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  1. Maybe I'm the only one who prefers the Baldre Shell, bit more car like than spaceship on wheels... James
  2. If you cannot decide on one colour why not choose a 2 tone scheme or similar, I did this one for my sister. Has a retro appeal and look of the 70's racers... Failing that I've always been a fan of Silver on a Hornet... http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=56227&id=3092
  3. I certainly hear you there, I've been a physical model maker in the film industry for the last 12 years, models in films have almost ceased and it's a sad time as we transition over to almost completely CG worlds. Whose playing RC Phone App Games? I bet there is probably one out there James BeetleLover
  4. Yes nice points raised on all viewpoints, I guess I'm no longer hardcore!
  5. As someone who used to very active here on Tamiyaclub and collected seriously I'm not sure if Rere's have exactly killed the Hobby but it certainly has changed the landscape and the makeup of active members on TC somewhat. It bugs me that Rere Lovers are very happy to point the finger at those who are frustrated by the Re-releasing saying it's all about the money or the perceived loss in value of models. I don't think that is the case for the majority of those who were serious collectors prior to the big influx of re-released models. The thrill of the chase and collecting hard to find pieces is certainly a big element of the enjoyment of collecting, having something that there are few of or having something pristine when most are broken or abused. While I appreciate that there are differences in the re-releases to the originals to all intense purposes for me my Rough Rider has very little separating it from my Buggy Champ. They more or less look the same and you can see them all over the place now, I don't think my original is really anything special anymore. The flip side of the coin is that Re-re's have reintroduced many 30 - 40 somethings to cars of their past and in turn created a new generation of kids growing up with cars with a nostalgic past. There are many long term members who I no longer see here anymore but there also seems to be a new bunch of people who seem to run their cars now with less concern of breaking parts. Things come and go, wax and wane, peoples interest change and develop, other things become more or less important. I'm neither happy nor sad about the rereleases they just exist.
  6. You can use Eucaylyptus oil to disolve the sticky residue, very mild. I wouldn't dare put nail polish Acetone or non Acetone based remover anywhere near styrene or polycarbonate, it can weaken and damage the material even if it's not immediately visible. I've seen it do something which I can only describe as looking like it was delaminating the polycarb, I don't actually know if that is possible...
  7. I remember when my parents organised to go up to a Lake maybe an hour and a half away from home, they suggested I'd better get on charging my car and that it would be a great opportunity to bring it with me, I asked for a bit more time to charge up my AA's for my transmitter and receiver pack. They said no, and that we needed to head away as soon as a stick pack was sorted. Anyways, got up there, took my car out, 30 seconds later my Falcon is out of control and then 2 foot under water. Hmmm it was a pretty sad and boring afternoon after that. it must have been a few months before they bought me a replacement receiver, it was a bad summer without my car going James
  8. Without a doubt it would have to be the Dynastorm, if you haven't put one together or looked at one closely you might not know what I'm talking about. The fit and finish of the components has been the best kit experience I have ever encountered old or modern. The suspension travel and movement is super smooth, really long travel, the dampers are beautiful! I cannot fault this car for looks either, still the best performing 2WD buggy Tamiya has produced... watch this model come back again, it surely will! JAmes
  9. Have listed another bunch of Cars on NZ trademe, Aussie's please check them out, good prices, good cars Sonic Fighter close to new built auction on Trademe closing in 15 minutes 6.55pm New Zealand time. Trademe.co.nz Tamiya Monster Beetle, Mud Blaster, Lamborghini Cheetah, Lancia 037 now up for auction trademe.co.nz cheers James
  10. I've traded with Forrest several times, he sells my Hyper Detailed heads... He seems to be a descent operator and enthusiast. I've had no cause for concern and my guess is something has come up. Perhaps he's gone on holiday or has had a personal thing get in the way, it happens. Give him a few days and see what happens... James
  11. I've traded with Forrest several times, he sells my Hyper Detailed heads... He seems to be a descent operator and enthusiast. I've had no cause for concern and my guess is something has come up. Perhaps he's gone on holiday or has had a personal thing get in the way, it happens. Give him a few days and see what happens... James
  12. Hi Everyone, sadly I am selling what I think will be the majority of my collection. I have amassed about 85 cars over the last 8 years or so and have restored most of them to a very high standard. I have started listing some of my cars for sale on the New Zealand Auction site trademe.co.nz Aussies are welcome to bid on the site as per Trademe rules. But also have a look at my showroom and if there is anything you fancy make me an offer. http://tamiyaclub.com/showroom.asp?id=3092 I will continue to make and produce my Heads and other products but what has stifled my interest in collecting and restoration relates to the huge Re-re campaign that Tamiya has embarked on. I have also decided to put my funds towards a Porsche 911/964 C2 1:1 Drop me a line if something in my showroom catches your eye or post a note here... kind regards James BeetleLover
  13. Cool, Who lost the Rock Paper Scissors game, someones Frog got Higheeled James
  14. Hi Everyone, I have made the decision to let some of my cars go to pursue my dream of owning a 1:1 Porsche 911. Therefore I have started listing my cars on the New Zealand Trading site Trademe.co.nz (Have a search for Tamiya and you will find my cars easily) As per the Trademe rules Australians are allowed to bid on items. I am more than happy to ship at cost over to you and I also have an australian bank account due to my Stint in Melbourne last year. I have been setting my prices very fairly and certainly better than most examples found on Ebay. I have currently listed the following: Celica GrB, Hotshot 2, Supershot, Holiday Buggy, Madcap, Bullhead (might be a bit pricey to ship) King Cab (Ending soon) Nikko Dictator, XR311 NIB, NIB Black Endurance motor, Newman Porsche. Make sure you check them out as they are good examples and with the exchange rate they will be very good buying. Will post a picture of my Porsche when I reach my goal. Also if there is something you are after, let me know I may just have it! Bid with Confidence, Genuine Collector, Enthusiast and high quality Restorer:) Cheers James
  15. Curious to know what your prototypes looked like. I wasn't aware there was a weakness in the towers but rather the annoying damage they did when you took the shell on and off. Perhaps the front towers were far more fragile? On and something to strengthen the front bulk head of the chassis might be a worth a look at too? James
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