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  1. Chris - This is so helpful and timely for me! As I am about to put my 1986 Supershot back together, viewing your photos helps not only with a good order to do things in, but also helps with respect to having visuals for amounts of greases. Thanks! Great thread!!!
  2. Got her torn apart over the last couple days - photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/29798110@N05/albums/72157664007448265
  3. Great -thanks for the links! I have some light hoppe's gun oil. I think that will likely suffice. I keep going back and forth with respect to the speed control. I really want to keep this car all original, but at the same time, I want to use it. Based on input from several forum members, it seems that most would switch to ESC and go with LiPo batteries. I was about to pull the trigger on some Duratrax Onyx 7.2V NiMh 5000mA batteries along with one of the Duratrax chargers. However, before investing over $100 in those items, I need to make up my mind.
  4. Hey Chris - thanks for your reply! I looked at that old post - that is crazy! I don’t want that to happen to me! Its funny because if you look at the reissue Hot Shot, they provide Molybdenum AND ceramic grease in the kit. If you go through the manual, different parts call for different grease. I read somewhere that the moly is for metal to metal? But you are indicating not to use it at all, and if it is bad for the parts I definitely do not want to use it! I do plan to run this car, so I definitely want to get it right. Also, for bearings, I plan to put some oil on em. Whats good? Thanks!
  5. Okay gentlemen - update! I haven't actually started the tear down project yet, but have done a lot of research and began parts collecting. Through my research, I have come to the conclusion that I would like to keep my Supershot as original as possible, changing out only what is necessary to get her running again. Accordingly, I have ordered a few things from Nitro Master on ebay- front and rear Supershot tires (the spiked ones like original), some yellow (soft) damper oil, ceramic grease, AW grease, etc. A question about the grease- earlier in the thread, Crash Cramer mentioned using ceramic grease. My owners manual and car originally only called for molybdenum grease. Is there anywhere I should use that grease at all, or not? Also, where do I use the AW grease, and where do I use the ceramic grease? With respect to the bearings, what type of oil should I use on those? Thanks!
  6. Thanks guys! Yeah - she was never abused and really wasn't over used. I hope and expect that all that is needed are new tires, (or new tires and wheels), new batteries, and a good old cleaning and lube. With that in mind, I am wondering exactly what I will need for batteries - I have been referred to the Venom NiMh and wanted to know what you all thought of these? Also need to know what is a good charger. Thanks! Jason.
  7. Great tips Chris! Thanks so much - and also for the offer of extra screws if I find any missing! I definitely would like any tips you or any other forum members have - I am basically a total newb- I may have built this thing when I was 14, but tearing it down and restoring it is a whole other ball game!
  8. Gentlemen, thank you so much for all of this valuable information! i am so glad I asked here! I have thoroughly read all posts and I definitely intend to start with a strip down and cleaning, as this the first step recommended by everybody. Another forum member, percymon, has been kind enough to write me a message with great information as well, and send me a PDF of the manual. I know I still have mine somewhere, the question is . . . where?! lol. This PDF will assist me in tearing down and rebuilding after a thorough cleaning. As suggested by kasparov, I do intend to attempt to charge the battery I have with the timer, and just give the whole thing a quick go, to see if all still works which I expect it to. Then I will have a better idea if I will need replacement parts. Once I get it all stripped down and cleaned, I will re-post, with photos, and probably have a bunch of more questions. I definitely would like to try to keep it all original, and I know that I didn't stop using it because it stopped working, I probably just got into something else different, being a 14 or 15 year old at the time. lol. So then it say for many years . . . Onwards to get it running again! Thanks so much! Jason
  9. Hi there, I just joined this forum! My name is Jason and I live in Los Angeles, CA. I built a Tamiya Supershot when I was a kid, that I just pulled out of a closet it has been in for quite some time. It is in nice shape, all original, and was not used a whole lot, and was never abused. It is kinda dirty and dusty though. I would love to get this awesome RC car going again! It clearly needs tires, as they are cracked on the edges. And I assume I need to replace the shock oil (I remember that they had oil in them) I am certain I will need some sort of new batteries as well? I linked some photos here of everything I have (batteries, charger, controller, car): https://www.flickr.com/photos/29798110@N05/albums/72157664007448265 Where do I begin to restore this great car? What do i need to do - is there a guide somewhere here? A couple quick searches of "supershot restoration" and the like yielded limited results that were more specific regarding removal or repair of certain parts. I am looking for more of "how to" and "what to do" to get it running type guidance. Thanks in advance for any assistance! It is greatly appreciated! Best, Jason
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