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  1. I'd strongly advise you track down a Wild Willy 2 instead, more interesting build (lunchbox has no real differences from the hornet) WW2 handles better, still pops wheelies and has comic handling. Of all the cars I've run out and about in public places it's always been the one to attract the most attention and put the biggest smile on my face hands down James
  2. Hiya, I have a nice one, you can have it for $12 US including postage, pm me if you're interested cheers James BeetleLover
  3. Boy if I made a list of every car I've owned it would be a crazy length but of course many of them have gone, turned over for parts, projects and general running and tinkering with. I sometimes imagine what my collection would look like if I lined up every car I'd ever had, but it doesn't work that way, many were sold obviously to fund the next one that came along I would imagine I have had 300 plus cars or so go through my hands since early 2004... I'd currently have about 80 cars, the wife says I'm allowed a total of 100 (at one time), after that I'm not sure what would happen James
  4. I reckon the Pajero might have been better on the Wild Willy 2 chassis... James
  5. The Bruiser and Mountaineer tires differed from the Blackfoot ones in that they are much harder, not very squishy at all... James
  6. I didn't use to mind the Re-releases, was most helpful to build up the other varieties of cars using the new parts made available etc... As more and more get re-released and it looks like tamiya's program is accelerating I'm becoming less enthusiastic of working on my projects. I think we will eventually see a good majority of Tamiya's back catalogue re-released. It's not about money or being disappointed that maybe my car collection could be depreciating. So I may well have slipped down the cracks, loosing interest in restoring the early stuff and not interested in just handing over cash for a whole swag of re-releases. Lets face it Tamiya is counting on people foregoing tinkering with their original cars and parts and just buying the new incarnation. Loosing interest James
  7. I think the Blitzer Beetle was something that we all thought was due to be re-released but the Sand Rover will be a bit of a surprise too, at least there will be bodies available again for project SRB chassis conversions I'll be at the front of the queue for the R5 Turbo, sure to be a good looker... Glad I didn't buy one of those other shells currently on ebay... James
  8. Give your plastic parts a soak in water with Caustic soda and Dishwashing gramules... You are not suppose to use warm water with the caustic crystals but you better results, just put your stuff outside and don't breathe any fumes... don't worry about scrubbing the dirt just falls off... You should see what it does to CVA's, dirt in all the grooves, gone without touching them... Couldn't give you a better tip than this one, the results are amazing!!
  9. Interesting debate on the Dissatisfied with Tamiya thread... but anyways now I'm wondering what will happen to the showroom definitions, are some of my restored cars in the correct location... I think we might need "Restored, may contain traces of rere" James
  10. Is the rear one supposed to be like that on the tailgate, kinda looks like a recess where one would put the hand into to click open the subaru logo'd handle? Maybe have a look at a real Brat? I would recommend Tamiya paint markers to fill in your black holes... James
  11. Hmmm,, I'd say it'd be a safe bet to buy everything and then list it here More decals please!!! James
  12. Pretty sure both the fire dragon and Super Dragon will fit the Hornet I even have a feeling that the Thunder Dragon will too. The Saint Dragon body instructions also show how to cut it to fit the Hornet also... Plenty of Options! James
  13. + one for oven cleaner too, I've never seen styrene damage from it James
  14. I was trying to find the same product here in New Zealand, no such luck, did find another product called Grafity Remover SP402 by holdfast. It's really aggressive and works between 5 and 10 minutes, after that it starts to attack the styrene. I have a feeling the DeSolvit one will do the same thing if left on too long... The stuff I have been using works very well with a toothbrush and then rinsing with water before repeating... but you gotta watch it and keep an eye on the time... James
  15. Thanks Chris for letting us know where you are at personally with regards to the sweeping changes imposed on you for the sake of Tamiyaclub continuing. I think the vast majority of us can appreciate the predicament you're in and the fact that you alone will pay the price if the new rules aren't adhered to. I don't think any of us would really challenge Tamiya if this was the reality we were personally faced with. Talk is pretty cheap being sued ain't... James
  16. It would seem there are members who don't really ever get over to the Forums area, New rules may need to be highlighted on the main page...
  17. It's a little different as Tamiya own the rights to the Sand Scorcher, the branded/trademarked sponsors belong to their respective companies. From my knowledge of licensing, it is very complex, expensive and often conditions are attached to their usage, that could be just to use one Brand let alone multiples on just one model. I've recently seen how long it can take for a licensing agreement come to fruition, needless to say it took a very long time. Years ago I suspect companies thought it were cool that they were represented on scale models, these days everyone has their hand out for a piece of the pie and the protection surrounding Trademarks and Branding is taken very very seriously... I don't see it happening but I guess we will have to see... your move Tamiya... James
  18. My feelings are that we are unlikely to see Tamiya reproduce vintage decals in their original format i.e. original authentic sponsors etc. If the landmark decision to re-release the sand scorcher wasn't big enough for Tamiya to reconsider getting licenses for authentic sponsor decals I doubt the few people creating reproduction decals will prove to be a bigger incentive. I wonder if recreating the actual marking's and colour details on a decal set are less of a problem? I keep an old style photo album with the lift up film to store all my left over decals and sponsors I have collected over the years, if I could only get stripes and main panel decals I could then fill the gaps. I would like to know if it's the recreation of the branding/trademarks that create the real issues in terms of copyright or the recreation of a colour marking/stripe design? James
  19. I like the idea of the Haynes style manual but which ever way you look at doing it, it's insane hours to do it justice... oh and then I bet you whoever went to the trouble would want some financial reward. I wonder if the cost of manuals will go up on ebay? James
  20. +1, I think the Community Scorcher went back home again?
  21. Due to the number of sales of my painting guide I have added additional reference material from some of Tamiyaclub's well respected modellers. The guide is now also professionally published in a larger format as well as ring bound to make it easier to have the guide close to your subject for ease of reference. If I do say so myself the guide is beautiful and a great reference for anyone wanting to develop their skill for painting drivers. The 24 page full colour guide plus covers is a step by step guide to professionally paint your driver heads. There are plenty of hints and tips as well as the secret to keeping your paints thin to achieve multiple layers and depth to the colours without clumping and drying on the brush. It has taken 250 hours to produce and the feedback we have received regarding its quality has been phenomenal. It has been popular from novice's through to some of Tamiyaclub's master painters like Rad and Matt Hicks. The guide is written by myself and acclaimed artist and sculptor Daniel Cockersell. Daniel has a reputation for creating some of the finest small scale sculptures and figures. His work history includes, Games Workshop, Forge World and Weta Workshop. Enjoy our masterclass! I will combine shipping should you wish to purchase a head or 2 with the book - see my other trades Postage is $9 US Drop me a line, I have all 4 variety's of my heads available James
  22. Have started a new thread specifically about the loss of the manuals on the main site. Perhaps they are down for some maintenance, a sort or some such? However if we've lost them forever due to some thumb screws being applied by Tamiya Bigwigs (no pun intended) we should all write letters to tamiya... I mean everyone, and try and have them all arrive in a window of just a couple of days... I know we are not an exceptionally large group but we are particularly avid for Tamiya product and loyal to the brand. James
  23. If you look at the manual you can figure out where you draw the line to paint up to in the blue and the white, If I remember rightly the door handle is one point you can use to register where the line should be... You're right it's easier to place the decal and paint underneath. for best results you'll want to have mostly white underneath the decal with the blue just under one edge. Have you the decals or do you just want to paint the shell first? James
  24. Mostly my Driver Heads etc and events etc... I missed one by accident, so just my top 9... 'Hyper Detailed Head Ray' Replacement Wild One Driver [ 3538 ] Xmas Comp: Went for Box Art... [ 2699 ] Cardboard Buggy Champ Painted Blazer Repro! [ 2029 ] Photo Comp 'Water' [ 1956 ] Girlfriends Racecar for NZ Nationals SOLD Car Dec '10 [ 1848 ] Desert Gator Sand scorcher at our Wedding [ 1720 ] Tamiya sand Scorcher 2010 Kelly Says Goodbye to Frog [ 1572 ] Tamiya Frog Bigwig 2 Isn't a Tamiya! [ 1567 ] Team Associated B44 Painted 'Evan' [ 1544 ] James
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