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  1. using photobucket to show my pictures but they wont just show up like I used to do it on other forums. please help. even using the advise from up above with no look!! cheers ian
  2. http://s200.photobucket.com/user/compact90/media/tamiaya/lb 1 chrome_zpsggumlpht.jpg.html cheers ian http://s200.photobucket.com/user/compact90/media/tamiaya/lb%201%20chrome_zpsggumlpht.jpg.html
  3. Hi Happy new year. Sorry to be a pain do you still have this, would you take £160 including delivery? cheers ian
  4. thanks to all As to the paint job the lights a bit rubbish but will post a few more soon, just got to take them out but the rains doing my head in. Only problem is I feel I've done a really good job on them so I don't want to ruin them!!!! Always wanted one as a kid but could only afford 2nd hand ones so to build my own is sort of a dream come true (sad I know). Anyway if its not already your new year then have a merry and safe one.
  5. Hi all Just getting back into the world of Tamiya after 20 years or so I have just built a Hornet in flip paint and also the Lunchbox in lime green metallic. Will be glad to get as much info as possible on improving these 2. Have a very merry xmas a great new year. More models to come!!!!
  6. Hi where about's are you based, is there anything broken and do I need anything else besides the battery to get it running. cheers ian
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