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  1. Hi as the topic suggests I'm trying to work out what this car is and also to gauge what kind of money I should offer for it. cheers James
  2. how about the brass bushes on the Thundershot I think, one end has has a lip on it. You could carefully drill one side of the Frog wishbones out a little so it shims in there, you could epoxy it in there and if necessary leave the lip out a little and not flush with the part to take out the slack... between the ally bracket... James
  3. The weights listed before are with just the chassis without radio gear and battery fitted... James
  4. If you went brushless with the original nylon bushes you would pretty much melt them and the gears would most certainly mesh funny and move about causing certain death to the gearbox. Be prepared to have a bunch of spare parts and a spare chassis handy when you change over to brushless cause almost certainly he'll discover an immovable object at perhaps twice the original speed it was capable of! James
  5. Gosh didn't know that, I have a feeling that the waxy surface on the backing would probably stop something coming through to the decal, I've had them in here a few years now with no ill effects, hopefully I'll get to apply them all before that ever happens!!! lol James
  6. Gee I forgot a whole swag of models there!!! Have joined the lists together if you don't mind I've put in their numbers only the 49xxx serious don't fit in with the timeline... other than that one would assume the ones nearer the end are easier to find available within reason. 58004 XR311 (rare again) also does not appear to have a new number allocation... 49154 Tyrrell 6 Wheeler with modern chassis (rare again) 49190 Dyna Storm (rare again) 58278 Lancia 037 Rally (not a true rerelease, modern chassis) 58321 Super Clod Buster 58336 The Hornet 58346 Grasshopper 58347 Lunchbox 58351 Mercedes Benz C11 58352 Jaguar XJR-12 58354 Frog 58356 Ferrari F40 58357 Mazda 787B 58360 Manta Ray (rare again) 58361 Thundershot (low numbers I suspect) 58362 Top Force (rare again) 58365 Midnight Pumpkin Chrome Metallic 58384 *Brat (I think the numbers are thinning) 58391 Hotshot (I think the numbers are thinning) 58403 Fire Dragon 58418 Boomerang (apparently discontinued already) 58423 uper Clod Buster (not quite rerelease but might as well be one) 58429 Jeep Wrangler 58441 Buggy Champ 200 58452 Sand Scorcher 2010 58470 Holiday Buggy 2010 (not real rere but likeness) 58482 Stadium Blitzer 2010 58489 Avante 2011 James
  7. I agree, it's turn of speed looked a little disappointing and the front wheels looked stiff, I accept sand is hard to get through so maybe they should have floored it on a firmer damp beach for some descent speed and mud flicking!!! James
  8. Occassionally you see a post where someone is just after a number or maybe a sponser decal to finish of a restoration... Is there anyone out there nerdy with too much time on there hands like myself to cut out and file their decals by sponsers, numbers, cars etc, I have pages of "Tamiya" and the resistor "caution hot" decals lol I've been using an older style photo album with the slightly tacky surface to it and the clear cover sheet rolls over keeping your decals in place and pristine. It's been perfect but you gotta make sure you use a scalpel blade edge to lift the decal and its backing off the page otherwise with fingers you find yourself peeling the decal off its backing accidentally! I had better pictures of my decal collecting but alas my album is 3000 k's away at the moment James
  9. Perhaps one of the Box splitters like Jason (JRRC) on ebay etc does the 4 camlocks with springs. They obviously cut up the Blister boxes etc... James
  10. That's Exciting! Is there a theme in mind already or is it currently being worked out?! How about having 10 themes and have everyone vote to nominate one! Or since the prize is radio gear perhaps have that relate somehow to the theme? I love the themes that can be a little abstract and those member who post thoughtful setups make for interesting viewing and make us all pose the question "now why didn't I think of that!" I've been looking forward to a new comp the old banner is looking so 2010 now! James
  11. Pretty straight forward really, he's probably a bit lighter than you maybe 50grams or more perhaps. Then he has one of the most efficient gearboxes ever due to the rigid axle, no need for outdrives dogbones etc which add to the friction not to mention the suspension movement creating a little extra load, watch how his car might last a bit longer too. If you haven't already you should upgrade from the 17 to the 19 tooth pinion. Your son probably has an 18 if my memory serves me correct so he'd be 1 up on you already. Straight out of the box in a straight line the Hornet is probably capable of beating even modern racers with same battery and motor combo's. Take your cars out to the track and you will find what he takes in the straights you'll take back in the handling and corners not to mention also he has far better odds of spending more time on his roof than you. Maybe you need a Sports tuned to make sure that at home at least you're still top dog! James
  12. It's funny tho, I've seen a lot of Super Champs about too and not overly expensive which seems a little odd to me. One would expect to see Champs and XLT's to start climbing shortly. I do think we will see a Blackfoot shell come into existence sometime soon so best stock up on the rear alloy hoop/body mount. I know if I had a blackfoot shell handy right now I'd be playing with it to fit a Scorcher/BC chassis... James Anyways back to the FAV and Wild One popularity and discussion of their re-release if ever...
  13. I don't believe any FAV parts were butchered at least bodypart-wise when Tamiya moved onto making the Wild One. The molds for creating the FAV bonnet etc are plastic injection molds where as the Wild One uses an open buck for vac forming so there should be no reason why the FAV molds were modified etc. Even if the original FAV molds have gone awol such components as the bonnet and roof etc are so simplistic and I don't see the other components being too difficult to regenerate. I do believe the interest in these 2 cars has soared with the advent of other classics being re-released. People have filled the Sand Scorcher void and now looking for the next classic. I'm an advocate for Tamiya ceasing their re-release program so that there are still some special cars out there to piece out, source and something of a rarity. I'd much rather Tamiya develop new models in a vintage vain perhaps do sequels of vintage cars but with interesting suspension components and styling that differs from car to car, not the 1 chassis phylosophy and multiple shells. Come on it's time to see a Wild One 2 and a Frog 2 etc etc... One compromise i have been grateful for is the odd re issue of bodysets etc, some wheels including tires and decals also would make me very happy James
  14. The window of opportunity for some of the re-releases is relatively small due to the uncertainty of the numbers being produced. Some below are now old re-releases and hard to find now also... XR311 (rare again) Dynastorm (rare again) Top Force (rare again) Tyrell 6 Wheeler with modern chassis (rare again) Sand Scorcher 2010 Buggy Champ 2009 *Grasshopper *Hornet *Frog *Brat (I think the numbers are thinning) *Lunchbox Super Clod Buster (not quite rerelease but might as well be one) Hotshot (I think the numbers are thinning) Boomerang (apparently discontinued already) *Metallic Midnight Pumpkin Avante 2011 Jaguar Group C Ferrari F40 Mercedes C11 Mazda 787b I've asterix'd the ones that are probably the ones a young girl might find more appealing / suitable for bashing / tougher, personally I'd choose a brat so she could have a lexan shell and you can take your time on the proper styrene shelfer shell James
  15. Can't wait for you to beat the teething problems with the new setup etc. Hope you sort your ESC especially... does it shutdown or thermal due to the high current of the lipo's? James
  16. I tried a very tidy looking 4 slot motor and ended up being the slowest car down the straight. Later I was told by a friend that I should persist with that motor but give it a little bit of treatment. He suggested running it under water in reverse for 3 - 4 hours at 3 volts, then you put it in a hot water cylinder cabinet for a few days till it is completely dry. Then use a little bit of sewing machine oil, the very fine watery kind on the bushes at both ends. I'm yet to do this but I think it works, he wins his races 90 % of the time with a good ole "treated" 4 slotter... worth a shot James
  17. I like to think I can turn around the most run down wrecked model into something pretty reasonable, I love styrene body's especially in that respect. You do what you can according to your budget and the rarity of thing in front of you. Never throw anything out! James
  18. I've paid $700 - $800 US on a couple of tidy models, a Bruiser and an original Rough Rider before the BC came out. I've only bought a few vintage NIB kits but they were relatively inexpensive, a Falcon, Grasshopper 2, Top Force and Dyna Storm, All under $400 US. With the number of rere's out there now and the potential for more I'm reluctant to buy any vintage NIB's in future. These days also I'm reluctant to pay more than $250 US for a project/resto car to try and fill my gaps in the first 100, I'll be waiting a long time to get the ones I need! James
  19. Sounds good, I reckon it'd be worth making a different rear shock tower that is wider that would allow the original Falcon body to be fitted, the last thing you want to do is cut the Falcon body thinner between the towers, it's such a fragile body at that section before any modification. See if you can fit the original Falcon towers with the body mount bar between them, you might be able to make an aluminium plate/bracket to fit the chassis and the towers. Hopefully the Rear damper geometry would still works, I would imagine the damper would just be more vertical, worth a shot Hmmm maybe investigate the Bearhawk towers too... James
  20. Cool! I say go on the safari! Build or modify a clod to get anywhere and see if you can make a camera rig to fit it. Can you imagine being out on the safari and then running off your RC out closer to the animals for some extreme photography! Also how might the animals react to such an anomaly! Safari staff might not like this hair-brain scheme! You could get some amazing shots also with a scale 4x4, imagine the backdrop you have to play with!!! James
  21. lol, does anyone have some steel balls knocking about?
  22. nah, it's time for some new models with interesting chassis design based on old cars...
  23. I reckon it'd be worth asking Stella if they would match RC Champ... if they are going to loose a sale they may well do it. Worth a shot James
  24. Nup, when my vintage projects arrive they are dismantled within minutes foregoing a test run or a play. My Lady and I now have just 1 car each to run, mines a B44 and hers a Baldre, the other 70 odd cars sit on the shelf or packed up in boxes. I love the stripping down and restoration process perhaps more than I enjoy running the vintage stuff. James
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