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  1. TAMIYA BODY CLEANER !! I have stripped 3 shells completly back to clear with it. Yes it takes some patience but it does the job. And you can controll the results
  2. Hey members. I have over 30 builds here. some have never been driven. Id like to offer some of them to the TC community before i go to the bay.. As of this post id like to offer: F103GT yazoo M05RA 2cv M06 karman ghia M06 with full blue bling (0ver $500 in hop ups) Super blackfoot with spare body 2 sets wheels(original) if interested just message me for pics and further info. We can negotiate price from there
  3. the checker across the nose is a no for me but on the rear fenders could work. minimal less is more
  4. Stop where u are. Stand back. Look. Wait.
  5. No, Its accessible As long as youre not on a quad or dirt bike or doing anything stupid then its not a prob. . .
  6. https://www.google.com/maps/@39.8189934,-74.9546386,2349m/data=!3m1!1e3!5m1!1e4 Have a large sand quarry minutes from me. Or local baseball diamond.
  7. body cut out is 6 3/4" at the bottom. 7" between the vent windows
  8. It really is a shame that this mans collection wont truly go where i hope he would have wanted it to go. But, good for his Family
  9. we just traded our Mini R60 Countryman in and left with a '22 F60 JCW Countryman.Old one was just at 200hp the new one is 305hp so a really nice power upgrade.
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