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  1. You can try the Supershot brackets, they look quite similar: https://tamico.de/#q%3Dsupershot%26t%3Dno
  2. Peter_B is absolutely right. You should consider buying a Mad Bull - great car out of the box. Add ball bearings and oil shocks -> even better car, that will survive almost everything.
  3. i believe i got one that i can spare. its already painted (greenish). i will have a look and will be back later.
  4. i am aware that most of the purists will hate me, but with a capable pc and the right emulator software you can play almost all of the console games (and home computer games) out there up to ps2 i guess. most of the games play like on the console. and no need to fiddle with the osolwte tv-set connectors
  5. i once bought the parts from mheald, but i didn' use them. i would sell them for the price mheald asked, but i got the monster beetle version and i am unsure if it works on the blackfoot.
  6. you could try your luck here: or get a ball diff from mip: http://www.miponline.com/store/mip16210.html
  7. There is an offer on xbay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-THORP-4960-Tamiya-King-Cab-Astute-HiLux-32P-Underdrive-Ball-Diff-Kit-NEW-/201916201134?hash=item2f0324b8ae:g:6Y8AAOxyAc1STPST but they say its 32P ?
  8. they say at the end of august. price looks tempting... https://www.lindinger.at/at/?sViewport=detail&sArticle=9742758&sSearch=top+force
  9. i bookmarked this some time ago. maybe it is of interest/help: http://www.rcmt.net/forums/showthread.php?15988-TXT-axle-modifications
  10. thats a good price! i paid $40 for a bear hawk body hardly to compare...
  11. great buy! this things dont come cheap these days. how much did you pay?
  12. steering mods, i dont know which solution is better...
  13. 3D printing is indeed fascinating and opens infinite possibilities to restore/upgrade our rc cars. the one thing i am not sure about is the strength/durability of the 3D printed parts compared to the injection molded ones. the latter feel stronger and i am afraid they are, but i have not directly compared such parts.
  14. I am with WillyChang. The Hotshot/Boomerang etc. drivetrain can take a beating. I got a Super Sabre that was used and abused a lot, it was even ran over by a real car and still no damage to the chassis. Meanwhile only the front arms show some cracks and have to be replaced, but the thing is > 30 years old . Furthermore, the MadBull is a car you cant destroy, solid chassis, bulletproof gearbox, big tires that function as bumpers and shock absorbers - the full package.
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