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  1. Just when I thought this one was going to be bright and shiny...the rusty primer and the salt appear! Love the coolant levels! This one is really coming together now.
  2. Not Tamiya as I have deviated from the brand for one of my projects. Don’t see many of these round these parts...
  3. I’d hope for a bespoke body for this one I think the sills extend deeper and the bumpers are different to the standard model. And there’s the big bash guard thingie (technical term).
  4. Given the current relationship with Toyota (rally Yaris, TS050, Supra), could we see their HiLux- based Dakar entry on the CC-02?
  5. That Avante is superb!!! I hope @Grastens has seen it! I like the lil ‘net too.
  6. Day three of the Dual Hunter strip and rebuild, we now have the rear end complete and most of the front end done having built the front diff and gearbox this afternoon. He continues to be keen to work on it. We’ll see if he still wants to when I’m off work again in a couple of weeks .
  7. Started the Dual Hunter rebuild with el kid. Rear gearbox rebuilt, greased and bushings replaced with bearings. Upper and lower arms and secured with the u-pin. It took a while but he assembled the gears and turned every screw so it was worth it. He's still up for doing the second gearbox so that's good. Having chased 'the thrill of the new' with purchases over the last couple of years, this has been nicely satisfying - and cheap as I have the bearings and some screws in the parts store and the only thing I might need are some less rusty screw pins.
  8. I wasn't sure whether building an Agrios with my 5 yr old son was more for me than him. Would it end up like when I used to help my grandad with our cars - "just shine the light over there a bit..."? So I asked him if he wanted to strip and rebuild a car for one of his friends to use... Safe to say he really enjoyed it! We start the rebuild tomorrow. Though as he has invested time and effort into this car I'm thinking he deserves to have it now rather than it be a loaner. Plus I can add the metal servo mounts, the big shock towers and dampers and decent ESC I have been gathering for him. If the rebuild goes well, we can build the Agrios - Mummy's Monster Truck - in a couple of weeks. Or there's next summer when he'll be even handier...
  9. You bought axles so you could use the brake disks? Will stay tuned for developments...
  10. Have a look at MCI Racing for reproductions of old Tamiya (and others) decals - a lot of the original models were licensed. Nathaneal also does non-specific sheets. You can also design your own decals (way out of my league) or change colours if you are doing a custom paint job. https://mciracing.ca/t/sponsor-decals There is also screenprintdigital in the U.K. on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/screenprintdigital
  11. I’ve got some Red Bull stickers but I’m going for this... Photo courtesy of rcscrapyard.net
  12. Well, I have finished my Asterion. My cleaning job wasn’t as good as I had hoped so there are a few black marks in the white. My first attempt at homebrew window masks resulted in some wavy lines too. Perhaps it will look better with a few decals on it. TBH, it doesn’t really matter after the hash I made of trimming the shell!!! I do think this is the livery (or a variation thereof) that the XV-01T should have had. And the moral of the story? Take more time, take more care...
  13. Continuing the Asterion painting marathon. Hoping that the end results will be worth sharing but I fear there have been a few hiccough along the way. I’m going to try and remember to write down all the failure points so if I try again in the future, I don’t repeat the same mistakes. Was quite pleased with my Hornet shell, especially when it catches the light.
  14. It's almost as if they were listening Hopefully it will be a more stock body rather than one of the bling-y G Wagons.
  15. Yesterday, felt sad Today, much happier Thanks to this... I think my obit. will read “slow down, mask carefully”. Still take more care than my wife when she’s decorating the house though
  16. Rigged up my ‘spray booth’ in the garage - a Wilco shower curtain - ready for a day off tomorrow. Then got carried away and put some gunmetal on an old ORV chassis in an attempt to inspire me to rebuild it. Then put some primer on some CR01 beadlock rings ahead of some colour. My second ever use of spray cans after completing my Bowler shell. I continued to tidy up my Asterion shell ahead of putting on some colour- all being well - tomorrow. My last cut was under the front grille and I’m really pleased with it. A shame the rear arches are so bad. This will have to be a trial / runner shell and I’ll revisit it as I get better at cutting lexan. Pics once it has some colour on it. If I don’t ruin it...
  17. Question: What do you do when you have parts on back order and can’t progress with a project? Answer: Buy more parts for other projects!!!! This haul will be split across six ongoing projects - scratch build, Brat chassis restoration, TL01 pick-up, TB01 RS200, HPI Mini Recon and M03 Mini or M04 BMW 2002 - and I’ll be waiting on another set of dampers for the M03/M04. Will I ever finish anything???!!!!!
  18. Part one of an order from Modelsport... two nice Alturn servoes for my scratch build and some wheelnuts to get my TL01 Bowler running again.
  19. Some nice Ford wheels for my RS200 I might have bought two packs by accident...
  20. Built some Axial SCX10ii axles. I have now a couple of non-Tamiya projects to add to the list of my unfinished Tamiya builds.
  21. Started the refund process for the F2001 I didn’t receive.
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