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  1. The postie has been to my work and delivered parts from the USA for my SCx10iii build but I'm not back in until next Thursday to pick up . The package should be MIP hex drivers Team KNK hardware bags for SCX10iii and general stock Bowhouse RC SCX10iii panhard reinforcement bracket SCX10iii valve cover (for the exposed side of the steering servo) Still in transit is a Sidewinder 4 ESC for the truck. I think that means the only things left for me to get are a steering servo and some marine grease for the portals.
  2. Only the TF stuff and no offence intended, honest - my knowledge is limited to G1 in print and a some of the more recent IDW series like Lost Light. I've got the original Sunbow (?) series on DVD but I'm waiting to watch with my son in a couple of years! There are so many iterations of TF I just can't keep up!
  3. I'm a G1 TF fan. Mainly comic-based though. My parents tried to give me back my box of G1 toys but lockdowns got in the way . I'll be getting them soon. I have absolutely no idea what @nel33 was talking about!
  4. My JST-jaws on my crimp pliers weren't right for these either so I combined using needlenose pliers to curve the tabs initially then staged crimping to tighten them down. It took a couple of practice runs but I managed to get a tight grip that wasn't too untidy.
  5. Please, please, please can this be a Tamiya? EDIT: just seen - RC replica not available to purchase
  6. Nice, I have a 3D printed grille and motor adapter like that plus some window hinges for my eventual LWB M38 restoration. Based on the the state of my car, it will need a few more parts than that! https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=134507&id=45667
  7. A small haul today Some hexes for my Dual Hunters Replacement arms for a Dual Hunter refresh Transmission for my future crawler build Looking forward to the re-stock of Tamiya parts in the UK so I can get some little bits and move some projects forwards.
  8. Could you do a base layer of Tamiya PS-58 (Pearl Clear), then your chosen colour?
  9. Thanks for the initial write up and the box shots @Grastens, the box is certainly part of this kit with its sub-box and sections tied in to the decal scheme. Very nice! I don't think I've had a kit that does that and now I want one! Enjoy the build!
  10. @Carmine A, great to see you building again. Would this help? https://tamiyabase.com/articles/54-painting/119-part-6-painting-driver-figures-plaid-shirts-a-jeans.html
  11. Thanks @Willy iine, I was just so pleased that that I actually managed to get the motor to spin! I would have called them 'motor bullets' but went with the description on the 50245 pack! I wanted them for consistency with my other cars in case I wanted to switch the motor or ESC in future. Probably won't though!
  12. Another cracking build @JennyMo with a fantastic 1:1 inspiration. Talking of inspiration, your JK build got me thinking about another crawler so my next build will definitely be a la Mo. I think you'll appreciate the theme. I'll say no more (got to finish the JK first, even though new parts have already started to arrive) and let you get back to your Jerp...
  13. It has been a busy day After breakfast and packing el kid off to school (escorted by Mrs BC), I commenced with making some inner rear panels for the JK. I transferred the templates to plasticard, then super glued them to the body. I then had to take a break to go and get my first COVID jab. Once back, I set about reinforcing the glued joints with Araldite. I mixed up some of the glue to reinforce the sills I put on recently. Thanks to @JennyMo for all the guidance and inspiration! Mrs BC then took me out to lunch (coffee and a toastie outside during the one rain shower of the day!), then a quick trip to town to order a jacket (you didn't need to know that, did you?). Back at the ranch and I moved on to uncharted territory. Snap connectors! It took a couple of goes to get a strong connection but I'm quite pleased with the results. With connectors on the ESC and motor leads it was time to attach said leads to the motor. That meant trying out something new - soldering! It might not be pretty but the motor spins so I'm happy. Of course, fitting the motor it meant removing the steering servo of the tight-for-space-under-the-hood JK and refitting it. The holes on the servo mount aren't great and the beefy HH motor is probably pushing the servo out of true. Is that the reason why I stripped a hex head? D'oh! I also fitted the nice new 48DP pinion. I pressed in regardless, threw it all together and found my Tamiya-to-XT60 connector. And... It lives! It ran round the garden with its rear tyres rubbing - that NiMh battery has got to go. Plenty more to do to finish it off but I'm ridiculously pleased with myself, hence the rambling and self-indulgent post!
  14. I think that dates from a very long time ago, certainly before I joined. One of the oldies will know
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