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  1. I reckon they'd be different. As far as I know the Top Force uses 'short' dampers both front and rear. Where the Avante used 'short' on the back, but 'mini' on the front.
  2. Mine turned up today! What motors are y'all planning on running?
  3. Anyone know what happened to Speed Passion? Stock seems to be running out everywhere and the website (http://www.speedpassion.net) has just gone away. It's a shame, I quite liked my Reventon brushless combo.
  4. Hey Max. Finally started roughing out my take on the (super) Vanquish using your awesome Avante 2001 custom towers. Thanks again!
  5. A little something extra special from Fibre-Lyte. Big thanks to Kontemax for letting me order these from his drawings.
  6. Thank you Max. If there is a way that would be brilliant.
  7. Looking amazing, Max. I love those gold dampers. And are your shock towers now on file at Fibre-Lyte? Will I be able to order a set?
  8. Oh hey, sorry I made a misleading typo in the original post. It's a Futaba T3PRKA, not 4. Thanks for confirming I wasn't just missing something obvious here trying to bind with the Futaba. Luckily I picked up the receiver with a matching Tamiya transmitter for just a couple of quid extra which binds and works just fine. Thanks again!
  9. To report back, I just tested this and it seems it's a no. Can't bind the TRU-08 to a 4PRKA, maybe as the transmitter doesn't have the bind button on it that the Tamiya transmitter does. Cheers all!
  10. Hi all. Anyone know if it's possible to bind a Tamiya FHSS receiver like the TRU-08 with a recent Futaba FHSS transmitter? I've got a Futaba 4PRKA T3PRKA and wondered if this might work as it seemed some older Tamiya receivers were rebadged Futaba stuff. Cheers, Jim
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