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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed episode 1 & 2 so I'm just here to say: FYI you wrote episode 6 wrong, as I'm hoping 3, 4 and 5 are in the pipeline already.
  2. This I'm looking forward to! Only bought one of the RC10 40th as I got my fix with the previous re-re, but I'm hoping this truck will become a regular runner for me.
  3. I ordered mine on the 30th and got a shipping notice last night, so if you haven't heard anything from them yet I'd reach out to them if I were you.
  4. If everything goes to plan this weekend one of my nephews will build his first kit, the loveable Blitzer Beetle, and I'll build my first Avante. If we find the time we'll pop by the flea market our local marching band is arranging, and I've got a 1/1 car that needs washing. But first, BB4 into B1.
  5. Ah, the fact that your life is lacking an Egress had completely escaped. me. With this new information that has come to light I would like to revisit my previous reply and make an addendum. You do need an Egress, for driving purposes. Also for the unbridled joy building it will give you. And an Avante, it's the closest RC anything will ever come to the concept of pornography. The VQS will be a splendid consolation prize until the two aforementioned buggies arrive at your doorstep. Now; congratulations!
  6. I agree wholeheartedly @Jonathon Gillham -you need to get an Avante. And whilst waiting for Tamiya to do another production run the VQS is a great piece of kit to ease the waiting period. So yes, you should absolutely get one of those as well. Congratulations!
  7. I've been waiting for Schumacher to produce the carbon fibre upgrade parts and the ball raced steering set before I start the build, but as that seems to take forever I might build it stock apart from the upgraded transmission.
  8. I hear there’s an Egress Black Special in the works, that should be pretty spectacular for this purpose.
  9. All the power and all the best to you @NWarty! This absolutely broke my heart. I'm so glad that your brother knows what's what.
  10. Congratulations on an excellent choice! I've always wanted a Frog, as it looks so magnificently cool, but never gotten round to it.
  11. Thinking about a reply to this topic has made me realise how lucky I feel that I don't live in the US as the polarization that started after the 2000 election has just gotten harder and harder. As for shared interests but differing realities, I guess it comes down to the subject, if you're an outspoken racist, homophobe, nazi, applaud that Roe V Wade got overturned, or mean towards animals you're not a friend of mine. If you on the other hand want to explain to me why Trump was a brilliant president and back it up with sane arguments, I'm interested in hearing what you have to say, and I'll explain my take on the matter to the best of my capabilities. And I couldn't agree more with @Wooders28 last sentence, that pretty much sums it up.
  12. If I had to choose I'd go with the Top Force Evo every single time. I really like how it drives, and it's the pinnacle of the DF01 chassis. I haven't been able to wreck that many parts on any of my DF01 buggies, the only hopup I use is the metal motor mount, and contrary to what has been stated in this thread I find spare parts easy to come by. This might be a geographical question, as I'm in europe, I've got no feel on the spare parts situation in the US etc. For looks and pedigree I'd go with the Top Force Evo, it's a thoroughbred classic. The TD4 might be a future classic for all I know, but it'll probably be around longer with design revisions etc, so I'd rather get at TFE at a normal price now instead of bleeding your wallet dry on ebay in a year or two.
  13. Nice point on the quirkiness @moffman! And when I see your Super Avante I can't help think Tamiya didn't show it from its best angle in the promotion shots.
  14. A Cougar and some bits and bobs. The weather is driving, not building these days, which is just as well since some of the carbon upgrade parts haven't shown stock over at racing-cars.com since the reissue was announced.
  15. I will buy a Super Avante, if for nothing else because it's what I've been hoping Tamiya would do, their modern take on a retro buggy with proper box art. The body hasn't convinced me in it's swedish flag livery, but @moffman's look great, and luckily you can buy it unpainted. Dismantling most of it to get the battery in and out isn't ideal, but I can probably live with that.
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