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  1. I'm loving this as I've got a tt02d to build too,I'm going to try and create my 1st car I had when I passed my driving test, it was a Ford mk1 escort and seeing what mods you have done to yours has given me great ideas and now I can't wait to start it,please keep it coming
  2. I love that budweiser body shell what is it? Good luck with the sale
  3. I was thinking probably the plasma edge would be a close fit
  4. Hi all Just wondering what body will fit a df02 chassis, my rising storm body is looking tired now so thought I'd replace it but not really sure what fits any advice is much appreciated
  5. @@Willy iine why not make a tyre removing machine to go with your wheel balancer machine
  6. I'm in the UK I started as a day delivery driver 28 yrs ago then went onto night trunking and stayed with it and still love it
  7. Night truck driver for a large American parcel company that likes wearing brown
  8. My 3 comical would be sandscorcher, ford ranger then holiday buggy I'd be happy with them
  9. If you have a spare servo now I think that means you need to buy another kit to put that in πŸ˜„
  10. I often take mine with me when I'm parked up on my break, if I find a quiet corner of the motorway services I can be seen running it around usually around midnight always put a smile on my face and makes the rest of my shift enjoyable
  11. Hi I'm fairly new to lipo myself but if you look in ALL THINGS ELECTRIC section on page 4 someone has asked a similar question and there's some very good links and info on there,I hope that is of some use for you πŸ‘
  12. I'm doing a rally car soon and I'm going to use a tt02 with all the alterations to give it better ground clearance
  13. I think modelsport is the name of the shop in England that sells the xt.12
  14. I've just bought that same shell from l&l models for a tt02 chassis that arrived yesterday with a few hop ups so now I can recreate my mk1 escort I had as my first car when I was 17, wow that seems like so long ago now πŸ˜ͺ😒😭 I'm not crying 😭honestly
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