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  1. I ordered these for my df02 from jazrider 3rd august took a week to get here to the UK, well impressed πŸ˜€πŸ‘
  2. I'm loving the look of this πŸ‘
  3. What size is the braiding
  4. It's on my list of things to do thanks πŸ‘
  5. Is it an easy job shortening the servo wires,also I like that braiding where can I order that from πŸ‘
  6. I will be watching this with interest as one of my main dailys is sandscorcher, im trying to figure out which is the best tyres to get hold of the tyres I've got are original from the 80s and a bit perished but useable, I'm keen to see how the ball diff is aswell as I keep flipping mine over when on tarmac
  7. Ok thanks if no luck here I will place the order on Monday πŸ‘
  8. Today me and my son took our buggies out for a run, my son's tt02b performed well it just collected plenty of stones in the chassis, my rising storm was great until the thread stripped in the front steering knuckle,my sandscorcher was a handful to control on the loose grit surface then the steering servo decided to stop working after a minor collision but all in all it was great fun πŸ‘
  9. I've been looking at those is rcjaz ok to use? I thought I would try my luck on here first
  10. A bit of a long shot but I'm after a some front blue anodized steering knuckles for my df02 rising storm,the plastic fantastic ones I have decided to strip the threads Cheers
  11. Mine arrived today very quick for royal mail thanks Chris πŸ‘
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