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  1. Hi everyone, I want to order several pairs of Thundershot Tires to restore my falcon and sonic fighter, could someone please look it up in their re-re manual as there isn't one in the manuals section, thanks heaps James Beetlelover
  2. As I work my way down from the Gearbox I have now encountered another problem with the length and diametre of the Frog Axles... i.e. they are meant for Hornet / Frog rear wheels instead of Fox / W O type... I thought no worries I'll use a TA02 Axles but then that is slightly smaller at the cup and won't take the dogbone... does anyone know what axle/cup will I need? cheers James aka Beetlelover
  3. Thanks for the Advices! I think I know what the problem is, here's me trying to put together the sweetest New Built Wild One and altho it doesn't really add any more performance I thought I'd go as far as I could and add an 850 bearing in there and the trouble with those is that you can't sand them!!! Yeah I've found the gearbox to be a little too tight (notchy, can really feel every tooth of those bevels...) so will revert to a sanded bush!!! I'm not intending to Run this car but just incase it will be future proofed for the possibility, it will pain me a little to have her grounded on the shelf but she'll look good!!! Thanks James
  4. Ha, just read the reply now some year later, thanks for that and important now, this morning I bought a NIB Falcon! Can't wait have got those colours ordered!!! James
  5. Can anyone tell me how to correctly shim a Wild One Gearbox, I haven't the original shims or little spacers that go up to the bevel gears... but instead i have been playing with an 850 bearing on one side and a washer on the other, think i've heard of someone doing similar... My gearbox still feels notchy and not quite right... I have put in a frog rerelease gearbox running the high ratio with 19 tooth pinion, seemed like the only combo that lined up right... Yeah so has anyone have experience getting this setup right without the original shims... cheers James
  6. quote: Originally posted by NeoGeo Anyone seen a 1:10 or 1:8 delorean body for sale? id="quote">id="quote"> I'm going to make one eventually but am currently too tired up with work... I have access to a 3D scanner, 3D prototyper/printer and a CNC machine... Before the Delorean I will make a 1/10th scale volkswagen combi to fit on a monster beetle chassis or perhaps something modern like a twin detonator... will follow this thread and let you know when i get onto the project... James
  7. Hey everyone... I've just found myself a new Falcon body and I'm looking forward to painting it soon. I remember as a kid when i had my original Falcon painted in the Box art colours how much i prefered the paint job on a Falcon in a Tamiya guide book. Does anyone recollect the picture of a guy holding a trophy with a white and blue Falcon,,, if so could you let me know what year guide book, or even better if someone could send me the image that would be fantastic
  8. My Offer is 200 Pounds including shipping, that's all I can afford. I'm in Wellington, New Zealand. cheers James
  9. Whereabouts do you live... I'm possibly interested in the Monster Beetle and perhaps the Falcon... Depending on how much postage costs I will make you an offer cheers James quote:Originally posted by gmantimeI have a monster Beetle, all boxed never opened about 15 years old, what would be the best way to sell it and what sort of value is it worth, don't really know much about these cars but got it when i was a kid and never opened it! I would be greatful for any help with this also got midnight pumpkin, falcon and Bomerang all boxed id="quote">id="quote">
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