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  1. No doubt. But just the pleasure of knowing that I have it and that it can actually transform is worth quite a lot
  2. Dear god, that is really something! 10 year old me would've lost it had he seen that. 42 year old me is pretty ecstatic by the sight as well. I might actually need this.
  3. Each time he chews on something he's not supposed to you distract him with a chewing toy. Yes, each and every time. Take him outside for poop duty after each activity. If you've played for a while -out and poop. If he's slept -out and poop. If he's eaten -out and poop. You could reinforce the outside = pooping by giving him a treat when he's finished. Sleep with one eye open and take him out as often as he needs. After a few weeks he'll sleep through the night. Everything is normal, he's learning his way and his place in the world. Socialize him with other dogs as soon as you're able to. Puppy training as others have suggested is a good investment, both for the puppy and for you as owners. Use positive reinforcement, always and tons of it. If he does something he's not supposed to or you don't want him to do distract him, don't yell at him. Reward him when he does as he's supposed to. People usually end up with the dogs they deserve, make sure you deserve a devoted well behaved friend that's a constant source of joy and laughter for the next 13 + years. It's easier to do that now and over the next 12 months than trying to correct behaviour later on. Congratulations on make the best choice ever! Dogs are the most amazing creatures on four legs.
  4. No idea to be honest, it's an off the shelf Duplicolor green metallic.
  5. Hah, the timing of that being the first post is absolutely magical! And yeah, the baking daddy stuff I've caught are a mix of borderline scary and absolutely hilarious!
  6. Today I discovered I’m a moron as I discovered that there’s more parts needed for the Clodbuster shell than what I’d bought. So I’ve been waiting patiently for wheels and paint to dry while what I should’ve been doing was ordering tail gate, front bumper etc. Luckily I also had the wonderful "ping" of an e-clip launching into outer space instead of going on the Super Astute. So, I’ve got a lot of stuff going my way today
  7. Love them! Absolutely blew my mind with Austerity Dogs, been a rewarding ride ever since!
  8. Ah, thanks -then I’ll have a look there. Also did a search on here and found quite a few, which I obviously should’ve done before complaining about your website, sorry about that.
  9. I bought it from a Hong Kong based seller, as he had more than 1 in stock I offered him $450 and he accepted so it would’ve been rude to refuse. The fantasy sums some people are asking on eBay are just plain silly, and luckily there’s still deals to be had. Hope your Avante hurries up!
  10. A few days ago the curiosity Black Special and the missing wheels for the TXT2 arrived. As the other black specials are at the cabin there’s no way to check for differences between the first and second run until covid restrictions are lifted. Nice to have all the wheels for the TXT2 though, god willing the decals on the clod shell will be applied later today.
  11. Brilliant stuff! Feel free to document everything you do in the workshop with a metric ton of pictures Incidentally, is there a list somewhere of the stuff you’ve got for sale, as the full option website might not be entirely up to date in this respect?
  12. Finally gotten round to filling in the surplus holes after drilling new ones to fit it on the TXT2, and as the weather seems to behave I started painting the body. So it’ll probably start to rain within the next 30 minutes but if not I might be able to finish it today.
  13. I would’ve been all over a new TRF buggy, if for nothing else to compare it to the Egress, Avante and DF01 buggies. I’d even jump on a re re of the DB01rrr for the same purpose.
  14. That looks mega! Is it a champagne sort of colour? + I couldn't agree more, such an enjoyable build from start to finish! And driving it is such a pleasure.
  15. Knowing myself, particularly my driving skills, it's not a question of if parts break but when. Enthusiasm and poor judgement has a tendency to get the better of me when I'm on the track. So the scarcity of parts will probably become a hurdle pretty fast. Not that I break a lot of parts, but it would only make sense for the hard to source parts to be the first casualty From my understanding this was how the first Iconic gatherings were in the UK. And something I strive to remember everytime I run my cars, focusing on the kick I get out of running these old things more than how to be faster. Had I been an excellent driver who was competitive I'd probably be chasing all the minimal gains out there though.
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