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  1. Thanks! I shall get some ordered. Would have worked out cheaper to have bought some gmade ones from the start. Oh well we live and learn! Lol.
  2. Hi guys I'm after some stiffer springs for my CVAs. I have a mud blaster with GPM towers installed and i purchased a set of short CVAs which I made up to the longest setting (93mm). But even with the stiffest springs the truck sags and almost bellies out. I have fitted 20mm preload spacers for the moment but I don't like the idea of running it like that permanently. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that DT03 setting springs fit (53927) can anyone confirm they fit and if they are stiffer than the stiff springs in the CVA pack (50520) Or are there any other alternative springs that I could fit? 2 packs of the DT03 springs aren't all that cheap. Thanks in advance! Dan.
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