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  1. Hola a todos, este es mi Sand Sorcher. STOCK del motor ESC HOBBYWING 1040 LIPO 3S Rc channel aluminium fornt bumper Rc channel aluminium reinforcing plate silver.
  2. Finally finished and tested. These are the first photos. Videos coming soon ..
  3. Hello everyone, I present the last body that I have attached to my axial scx10II.MITUSBISHI PAJERO WAGON.I leave you a video, which is how it is best appreciated. In addition the car I have it equipped with the optional 2-speed change and the video itself indicated every time a gear change is made.I hope you like it:
  4. Looking for limits on land and rock. Wherever an enduro motorcycle passes, so does little Jimny
  5. Well maybe is already released: Very good first impressions. The only thing I modified are the wheels, as you can see I have put some SDI GRIP DOCTOR, who are wonderful. Car is very well defended to be lexan body, but the best thing is to wait for the video that is already in editing... To improve: 1. the 26t engine has very little touch and with the development of pinion Crown does not hold well in downhill, so I'll try with a 35t or a 45 t. 2. the servo started very well but after 1 hour of use began to show signs of fatigue.Video soon...
  6. Hola chicos, les presento mi última adquisición. Mst CMX JIMNY También tengo el video unboxing. Pero esto está en mi idioma nativo, el español. https://youtu.be/J369zOOBmjI Modificaciones y video de prueba pronto ... Gracias.
  7. In this video there are two parts, unboxing and hopup. The hopup started in the minute (2:51). So you can see the plate better and the rest of parts. The bad news is that the vídeo is not in English...
  8. I use Vallejo Premium and it is very resistant. Even for Cars that use glow engines. The Premium range has normal, Metallica and Candy colors. But you need a airbush.
  9. Hello, the plate can be purchased through this link: www.epdesign.es this laser CUT, the finish is perfect.
  10. I was hesitant, but the offer I had a couple of weeks ago was what made me easier to buy.
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