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  1. Hi, thanks for all the replies. I've given the batteries a full charge to no avail, so it looks like it's probably the ESC. I've emailed the supplier of the kit to see if there's a warranty on the Tamiya ESC, but assuming otherwise I'll get the Quicken 1060. Will update with progress.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, thought it might be something like that. By the way, I've ordered a tamiya motor sport rs-540 motor as an upgrade to the smaller motor that came with it. My guess is the tamiya esc should have worked fine with it, but if I replace it should I get the same one, or another make such as the quickrun?
  3. The reverse is slow and unresponsive, but I understand that's normal.
  4. Hi, please bear with me, I'm new to this. Bought by son a grasshopper re-release for Christmas. It came with a Carson reflex stick pro 3 controller/ reflex wheel pro 3 receiver and tamiya brushless esc 02S. After putting it together it worked fine for a few weeks, then the other day he turned it on, and it made a strange crackle noise. Since then the steering works, the reverse works, but it won't go forward at all. I guess something has burnt out, but do you think it's likely to be the esc, of the controller, or receiver. I presume it's not the motor as it still reverses fine. Much appreciated
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