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  1. My go to 2WD basher. Super Stock RZ motor, alloy servo mounts and full turnbuckle kit.
  2. Had the clicking on mine after about 12 months of running a Super Stock RZ. Did the DF02 diff swap, its had a couple of hotter motors in since. Never had any problem with them since.
  3. I did consider having the originals done in gold, then thought of this. My Thunder Shot is currently in bits awaiting a full rebuild. Not sure what I'll do about decals. Thinking black and yellow for the bodywork.
  4. Took the black JPS Terra Scorcher out for a quick first run. Went well, just needed the braking turned down on the ESC. https://youtu.be/gPQt4PaIkww
  5. I've cut the front out of my last few. They are now stuck on the walls of my RC room.
  6. Finished apart from the driver figure.
  7. Finished apart from the driver figure.
  8. Replaced the steering servo in my Pumpkin, last time out I clipped a kerb. Pulled the self tapper that hold the horn on right out. Looks like it's happened before as the plastic washer had been replaced for a standard 3mm steel one. It now got a metal geared servo. Swapped the Super Stock RZ motor from my Grasshopper 2 with the 27T Trinity in my Neo Top Force. Also swapped the ESC's over too and fitted 2.4ghz radio gear in the Neo. My only kit that didn't have it.
  9. Taken my Hotshot 2 out for the first time in months. Is been in a box in bits until recently. Originally a rear drive cup snapped. Then I found the rear shock tower was cracked. It's now got a carbon fibre one. Then I round the rear gearbox had a crack. Finally got it back together a couple of weeks ago.
  10. Yes black shell with something different for the decals.
  11. Oil shocks make a huge difference. Had Super Fighter GR with the same friction shocks. Then bought a Sand Viper. Night and day difference, with the friction shocks I struggled to get the power from a Torque Tuned down. Run a Super Stock RZ in the Sand Viper. Both have the DT02 chassis the same as the re release Holiday Buggy.
  12. Don't know much about boats. Got one that came in a job lot. Its only been on the water once. It does however have direct drive. It was fitted with a standard silver can motor. Fitted this one as it a Kyosho, like the boat. Not tried it with this motor.
  13. Running a TRF Acto Tuned motor and a Hobbywing 1080 ESC
  14. This is something I've been slowly working on for a while. As you can see it was in a bit of state when I got it.
  15. No, but that's a beautiful looking one. I'm sure it was a picture of a NIB original with all the packets of hop ups pictured with it.
  16. Bought another Terra Scorcher. That's 2 originals and a re release now.
  17. Somewhere I'm sure I've seen a picture of a Terra Scorcher and a hole host of hop ups. Not just the ones listed in the original manual, but far more. Pretty sure were even TRF ones. I'm also certain it was in here. I've tried for ages to find this picture, and asked on all the Facebook groups, but to no avail. If someone k oes the picture I'm talking about and could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.
  18. Smidsy

    Fire Hopper

    Something I built whilst I've been off work. Currently has a stock re release Grasshopper II chassis underneath. I'll be upgrading the shocks from pogo sticks some time soon. Quite happy with how the paint came out. As PS paint is in short supply at the moment, I raided my leftover tins. This was the result.
  19. I'm hoping they are going too. Didn't they do this for the re release Top Force too?
  20. Just taken delivery of the re release Terra Scorcher, and I'm looking at upgrading from the kit dampers. My initial thought was the either the DF02 or DF03 aluminium sets. Im currently building an all black chassis one too, and I've used the 54567 black CVA set on that. Before I spend £80 on a set I'd like to know if anyone has used either in a build.
  21. I'm in several Facebook RC related groups, mostly Tamiya. Even run one myself for the Thundershot and its derivatives. Personally I don't think it's full of show offs anymore than anywhere else. My only gripe would be, a few times I've asked for something I'm looking for. Someone will post a picture, saying I have one. Then when you ask a price say its not for sale.
  22. Just bought my first TRF kit. Need a couple of suggestions on what to use. Firstly I want to run a TRF Acto motor, so need a suitable programmable ESC. Next is batteries. Not sure what to do here. Stick with Ni-Mh or swap over to Lipo's. That motor certainly does drain a 3300Mah Ni-Mh ver quickly. Tried in one of my other kits. Any advice greatly appreciated as always. Craig
  23. Ive been running a TT02B for a while now. Upgraded with proper bearings and a Super Stock RZ motor. Ive taken it to our local track several times with no major damage at all. However on my last vist the rear gearbox has started to slip. Gears llok fine and if you strip it then rebuild it it woirks fine wor a short while. Not sure if the screw holes have worn in the chassis so wears loose with use. Also as you push the power up with a better motor, you do start to notce the amount of free play in the steering design. Craig
  24. Still run 27 and 40 MHz gear in most of my kits. Just building a re re grashopper and that got fitted with an old 27Mhz Reciever I had. Only 2.4 Ghz ones I have are my Neo Scorcher as thats what came with it, and I picked up an Acoms 2.4 GHz controller and a couple of receievers in some stuff recently. One went into my Kyosho Nexxt and the other will be going in to Racing Fighter. At some point I will get a 2.4 GHz setup with model memory. Craig
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