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  1. Oh, and I hope tamico and the other usual suspects will part out kits so I can buy a ton of spares seeing as Tamiya probably won't release any spares.
  2. It'll probably cost more than a top force. It won't have any modifications done to remedy known weak parts. I'll still happily buy a couple.
  3. Tony's tamiya parts posted it on facebook a couple of hours ago, stating that prices will be announced soon and that they'll be re-released in december. So in a word, no -not official as in directly from Tamiya.
  4. The Super Astute is a nice announcement, it means that I don't have to dig into my nib to build it. As for the Avante Black Special, even though I have two nib I guess I'll have to buy one. And here I was thinking Tamiya had completely lost the plot with the re-re's.
  5. In my mind this is exactly what Lego is for. R2D2 is the only set I've never taken apart -and that is mostly because he's keeping me company at the office. Putting on some music and getting down on the floor with my nephews for a few hours, or sitting down at a table with a pint of bitter and just loose myself in the bricks is the closest thing I come to ZEN.
  6. Exactly so, -sadly it was just me hoping against hope and trying to pair that with a bit of humor.
  7. Exactly so @Jonathon GillhamAnd there's a buy 1 get the other 2 for free deal.
  8. No, they're still waiting to announce the Super Astute, Vanquish and Madcap. I'm thinking saturday is probably when they'll spring it on us.
  9. The short answer; Yes. The even shorter answer; No. For reasons unbeknownst to man I’ve ended up with four kits. One is built. Did I enjoy the build? See the short and even shorter answer. Did I enjoy driving it afterwards? Heck yes!
  10. So, how about that Manta Ray -is it a good one? Edit: it’s an easy one for Tamiya I guess since they re re released the Top Force last year.
  11. Nuremberg last year was when they announced the Avante, Hot Shot, Boomerang and Bigwig? So far they've announced another Egress-run. So we can hope for something next week, can't we?
  12. Simply put: wow! That looks so cool it made me order a MIP diff for my re re as the kit diff was abused to death within the first hour.
  13. I quickly came to the conclusion that I haven't got a single shelf, cupboard or whatever that suits the bulk of the MF box. So for now it's sat on the floor in a spare bedroom looking kind of lost. Yeah, a sort of Falcon + Super Star Destroyer diorama would require more space than I've got available for such hijinx. Nice! I think I'll need one of those micro Millennium Falcons for my office.
  14. That's a great idea! I've still got to finish the Super Star Destroyer and in moments of utter hyperbole I try to think of ways to display them together in some sort of chase scene. That'll probably never come to fruition though. Ha! Sneaking in the MF without being busted requires serious skills!
  15. That is a really good idea, thanks! I am tempted at trying this, but I know I probably lack both bricks and patience to pull it off
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