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  1. ploots


    I'm in Gloucester uk
  2. ploots


    Hi all I've just found a tt02d I bought probably a couple of years ago so I thought I might aswell build it,I also bought some hop ups for it aswell and a mk1 escort body for it,I'm going to recreate the mk1 I had when I was 18,the thing is there's no build instructions with it, I've searched everywhere but nothing I'm wondering is the tt02b similar as my son has instructions for his, obviously the arms will be different but the rest should be the same? Thanks for any information
  3. To be honest I'd prefer stick rather than wheel as I started RC back in the 80s,I'm putting up with wheel but I know what I'd prefer
  4. My sons got the CR3P which seems ok ish I'll have a look at the GT5 thank you
  5. Hi all I'm looking for a new transmitter and receivers,my current one is a Carson pistol grip but I'm finding it difficult to get receivers now so thought I'd get a new one with Xmas coming up,I've got a couple of cars to build and hopefully might get a couple next year I'm looking for something not to expensive that has endless supplies of receivers, I was looking at flysky as seems fairly cheap, what do you use and recommend Thanks for any help
  6. I can't wait to see this the details and colours are spot on, I used to drive one of these when my company had them
  7. Thats amazing I can't wait to see the finished truck
  8. If spectators can watch then I'll be there as I live in Gloucester
  9. To be honest I'm struggling to remember what Cotswold Models was like, I know I went there many times but The Model Shop just had me drooling every time I approached it, the built cars in the window just pulled me in
  10. Off topic slightly the Antics on Northgate Street used to be called The Model Shop to me it was a proper shop, they had a desk at the back of the shop where they would do minor repairs and out the back they would do full builds also upstairs had the model railway stuff, the other shop was Cotswold Models that was near the bus station
  11. I'm loving this as I've got a tt02d to build too,I'm going to try and create my 1st car I had when I passed my driving test, it was a Ford mk1 escort and seeing what mods you have done to yours has given me great ideas and now I can't wait to start it,please keep it coming
  12. I love that budweiser body shell what is it? Good luck with the sale
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