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  1. Your right maybe I'll have a Wild Willy lashed to it!
  2. Perhaps people should be more careful when filling in their topic field? Or if the topic needs changing substancially how about starting a new thread or asking the mod to change it. Seriously how often do people need to change the topic? Be cool to lock other peoples threads, please turn on that ability James
  3. I'm not the kind of person and race in there and do something irreversible and I suppose this topic is more fun than my actual desire to act on it! What I found funny was that the majority of Wing Slogans had quite a sexual connotation to them and getting one of those ones especially would be way out running something subtle! I thought of this topic just before we went to bed last night and we couldn't get to sleep because lots of silly ideas came into our heads with certain cars in certain locations. I promise I won't get a thunder shot on my butt or a hotshot or supershot on something unmentionable. I like the idea of the solid black silouette of the cars that were often in the manuals or in the box inserts etc. (a friend of mine has solid silouettes of maybe half a dozen aircraft on his foreams, y'kno looking down from above etc, I think his grand dad was a pilot/war veteran so has significant meaning and the aircraft are famous) I think at the end of the day if I were to act on a Tamiya related tattoo it'd probably be the Stylized Falcon logo with that being my first car. I actually like those tribal tattoo's that are on one side of the chest and wrap over a shoulder but 1. they're massive, 2. probably not the best choice for a first one and 3. Kelly says it's really not me and a small Tamiya one is probably the best consolation! She still likes a small robot with control and the car miles away on another part of my body I do like the Tamiya Box Wrench too, I like the way it's significant yet subtle and only those that recognize it should understand my passion. James
  4. I suppose the the ones with Radio Control nah seriously, in my early teens and my era of RC it was probably defined and introduced by 2 models really, the grasshopper and the Hornet... There was always someone you knew who had one of these cars and from there you discovered the other models and specifically Tamiya. James
  5. Looks like I'll keep my C Parts for another 20 years until they're all broken again and then I can sell them for top dollar! Don't know why this part did not get any attention with the re-re, maybe it's to drive their parts market, rumour has it there are more 27 x more C Parts made additionally than the number of kits being produced. Can't back that up just made it up! James
  6. Heya! Wasn't my intention to leave this early would probably have stayed till till the end of the year at least. I'll be going back to work on the "Hobbit" which could possibly mean I'll be tripping around the New Zealand country side and be tied up with it for 2 years. My work here has been interesting and a good break but I've been missing my usual career and colleagues terribly. Kelly has also been eyeing up homes in the town we both grew up in too. We have both certainly enjoyed our Aussie adventure tho! cheers James Thanks Willy for the plug I really appreciate it
  7. Hmmm Wild Willy has potential but it ain't going to be on my arm lol
  8. They look great! I like the colors on the frog altho I might have left more of the front windscreen clear. When I painted my first frog I painted the area as you had and when I referred back to the correct painting it frustrated me as I am a stickler for box art. Going your own way means this ain't an issue at all and I'll look forward to some action shots of this one running!!! James
  9. I have always thought I'd like to get a tattoo one day, the thing is I can never decide what I'd really like, probably just 1, nothing overly large or anything... probably a shoulder... Anyways my fiancee said I should just get a small robot operating an RC car, 2 of my favourite things... Today I suggested I look at the Tamiya slogans for inspiration... I said to Kelly how about a tattoo in the correct colors and font of "Being Nuts is Neat" She looked at me sideways like I'm completely nuts! "How About Any Time Baby!" That one created an even more scornful look lol. Anyways what would you guys think might be a cool Tamiya related tattoo? Fox / Falcon / Frog logo's etc or something else? I don't know if I will go ahead with getting a tattoo but maybe just maybe I might stumble across a really cool idea that might 1 day be inked. So what are you guys getting?! Bullhead on your Butt? James
  10. Hey so has anyone confirmed or denied whether the C Parts are the same as the original? Do I sell my ones (if they are the same) or do I keep them to have a more authentic Avante, anyone busted open those parts bags to identify subtle changes etc? cheers JAmes
  11. Thanks Erich, really appreciate your comment and especially the image, cheers mate James
  12. Hi everyone! I'm looking to move back to New Zealand in the next month or 2 and I would like to sell my last few items so I'm not lugging them around with me! I have a few FAV Guns left and are $14 US each. I have very few heads left pretty much just "Dave's" left if you'd like to combine shipping on another item or 2. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp...111&id=3092 Catch you soon!! James BeetleLover
  13. I don't think Tamiya set out intentionally to try and make 2 similar models and that's it but where possible they'd be looking to maximise the use of shared components in that respect the Falcon is probably further down the list of potential re-re's. I reckon we will hear of another ORV chassis'd re-re this year. James
  14. I attempted to order a Hotshot through a Tamiya Distributor and was told it had been discontinued, that was well over 18 months ago! I suspect what is out there is what's available and no longer being manufactured, I think the same might be said about the Boomerang which was released about the time that the Hotshot was discontinued. I also think this has contributed to the Hotshot kits holding their value... The question is what number of each of these kits did Tamiya produce? I have a strong feeling that the majority of the the re-re's have a manufacturing window of a year to 18 months and produced in far less numbers than the modern kits... I think also some of the Asian Distributors may sometimes have stock piles of kits which can give the sense of it always being available post being "Discontinued" Get in there sooner than later before a re-re becomes another vintage kit! I'm still betting the Hotshot is the one to get first James
  15. Maybe you saw my restoration guide? http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=105729 I use Tamiya Putty White item 87095, I have sprayed wheels before and will paint the ones in this tutorial. I use regular TS Spray but I would leave them a week before fitting the tires, it should be well cured to harden fully. I sprayed the wheels on my Willies Wheeler here: http://tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?c...764&id=3092 They came up fine over the yellowed plastic... Some people have had success with peroxide to "bleach" the yellowing out of the plastic, I believe the mold killer I used to strip the paint had a similar effect too hope that helps James
  16. I suspect that the Hotshot is already becoming increasingly harder to find and is now in limited numbers, more so than the Boomerang, if you were worried about which one to get due to availability I'd get the Hotshot first and then the Boomerang within the next 6 months... James
  17. It's probably just the scale of the car Although I'm getting older too I think I found the images a little small too James
  18. Hope you still find a window to do this one and there are benefits to going to NZ in any season... James
  19. I'm not sure that's a good example the Austin Allegro was superb
  20. Hmmm, it's possible as we've seen anything is possible with Sand Scorcher and the Avante. The Falcon sold in droves but I suspect some other Tamiya models are further up the list due for re-re'ing. I think we will see a Blackfoot or Monster Beetle and a Fav or Wild One first before we see a Falcon appearing. The original Falcon chassis is not remarkably different from the modern take on it with the Neo Falcon so it could possibly be deemed as not overly significant or stand out amongst current offerings. That said it was my first car and as such is still special to me. We will see in the next couple of years how it plays out... James
  21. Well my hopes and dreams aren't reliant on more re-re'd pre 58100 cars. I want to see sequels of the originals, a Wild One 2, Striker 2, fox 2... Modern materials and specs like slipper clutches, ball diff's, Carbon Fibre etc. I want the body designs to be reminiscent/similar kinda like the Hotshot 1 transition to Hotshot 2 or Supershot. Want to see similar suspension setups albeit modernized for better performance ie maybe change Wild one trailing to duel trailing arms, milled alloy parts list. Want to see variation between each of the chassis and made interesting again! Will it happen?! James
  22. Get both, run it with ESC until you tire of it and have a MSC for shelf sitting... James
  23. I sold it but will get one again soon... The answer is Wild Willy 2, absolutely fun and entertaining to drive, perfect mix of wheelies rolls and uncanny ability to land on it's wheels again! I think it is much better than the pumpkin and lunchbox. Drive a Willy Willy 2 at a park or area where people are you will draw a crowd and have parents ask how much they are... kids eyes light up!!! James
  24. I'd fully recommend leaving the DF03 alone and just go with the DB01 chassis instead, Baldre/Durga etc... Really nice cars, plenty of performance and upgrades available. I've managed to beat cars twice their price on the track and had people on the stand saying things like don't let that Tamiya beat you etc! It was straight out of the box with kit tyres and no real finesse on the settings... I think you will find the DF03 limited and expensive once you've bought all the hop ups and then I still think the DB01 will have you stock standard! James
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