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  1. Dangerseeker

    Wanted: Boomerang dual front shock conversion - 50305

    You can try the Supershot brackets, they look quite similar: https://tamico.de/#q%3Dsupershot%26t%3Dno
  2. Peter_B is absolutely right. You should consider buying a Mad Bull - great car out of the box. Add ball bearings and oil shocks -> even better car, that will survive almost everything.
  3. Dangerseeker

    wanted tamiya bear hawk body

    i believe i got one that i can spare. its already painted (greenish). i will have a look and will be back later.
  4. Dangerseeker

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    i am aware that most of the purists will hate me, but with a capable pc and the right emulator software you can play almost all of the console games (and home computer games) out there up to ps2 i guess. most of the games play like on the console. and no need to fiddle with the osolwte tv-set connectors
  5. Dangerseeker

    Blackfoot gearbox reinforcment

    i once bought the parts from mheald, but i didn' use them. i would sell them for the price mheald asked, but i got the monster beetle version and i am unsure if it works on the blackfoot.
  6. Dangerseeker

    Blackfoot gearbox reinforcment

    you could try your luck here: or get a ball diff from mip: http://www.miponline.com/store/mip16210.html
  7. Dangerseeker

    FS - Thorp 48P Ball Diff Set King Cab Astute etc

    There is an offer on xbay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-THORP-4960-Tamiya-King-Cab-Astute-HiLux-32P-Underdrive-Ball-Diff-Kit-NEW-/201916201134?hash=item2f0324b8ae:g:6Y8AAOxyAc1STPST but they say its 32P ?
  8. Dangerseeker

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    You need professional help... ;-)
  9. Dangerseeker

    Tamiya Top Force Re-re-really!

    they say at the end of august. price looks tempting... https://www.lindinger.at/at/?sViewport=detail&sArticle=9742758&sSearch=top+force
  10. i bookmarked this some time ago. maybe it is of interest/help: http://www.rcmt.net/forums/showthread.php?15988-TXT-axle-modifications
  11. Dangerseeker

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    thats a good price! i paid $40 for a bear hawk body hardly to compare...
  12. Dangerseeker

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    great buy! this things dont come cheap these days. how much did you pay?
  13. Dangerseeker

    Mad Bull Build

    steering mods, i dont know which solution is better...
  14. Dangerseeker

    3D and RC parts

    3D printing is indeed fascinating and opens infinite possibilities to restore/upgrade our rc cars. the one thing i am not sure about is the strength/durability of the 3D printed parts compared to the injection molded ones. the latter feel stronger and i am afraid they are, but i have not directly compared such parts.
  15. Dangerseeker

    Durability List

    I am with WillyChang. The Hotshot/Boomerang etc. drivetrain can take a beating. I got a Super Sabre that was used and abused a lot, it was even ran over by a real car and still no damage to the chassis. Meanwhile only the front arms show some cracks and have to be replaced, but the thing is > 30 years old . Furthermore, the MadBull is a car you cant destroy, solid chassis, bulletproof gearbox, big tires that function as bumpers and shock absorbers - the full package.