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  1. How can your wife complain about a saving like that 😁
  2. I'm after the 2 halves of the chassis,the son in law crashed his into a solid stationary object and snapped the front off at the gearbox and it's not repairable
  3. I know it's a long shot but worth a try Cheers
  4. This is fantastic it also looks like we will all be copying errr designing our own garages at some point
  5. That's very kind of you I'm not sure of there sizes though I've not got the manuals for them
  6. Hi all I'm just wondering where you get regular sized mixed nuts and bolts from, I've got a sandscorcher, rising storm and a tt02 some of the bolts screws and things need replacing and also wouldn't mind just having spares Cheers
  7. I have seen your other gyro video and can't believe how much difference it made, I've put the gyro system on my Xmas list so fingers crossed 😁
  8. Great video that looks like a great piece of land to run it on 👍 How have you got the tracking set on the front wheels are they toeing in or out ,I'm trying to find what's best for mine sometimes it steers a really tight circle other times it's a really massive circle when on tarmac can be frustrating
  9. @jupitertwo I absolutely love your Porsche 👍
  10. The gyro makes a big difference I'm going to put one in my sandscorcher and make that more enjoyable to drive
  11. Looks great we need more scorcher chat on here,mine is my go to buggy every time 👍
  12. I put some road tyres on my newly purchased tt02 drift spec audi and was very happy with the handling of it, although not the quickest with standard gearing and torque tuned motor but was fun,I'm thinking of getting a mk1 escort body and rs wheels with rally tyres on then I can have 2 cars in one, the audi body and drift wheels for indoor use and mk1 escort for outdoor use, unless I can get another tt01/02 without my wife finding out 🤔
  13. It would be nice if it was for a battery stay df02 then I could have it off You for mine 😁
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