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  1. You're not alone @Willy iine, I haven't got a Scorcher. But I would like to build one, one day...
  2. I once bought a used M03 with that Mini body painted in red. Yours was in far better condition than mine and cost considerably less! Have to say that it looks very cool with the refreshed Mini shell combined with those wheels and the decals.
  3. Finished painting the shell for my ScX10iii today. Too late to get any photos of it. I enjoyed the painting process and even had success placing the window masks pretty much where they were meant to go. I knew I was risking it going for a black hard top on a yellow body and, sure enough, I’d not managed to clean where the black had got through my masking effort in a couple of places. Each body I paint is a learning process and I feel like I’m slowly getting better at it. This time I tried plasticine to block holes (I also used it on the Mini pick up to block out the headlights) and cutting the overspray film so I could use matte clear on the roof and both techniques worked well. Now I need to paint the interior so I can start on the chassis build.
  4. Happy Birthday @berman, that Swift is looking nice!
  5. Small update on Tamiyablog Tamiyablog 45th 934 Possibly a pre-painted body? This model features a white color body that recreates the Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 which tussled at the top of races in the European Racing Championship in June 1976.
  6. Thanks @Willy iine, I do like the look of that GF01TR but it is quite expensive over here and this has been made up of random parts from the garage. There are still a few bits missing but some threaded posts have gone missing in the post. I had some stickers made for this project a long time ago when it was the germ of an idea. Unfortunately, whilst I shrunk them from 1/10 to 1/12 scale, they are still too big for the Mini shell. I might be able to use a couple and order some more in 1/14 to do the job properly.
  7. Not really ready to share my lunacy with the world but I finished the spray painting and peeled back on the shell so just had try placing it on the chassis.
  8. Glad to hear that Young Ax is well, I had a similar experience with Mrs BC whose PCR test was negative but her cough is so bad, she's constantly saying 'its not COVID, honest!' Good luck with getting to the Revival and keep up the BOM work!
  9. Today I used a whole can of PS-2! Mrs BC's PCR test was negative so she took el Kid away for a family visit yesterday. So aside from my house DIY tasks, I have trimmed a shell, masked it and put on the first body coat. I've mocked up the chassis for it but realised that it needs a full strip down, clean and rebuild before it can run so for now it is a 'proof of concept'. I have a new favourite tool - I bough this Rolson mini ratchet screwdriver and some Vessel JIS bits a while ago but wasn't happy with the bits. I now have a proper Tamiya driver, large hex socket and some MIP hex drivers. I am now a very happy camper.
  10. I’ll 3rd it! The absence of an Axial logo on the diff cover might be a reaction to how many SCX10ii covers get replaced. Then again, that might be because the are RED and have the logo on them. The same ones in black aren’t so shouty. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the build. It is whetting my appetite to build my SCX10iii. And maybe get one of these…?!
  11. Totally in agreement with @ThunderDragonCy there. I also have that little free time, too late in the evening to go out and start making noise in the garage and I’m often too tired get the urge to do anything. Like now, I’m on here and like you, I’ll read a comic or too! Those small moments are to do something you enjoy and take a break, they shouldn’t be a chore and a hobby isn’t a hobby when it weighs you down. As for the 1:1, most reactions to a classic are positive so get it out there if you can and revel in the sensations of driving a proper vehicle. When I see something interesting I’m always shouting at my son ‘look!’ and frantically waving out of the window of my would-be-white-goods-if-it-wasn’t-black-Ford-MPV. I’m certainly not going ‘that chrome needs attention’!
  12. This brings back good memories of my XV-01T build, it was very satisfying. I went a bit hop-up mad on mine, slipper clutch included.
  13. I used lame flake backed with black, as suggested somewhere The car in this link has lame flake, then translucent red, then black / gunmetal http://aresones.blogspot.com/2012/03/vip-jzx-part-1.html?m=1 It shows how much of a difference the backing can make!
  14. I’m a bit like that, going to have to write myself a step by step guide! It was easy with my Nimh charger, the dial sat at one setting, no need to touch anything!
  15. Loving your work @Willy iine. Inspiring me to re-work my Wild Willy bonce. He's been Count von Willy, Old Boxing Willy and most recently Spaceman Willy. I'm planning a new ride for him - with a new 'Billy' body. Need to decide on a helmet colour and maybe a face repaint - gotta try that toothpick technique. NOTE: these plans for next week are all dependent on my wife not testing positive for COVID today...
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