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  1. and of course i just bid on something else
  2. I havent posted in awhile but have been keeping up with the current topics. Ive been collecting certain hop up parts and figuring out specific things that are harder to locate take awhile to hunt down. But anyway, I found this a bit funny as to how ive acquired my last two ebay purchases. I saw a gravel hound about a month ago and then a TA02T F150 both with original box and all parts. I just threw out the opening bid and won them both. I never expected to win them. I just thought this was a fum antic-dote for our forum. Accidental purchases are certainly interesting.
  3. Hey i accidentally bought a gravel hound on ebay. I was the only bidder. But would like a fresh body???? Im in USA
  4. they are the same, The ebay link for jazz hobby shows rc jaz when you are sent to ebay
  5. with absolutly no up grades my tto2b is the cats pajamas
  6. i have always assumed that at some point i would run whatever i built. Now this to me is a touchy situation. I run my cars. And i enjoy it. However, I also have NIB kits stored to fix the runners assuming parts will not be avail. What i have found is that from 1988 till today i have "learned" about the upgrades and the lipo and the brushless. This changes the Argument from cheap to expensive. What i mean is, Lets find a happy price point, prob a tamiya kit that is including silver can and an esc. If that number is 200 usd, then are we saying that its a cheap kit? A 201 was $200 a few years ago. Now its all about upgrades. So the Schumacher LD2 that im sitting on, literally in front of me now, is $325 or so USD, However i have $500 in alloy and brass parts in multiple online carts. One of those alloy parts is required in step one. So, I can build the kit as is or do an upgraded kit. Same with Tamiya. I have 3 DN-01s, One is almost a trf201 another is halfway and one is NIB. Are we trying to put a finacial number on cheap vs expesive? even if u buy an upgradable kit, lets say because its an easy argument, a TT02B. but with full aluminum and all the trimmings a $150 kit is now 600 USD. Is thst kit still a cheap kit? We all upgrade in one way or another! It could be wheels, tires, a sport or torque tuned moter, a shock upgrade..........ect. i think the question should be stck cheap kits vs expensive stock kits. so meaning an egress at 600 usd vs a $100 grasshopper argument., Ill just leave this all here because i could go on but dont think i need to because if you are enjoying the hobby thats all that matters
  7. Bodies should be just as availible as plastic spares........HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I pick up my toys and go home. There is a reason we just dont know why, The market is what the manufacturers want it to be. I agree, A lexan body is literally pennies to produce and "should" be avail, meaning they produced an exces to begin with. However if legality has a postion that could be a major issue. Its just part of the hobby. Sucks but true
  8. I was tring to find either as I like the style. Seems none are to be found and the bay is nuts for prices.Foud a set at tamico but no ship to USA.
  9. And todays currency conversion lesson: $350 pounds = $486.00 USD. Not for me at that price
  10. this is of course intersting and has possible potential for me. However i will reserve judgement until we get the price. Its not a re re egress commanding top dollar, which i still say is way over priced. as well as Avante and bruiser and any other 500/600 or 900 dollar rere. if it comes im at a fair price and is accesible id guess id pick one up.
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