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  1. That's right. I solved this by using an 1150 (?) bearing in each rim. Have had tons of fun with it since then without a single problem, so for me this worked wonders.
  2. Have used jauce about 20 times and never been disappointed. There are fees, but it’s still way cheaper than eBay for the stuff I’m after.
  3. I don’t, but since I’ve got 3 Castle combos getting a link or programme card seems like the sensible thing to do. I’ve got one decent radio, but since a reciever costs the same as a cheap radio + reciever I tend to go for that. Appreciate the input @Wooders28!
  4. Haven’t gotten around to building a re re Avante yet, so can’t comment on how it would hold up. But I’ve run my re re Egress a lot the last five years without any breakages. Granted, my homemade track hasn’t got very big jumps, but still. Same goes for my re re Optima, re re Tomahawk and Terra Conqueror. Re re Monster Beetle and Super Hotshot are the main offenders when it comes to needing repairs. I drive all my kits with the same kind of enthusiasm and lack of skill, so it’s not due to the Egress et al being treated more carefully.
  5. That’s a brilliant read, @qatmix! I’ve never owned an on-road kit, and I’m not in the market for one, but that was simply impressive from start to finish. Fingers crossed you’ll give the super Avante the same treatment when it arrives. Now I’m off to read more of the stuff you’ve written!
  6. I’ve got a 4600kv and a 5700kv to spare so might as well test both and see how I fare, but since uncontrollable is not what I’m aiming for it looks like I could be better off just forgetting the 5700kv. Appreciate the input, @Bash!
  7. When you say insane, does that equal most assuredly uncontrollable @Bash If so there’s probably no point in trying. Will going for a 4x4 kit make it easier to control? Or does that strain the system more?
  8. Gearing down is a good point, thanks! I've got some smaller pinions, and I'll monitor the temp and pick up some spur gears if necessary. I guess the worst that can happen is that I end up bying a 4x4 traxxas kit to fit in .
  9. I sometimes buy stuff I don't need, or think I need and it turns out it was really not what I needed after all. Case in point, a castle creations 5700kv esc & motor combo. I've got a 4600kv combo in my re re Optima and it's too much for my track (and skill.) But, I've got a couple of Traxxas Bigfoot 1 that I let the nephews unleash when they get bored from waiting on stuff to be repaired. The Titan 12t is adequate, but it's the only kit I've got that I some times feel that I could do with more power. So my question is, could the caste creations combo work in the Bigfoot 1 (which is a Stampede,) or will the size of the truck cause an infinte loop of thermaling due to it's size?
  10. Oh man, that's some proper wizardry to get it to that shape and a testament to your skills! And I absolutely understand the love of the chase and seeing it all come together. And some things are probably not worth it if one's just thinking of the numerical value, but I bet the joy of having it reach that state was priceless! And you can't put a price on that. I've sent old Garrard turntables and Quad turntables across the pond to ex-BBC-technicians just to have them fettle with them. I'll never recoup the money should I sell, but the satisfaction it gives me to have them restored to factory spec and knowing that everything is just so is measured in anything but monetary value. Since you've got them both, which is your favourite? And, when you drive them, is there any difference?
  11. Today I went full Occam's razor when trying to figure out what caused the cogging/seizing on my re re Optima. I had most everything in pieces twice before noticing that both wheels on the right side had popped out on the inside. A gratuitous amount of glue later and everything was in order. Now I just need to buy threadlock by the barrel to get every screw to stay in place.
  12. Couldn''t agree more, @moffman it's a proper dream come true for me. Seeing as I've probably got a diagnosis or two I'm thinking of picking up a couple more when Tamico gets their second shipment. I know I should've built one by now, but all my allotted RC-time get's spent on the track or doing repairs. But it's a build I'm really looking forward to! + holy hadron collider, they look stunning!
  13. Way to go, dad! And congrats on getting your dream kit! After reading your article I suspect you're all kinds of stoked on getting your hands on such an excellent gift!
  14. Swapped the Team Orion 2700kv motor for a 3930kv SkyRC Leopard set in the Egress. Need to play around with pinion sizes as an 18t was the smallest I had on hand. With a lot of twist and turns and the longest straight on my track being shy of 50 metres I’d like to try a 12t pinion. That, and/or testing timing and punch control on the esc. 3930kv might be overkill for where I drive, but the store didn’t have the 3300kv in stock.
  15. To me the argument against it being called something Avante is null and void after the Aero Avante and Avante Mk2. Had the name been retired after the 2001 I might've agreed, but now it's just a name like any other to me.
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