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  1. Unfortunately, they are discontinued. You can find the 2WD Mud Blaster occasionally and some would say they are more fun for losing the extra weight and being 2WD. Like @ad456, I have three Dual Hunters . I bought them second hand a few years ago when prices were far more reasonable for the less favoured models. The Dual Hunter is also the Wild Dagger, Twin Detonator and Double Blaze, I think. Basically two Wild Willy 2s smashed together . I think the GF-01 is probably the closest to it in the current Tamiya stable.
  2. My tuppence is that where you will be running helps define what you want to buy and what you will enjoy. I bought road cars because I really wanted them but had nowhere to run them (until recently) which I regretted as I can't display them either. So they sat wasted in boxes (until recently). If you're frustrated with the Scooby in the grass, get something that will be fun on it. My Hornet runs well on cut grass (with its totally worn out tyres) but the Dual Hunter goes even better. It is also great on loose ground and wet sand. So for fast and fun I would go for big wheels and decent suspension clearance. I tried bigger (1.9) wheels on a TL-01 (itself originally a Scooby) and it didn't help on really rough grassland - the Dual Hunters bounced around and were great fun. If you want fast and controllable fun then I wouldn't go for the WR-02. Don't get me wrong, it is brilliant for wheelie-ing everywhere, it was the first RC my (now) 7 year old drove and gives us lots of smiles. It has taken a real battering (I bought it used and abused and have only abused it further). As you can't really get a Dual Hunter or WT-01 these days, I reckon the GF-01 or GF-01TR would be good runners.
  3. So, yeah I'm taking time out from the hobby... El Kid and I took two tarmac-biased cars down to our local spot. I took a bit of time beforehand to do some fettling. Glad I did, the HW060 ESC on the BMW M04 had developed a glitch, occasionally non-functioning and had totally lost reverse so that got swapped out for a new one. The Swift gained some radial tyres (pinched from my M03) instead of the rally blocks it came with. The boy took the football markers and laid out a track for us all by himself. It included an elevated section and some pits. His car control was much improved, he chose and stuck with the M04. The tx was my Turnigy GT5 so I was able to turn down the steering and throttle a little. I had the M05-RA with the torque tuned motor. I have the same problem as @alvinlwh, veering off to the right at full throttle. Hold your finger down and it will do donuts. I too am using a Carson Tx / Rx so will switch it out for something better and see if it cures it before stripping down the diff (though on reading his thread, I can see a winter tear-down looming). All in all, great fun and nothing broke and I only lost one body pin! So glad I didn't do anything silly - like sell them!
  4. I stopped reading the last post half way through when I got to the wheel issue. I knew I’d seen it before so went searching… @JennyMo did this with herRC4WD wheels. photo. RC4WD deep-dish wheels flipped inside out to narrow track width But I see that you have followed my usual method of sorting an issue like this - purchase your way out!
  5. I only got into RC a few years ago so went with what I remembered being the standard when I was a kid - sticks. Got one of those Core / Etronix multi model TXs that a lot of people recommended. Hated it. I couldn't control the car for toffee. Got a trigger / wheel combo - much happier! I'm still not very good but it feels far more natural and smaller adjustments are easier for me than when using the sticks.
  6. Hmm, best give Joanne a call. She's super helpful and will be able to check for you. Enjoy your new buggy!
  7. Would it be possible to swap in an Axial transmission? I'm sure I've heard of this being done with SCX10ii and other transmissions. I want to say by @OldSchoolRC1 on the rccrawler forum. But by the time you have done all that, you might as well have bought an SMT10? Maybe one day I'll build one of my CR-01s....
  8. I do wait until there is 20% off and rather than think about the postage, I look at the total cost and determine whether I think it is worth it!
  9. Can't stay away from RC. MCI Racing have 20% off (not for much longer) re-ordered my custom Hornet decals, slightly scaled down as I'm sure the 1:10 set I have are too big and a couple of other sheets.
  10. I haven’t had the monster truck summer I had envisaged this year as el kid has been busy with a large Lego project and I kinda lost my RC mojo. Mrs BC suggested I get a battery charged this morning and we went for a picnic at our local tarmac running spot. One full 5000mah Nimh pack depleted and one very happy kid. That’s our much loved stock Dual Hunter @Busdriver. I was happy too - not one thing broke or got lost! Though I have determined that I have a fault with one of my cheap Carson tx / rx combos (swapped it out for a working one and put it aside for some testing before it heads to small electric item recycling). Hmm, maybe I could get back on the RC horse sooner than I anticipated…
  11. There's a lot of love for the dual motor variant in the BC stable, we have three. My son has this one which did some beach running and is now being rebuilt and upgraded. The blue shell got swapped to red shell's chassis so we have a runner which leaves the third (pink shell). Thanks to some extra bits I bought from @dannymulder, the third turning into a special little creation. When I finish it and order some more stickers from MCI. As for a true WT01? Maybe if I have enough bits left over...
  12. Thanks for clarifying, it looks like Landl distribute the Team C bodies (amongst others) over here in the UK. That explains their on / off availability!
  13. A great looking body. Is that the 225mm wheelbase model from Landl? I honestly can't tell the difference between the two models on their website but assumed the 210mm version might be a little 'squashed'. As the body includes the chrome fenders / bumpers I would opt for the Camel livery (but both are nice).
  14. Is there confusion here between the CC01 and CR01 They are very different beasts and the CR01 hasn't been updated / replaced.
  15. That's my kind of build. I've a Cruiser and Rock Socker to get round to one day.
  16. Something non-Tamiya I have been struggling with RC motivation recently despite throwing a load of money at the hobby. I haven't been able to put the time in to get the enjoyment out and spreading myself too thin across too many projects. Before COVID hit, a friend had suggested getting in to Star Wars Legion. We both like Star Wars and I painted miniatures in my early teens so he thought I could do that again. So we've taken the plunge and I now have something like 35 miniatures (or minis as they are now known) to paint. It will allow me to step back for a while, put my new LiPos on storage charge and recharge my own RC batteries. I'll also be doing something sociable too whereas my RC is just me on my own (or me and el kid). I've still got RC plans, a couple of pre-orders and a crawler to build over the winter (once I have finished the body) so I've not gone and I'll be checking here just as regularly .
  17. And a clear body. But uncut so not great for me!
  18. Thank you! It was a full can of PS-6, liberally backed with white which was then covered with silver. A shame I'd missed a few spots of black overspray from painting the hardtop but I was pleased overall. In my haste, I'd forgotten to mask the rear light clusters too .
  19. Maybe it needs a custom sticker?! Or I'll have to get his ears pinned.
  20. Whilst one of my old bosses used to say 'buy cheap, buy twice', I'm not comfortable with handing over my £70 controller to my seven year old. So I picked up a used one of these for £25. I had tried to get one new from eBay but had my order cancelled and refunded twice! In the meantime I had picked up a couple of rx. So this will get him el kid tx to use with his Dual Hunter, whichever M chassis he likes and crawler (when I finally finish the ****).
  21. Ah, I was forgetting that the 02F has some significant changes to the 02. Looking at the manual, the front inner fenders are braced using a part from that fittings sprue.
  22. Ah, with you now @berman. I can't help it. I have a thing for butt ugly cars. I owned an Alfa 146! Perhaps an old Elan on an M05 would have been nice!
  23. JPS Europa The JPS livery really suits it. Though the Gold Leaf is nice too.
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