things like the M03/M04 mash-up I want to complete, an wR02 quickly put together (son and I have to finish rebuilding his). At the moment I finish work, take the office gear off the dining room table, go for a short walk with wife and son, come home and cook dinner, out son to bed and collapse. And repeat. I shouldn't complain - 1. We are still healthy (had the bad cold with loss of smell and taste, coughing up lumps but it could be so, so much worse than that) 2. We still have jobs (for the moment) And with perspective restored...rant over! Keep those builds coming people!
  6. This is ringing some Minortaurish bells!. What wheelbase are you going for? 3D printing would accelerate this project. I had to hand carve and laminate ABS sheets.
  7. There was a similar thread a while ago... I like the Kamtec Baja bug option.... ..but I already have a Kamtec Bowler.
  8. Really sorry to hear that, hope it is only a temporary hiatus.
  9. Stay safe out there. Are yours contactless? I saw one bus at my Mum’s yesterday (I stood at the bottom of the garden, her in the doorway) and there was only the driver on it.
  10. I found this a useful thread when I was concerned about the same. I bought a JSP Force 8 as a result. A bit hard to get hold of at the moment! And you need to check that you are buying the correct filter. I have seen on some sites the basic P3 filter that typically comes with the mask being listed as OK for aerosols https://evaq8.co.uk/jsp-force-8-press-to-check-replacement-twin-filters-p3.html but you can see from the JSP product listing that the basic filter does not deal with vapour compared with the one tagged by @Nitomor in the linked thread. http://docs.jsp.co.uk/MD-FORCE8_COMPATIBLE_TWIN_CARTRIDGE_FILTERS_RANGE.pdf The Force 8 mask also comes in two sizes. Can’t remember which I bought now but it is a snug fit!!! As well as straps there is a ‘crown’ ring to help fit the mask.
  11. That pink looks ‘raspberry’ on my display - an effect I have been after for a while. Is it more pink in real life? Is it PS11 backed with silver? BTW I think it looks great against the black and the graffiti.
  12. Not exactly skipping a step - I will build the dampers - I sealed the edges of my hop-up damper stays.
  13. Great location @lsear2905. Looks like a fun run.
  14. @ACCEL, I know what you mean! Though buying hop-ups means that I resist buying more cars I don’t have room for / won’t finish or ever run! Step 12 Motor installed with added hop-up screws!
  15. That front end is looking...serious.
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