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  1. This is my daily driver. A ford BA xr8(same as the one in the pic), 5.4L v8, 5speed. goes o.k. but its heavy... and not to good on fuel :/ My other car(one of my other cars any) is a 79 FJ40 I've been fixing up... it has 327 Chevy V8 but it's been a pain in the a#$e to get registered because of the modifications.
  2. Thanks mate, I'll post something up when i get home. I've found most parts online, but to get one bit usually need to get a hole tree of parts and starts to get expensive... And there are a couple of bits i haven't been able to locate, might be someone from other model i can use or modify though. Thanks, I hope mine comes out looks even half as good as yours
  3. Thanks Yogo. Yeah with the pictures I tried embedding them but the formatting of my post went all weird... I'm sure I'll figure it out next time.
  4. Hi guys, So I'm a newbie here(Live in Victoria, Australia town called Traralgon) and just recently started getting back into RC. It's probably at least 15 years since I last mucked around with any. I was originally going to collect some of the toy grade cars from when I was a kid, Tyco Fast Traxx, Typhoon etc. But then I came across my old Tamiya cars a Stadium Thunder and my first ever Tamiya(and first hobbie grade) car a Mini Cooper Monte Carlo 58163, the Thunder is in good nic and came up like brand new after a clean, the Mini on the other had is going to need some work... THE PLAN -Dismantle and give everything a good clean -Source the missing bits(found some online but if anyone has bits for an M-01 chassis the want to sell let me know, I'll also put a list of wanted parts in the for sale section) -Replace all the bushing with bearings -Install a ESC(all the cars I've had have MSC) -At some point I'd like to get a new body shell and paint it up but Anyway here are some pics with all the parts I have... Any and all advice is welcome . Go easy on me I'm new . http://i.imgur.com/nqj38MI.jpg http://i.imgur.com/wl2D2kx.jpg http://i.imgur.com/7JuZJ24.jpg http://i.imgur.com/gmlA0r5.jpg
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