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  1. For me at the moment as it keeps changing, a holiday buggy as that was my first ever rc car back in 1980 something for nostalgia, and a wild one as I always fancied that aswell so I'll keep hinting to my good lady wife as its my birthday this month
  2. That was posted on my thread and it's all good information
  3. Thanks for the reply I thought it wouldn't be as simple as changing 1 arm I might look for some originals before I go down the re re route
  4. Hi all I'm just wondering if re re parts fits a mk1/2 srb, mines from 1984 and I still enjoy using it but one of my alloy front arms broke probably through brittleness around the fixing, luckily I have some spares but I might need some more as another is beginning to crack, so would re re front arms fit mine Thanks for any info
  5. Well done that man that's absolutely stunning
  6. Watching this with interest as I've got an original one to strip and make better and probably enough parts to build another one,so does the rere ball diff work in an original gearbox
  7. I keep looking at both, I remember when the hotshot first came out my mate had one and I really liked it, but now many years on I really love the look of the wild one in blockhead colours
  8. Have you got a link to the grill there's pages on shapeways, I am in the uk
  9. Great thanks for the reply it's on my ever growing list of things to do
  10. Looks great where did you get the blackfoot body from I'm looking to do similar also would the ball diff work on original gearbox
  11. I'm going to watch this with great Interest my 1st brand new tamiya was a ranger I've still got all the chassis but it's a scorcher now,I'd love to do a ranger body for it in time
  12. ploots


    I'm in Gloucester uk
  13. ploots


    Hi all I've just found a tt02d I bought probably a couple of years ago so I thought I might aswell build it,I also bought some hop ups for it aswell and a mk1 escort body for it,I'm going to recreate the mk1 I had when I was 18,the thing is there's no build instructions with it, I've searched everywhere but nothing I'm wondering is the tt02b similar as my son has instructions for his, obviously the arms will be different but the rest should be the same? Thanks for any information
  14. To be honest I'd prefer stick rather than wheel as I started RC back in the 80s,I'm putting up with wheel but I know what I'd prefer
  15. My sons got the CR3P which seems ok ish I'll have a look at the GT5 thank you
  16. Hi all I'm looking for a new transmitter and receivers,my current one is a Carson pistol grip but I'm finding it difficult to get receivers now so thought I'd get a new one with Xmas coming up,I've got a couple of cars to build and hopefully might get a couple next year I'm looking for something not to expensive that has endless supplies of receivers, I was looking at flysky as seems fairly cheap, what do you use and recommend Thanks for any help
  17. I can't wait to see this the details and colours are spot on, I used to drive one of these when my company had them
  18. Thats amazing I can't wait to see the finished truck
  19. If spectators can watch then I'll be there as I live in Gloucester
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