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  1. That's ok I'm happy with that,I just want it to be complete and useable and hopefully look better than when I first built it
  2. Hi all Could anyone let me know if the re re mechanism box and plastic gearbox covers fit an original 80s sandscorcher Thanks
  3. There's a lot to learn I'm new but old I started back in the 80s but getting back into it again 2nd or 3rd time now but sticking with it this time,lipos are new to me but it's on my list of things to buy
  4. Ok thanks mate hopefully it should be here the end of the week, I've got a sport tuned motor in mine at the moment which will be going into my sandscorcher, what batteries are you using I'm still on nimh but I think Lipo could be in the future
  5. Hi how well does this run as I've just ordered this combo for my rising storm, I'm hoping it will give it some more speed
  6. Can it really make that much difference, I think I will order the deans this evening
  7. Deans connectors are on the list of things to do first,I never realised tamiya connectors were so bad
  8. Great thanks for your replies I think I will change the motor then look into Lipo,my son has a tt01 and he's been thinking about Lipo aswell so it could be the way forward Thanks
  9. Another one interested here
  10. That's what I'm hoping for, Lipo sounds good but also sounds complicated I wouldn't know where to start
  11. It's on my list but I'm trying to do it discreetly so my wife won't see how much I'm spending
  12. Hi all I'm after some advice I've a rising storm and im after a bit more speed, I gave it a strip down and clean up and regreese and it's running better than before, I currently have a sport tuned motor,also it's fully ballraced,I'm now thinking of going brushless and getting a combo deal,will I gain much speed I'm not using Lipo at the moment but it might be something in the future, thanks in advance for any answers....Jeff
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