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  1. so glad I could help out!!!! Stoked you got the 1500 mile shipment!
  2. yup all is true. But i am only intersted in trf offroad. tamiya has put that to pasture. now im schumacher and corraly and hb for offroad kits. tamiya has nostalgia but 20 years ago the trf buggies were great. now they arent bad but cant operate them. no support.
  3. https://www.fusionhobbies.com/product/58370-tamiya-dark-impact-df03
  4. Its an interesting phenomenon, I had a servo issue. I took the bottom and top casing off. With that removal, when i hooked up the power, the servo just spun and spun. I then adjusted the trim to stop the servo from spinning. the point being that if i hadnt taken the servo apart, and then hooked it up while it was apart i would never had known the servo was "under load" the entire time. So by adjusting the trim by looking at the physical gears inside the servo i found that to be an incredibly interesting find. as i have always wondered and tried to adjust the steering, perhaps this is a piece of the puzzle
  5. good luck with Tamiya parts support. Fun thread though.
  6. @Busdriver hear ya. Just some of the stretch on the mold are really really thin
  7. @Busdriver I hear ya. However im thinking stability of the shell
  8. Ok so as i have explored this more. I cant reverse the gear due to the stops on the big gear. So i grabbed another servo,Brand new, and opened it up. I again plugged it into the car and powered up. This servo is adjusted LEFT 21 in order to stop the constant rotation.
  9. Ok so i was having issues with a servo used in a buggy. I first thought that the steering arms and part could be cathing on somthing or binding. So as its an inexpensive servo i took it apart after realizing it was def the servo. There were broken teeth on inside. As its a steering servo i rotated the gears 180 and hooked it back up to the car with out the top and bottom of the case reinstalled. What i noticed was that when the reciever and car were turned on the servo was spinning or constantly running. I grabbed the controller and went into the trim and adjusted it until the servo stopped running and was still. I had to adjust to LEFT 31. im trying to understand what im dealing with. Meaning, if i hadent taken the servo apart or saw this does that mean that the servo constantly was pushing in on direction? Hmmm
  10. Hey everyone. Im gonna post a question over in electrics, Check it out and weigh in if you can
  11. top is actually silver. @BJoe76
  12. So im going to do the bumpers today, i was thinking black? Any thoughts on bumper color choice?
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