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  1. look what came in the post today and look sooooo good haha
  2. Indeed I'll either go with some alloy suspension arms or go the tie rod route - in titanium lol Wheels and damper rebuilt kits ordered yesterday Bodyshell next Still have got the RS540 and TBLE 02s in it at the moment... it wheelies with that so I need to work out how to improve the weight distribution. ha
  3. Thats spot on cheers Now to find replacement damper ball ends lol
  4. So, Aisatees has sent me the missing ball joints to mount my 3racing dampers - they were the wrong size and subsequently spit the damper ball joint on the end of the damper rod. Does anyone know where I could get replacement ball joints that fit the damper rods on the 3racing dampers?
  5. I'm in the uk Could you send me a link to where you bought yours from?
  6. Thank you for the warm welcome, Im glad long posts with information are welcomed I agree with what your saying there, I'll keep the drive cups as they'll probably come in handy for another project as I get more intertwined in the RC world haha. The plastic cups are quite substantial - they'll stop in for now, especially as the type of plastic used is probably more forgiving to impact etc. Just out of interest, which GPM Cups would be the correct ones? - I only ask as I've read that you need to change the Differential internals from Flat drive to splines? Carbon Shock Tower Brace is on the order list ready to order Where can I get a set of wheels like these? They look spot on - Also how do I know if wheels will fit the Tamiya hubs? I believe they will fit - and suit it slightly better as its a heavier car I believe? I've got to find some softer springs for mine as the car just bounces rather than soaking up any bumps lol Cheers for the warm welcome guys
  7. Hey guys, Im a new member, new to the RC Car scene, I have always been interested in RC models, and I always liked the Tamiya Dark Impact and HPI Savage 4x4. The missus's dad bought himself a Holiday Buggy for Christmas, (he's a old RC racer and used to compete) and so the missus bought me a Tamiya DT02 Holiday Buggy for Christmas as something different and up my street ( Im a Mechanical Engineer by trade and have numerous Land Rovers Motorbikes etc haha) So, I spent Christmas day building the buggy, dead pleased with it - very quickly came to realized I needed the proper Tamiya Screwdrivers lol. Only I didn't have any of the radio gear so have had to wait for that to arrive ha. Ran the car a few times with the Father in laws to discover the out of the Box 380 motor was a bit slow compared to his GT tuned one haha. So, so far The car has got a Flysky 2.4Ghz system, a Overlander 3300Mah Nimh battery and a HK servo. I have also purchased some oil dampers, and have since discovered the springs are a bit stiff ha. Have purchased a 3racing ball bearing set and also some drive-shafts, now herein lies the problem. These are the drive-shafts and cups Ive ordered, the drive-shafts fit the standard cups fine, however the cups that I have ordered are too small, I have ordered the same cups that were quoted on TheRCRacer article. Sorry for the large first post, but thought you guys might like to know the story ha. heres some photos; Regards Matt
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