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  1. This is Tamiya, so I'm not expecting that much logic behind the pricing And as @rwordenjr points out this is the first time it's being released and I'm sure they'll be taking that into account when pricing it.
  2. Is there any other reasoning besides wanting to make more money? The Top Force Evo was after my time so to speak, but are they more iconic or expensive to manufacture compared to the Avante or Egress?
  3. Those of you in the know, are there any differences between the original and re-re decals?
  4. Oh yes, I am sure this will equal two - three Grasshoppers, and then some. I might be naive but I'm thinking Avante/Egress territory?
  5. I lost all faith when I saw the Fighter Buggy memorial thingy and the Plasma Edge colour fantasy, so it was a pleasant surprise when the TF Evo popped up. Hopefully they'll do some proper blister packaging like they did with the Avante and Egress. Happy days!
  6. The nib Super Astutes and the nib King Cab are probably/certainly the most expensive. I really regret not picking up the Top Cat re-re, they were everywhere and so affordable and then suddenly they were nowhere to be found.
  7. This is exactly the kind of stuff I'm after. I absolutely understand those who aren't nostalgic about buggies and such from the late eighties early nineties wanting to go as fast as they're able to, chasing every minimal gain to be the best they can in something brand spanking new, but I just want to be able to mediocre with my outdated, fragile things of beauty along with a bunch of other old sods. Well, if you build it they will come have been true in the past, maybe it can be true now as well.
  8. My local club is fairly active and has a good setup with permanent 1:10 off road, 1:8 offroad and 1:10 on road tracks. Naturally it's built for modern buggies, which makes it seem slightly suicidal for my re-re's. Though there are some guys who are interested in vintage racing there, so I guess it's just as much up to me to become a member and suggest vintage racing as sitting on the fence waiting for something to happen. And since it's outdoors you can pop by and drive whenever as long as you're a member.
  9. Been trying to tidy the cupboard of doom, otherwise known as the place where I place RC stuff from the postman that I don't need immediately. So after a while I sort of forget that it's there, not to mention what's there. Most of the stuff stems from advice on here as to which spares would come in handy for Top Force/Terra Conquerer, Avante and Egress. The ball diffs, diff parts etc was an easy fit into a couple of tackle boxes, but I still haven't quite figured out how to store all the parts trees in a sensible manner. Tossing it all back into the cupboard and forget about it for a couple of years is the most tempting, but it would be nice to have some order to the chaos.
  10. Cheers! First in line is trying to build the TXT-2 into something that hopefully isn't as ugly as the Agrios, which should take me like forever since I've only built buggies so far
  11. Well, it is decidedly your fault for stoking my fear of missing out in the re-re thread, so I guess I should thank you Decided it would be plain stupid to build and run (and break) one of the nibs when a re-re was available. And luckily I found a shop with stock, so didn't have to pay stupid prices.
  12. Yesterday the remaning parts for my TXT-2 build arrived from Tonys Tamiya parts, which was impeccable timing from my postman as stricter covid restrictions were announced today. As if that wasn't enough he also brought a couple Super Astute re-re's with him. Good man.
  13. @Mokei Kagaku posted on facebook that the Egress is confirmed for another run, so the ones who rooted for that are in for a treat
  14. I suspect you're 100 % correct. The fact that they haven''t done another run sort of proves your point I mean, even the Vajra will probably be expensive one day.
  15. Freakonomics! In light of that one could be tempted to think they might be able to make bank, but if the molds are lost that places the break even goal post even further away. And I guess their first re-re run didn't do anything to get them hooked on the concept.
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