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  1. I finished my first grasshopper build. With a few little changes of course. Was thinking about starting a hopper/hornet appreciation thread for people to show all of theirs off.
  2. A little background, I review and modify pro audio equipment, such is how I make my living. I was into the hobby for a bit of time prior to taking on this career path and have now been able to get back into it, so what better way to get back into an old hobby? Join the forums and start a build!

  3. I would recommend the HPI 15t 540 can and ball bearings for hornets and grasshoppers. Makes for a cheap, simple and completely usable buggy that you can go out and have some fun with. Throw a lipo in it for even more power if you feel the need. If you want to go brushless a cheap EZRUN combo would work well but usually they become very hard to handle since you are basically strapping a small rocket to a shopping cart.
  4. I would purchase a black rere if I wasn't so prone to conpusivley running everything I build. I have to stick to the regular rere GH so I don't feel bad about it when it gets scuffed up. But yes, it looks fantastic! The white springs and neon wheels really add a good toutch to this kit.
  5. Though I would love to acquire a red holiday buggy ReRe, I have never owned one. I have driven the dt-02 though and I was surprised how well it actually drove. Completely stock configuration, aside from bearings. I figured that with a simple set of shocks and a cheap brushed 540 or EZ run system it would be a great all around vehicle that you could probably even race with if you felt so implied.
  6. I would recommend finding the aftermarket metal front suspension brace for the original grasshopper and throwing some mini-T front oil shocks on it. They fit well and give much better handling characteristics. (in the process of making a modernized grasshopper runner myself)
  7. One of the things that got me into the hobby in general was finding the old Tamiya advert for the grasshopper on youtube. Perfect little kit to actually run and enjoy in my opinion. They are just so inexpensive and simple to throw together, and can handle quite a bit of abuse... I'm going to buy a re-release grasshopper now.
  8. I see this becoming the Kyosho equivalent to the Rough Rider re release. I would recommend picking up two if possible. One for yourself and one to set aside to build value. Once they discontinue them I wouldn't be surprised if we see them fetching a mighty high price online.
  9. One badword of a basher build you got there man! Would love to see a video of it running once your modifications are completed.
  10. That Hornet DT-03 build looks fantastic! Never would have thought it would work so well.
  11. New to the site! Howdy all!

  12. I have found an original SRB! It was found dismantled in a shed at an estate sale, looks to be about 90% complete in terms of parts. The odd thing is that the gearbox seems to have some sort of glue sealing it, not much so opening it shouldn't be a difficult task. Would make a fantastic parts car or candidate for restoration. I found the electronics in a separate box, but unfortunately the wires seem to have been clipped. Unfortunate, but they are included if you would like to re-solder or rewire them. Bearings are also included for those that want to make this a running model. As expected the gearbox will need to be shimmed since it has clearly been sitting for a while. I have attached some pictures, and the rear dampeners and the pinion are included, they are just hidden in the chassis tub. Here are the image links: http://postimg.org/image/47u1ap9yv/ http://postimg.org/image/8i8p6af1z/ http://postimg.org/image/5bj7js0xj/ http://postimg.org/image/ak96kjd13/ Willing to let it go for 65$ plus shipping or trade for re-re kits or kyosho mini z optima, show us what you have to offer. The buyer will be responsible for the cost of shipping. I am located in the USA so shipping within the states shouldn't be to much since in this dismantled state it should fit in a large flat rate box. I always ship with a tracking number if possible. I am willing to ship the item out of country/over seas for my UK friends but the buyer will still be responsible for shipping costs. If a trade is made, we will each pay for the shipping of our own piece and we will provide tracking numbers. Otherwise, payments are to be made via paypal only. So let me know what you guys think, at this time not willing to part it out, if nothing happens here I'll just hold on to her.
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