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  1. going to use these on the Vw bus chassis, ut may not use that shell. I gotta look at the wheel base and also read the manual as far as adjustable wheel base. if it works out proba MINI shell
  2. a also check the gru screw on the pinion. As far as the dogbones go make sure they are in the cups. The wheels attach with a small little post make sure i\they are both set in the wheels.
  3. With all due respect, can a moderator please respond to let me know how the upload photo thing works? i am a subscriber. i paid to use tamiyaclub. Why am i limeted to uploads on the forum? Is there an overall limit on pics? my ailility to upload is now 0.23 mb. Why does my ability to upload a pic keep going down?
  4. What esc did u put in? what transmitter? what reciever?Wont go backwards is a figure it out hting
  5. So i just ordered a ton of m-06 aluminum parts for a build. M-06. QUTUS Challenger 50mm Damper Set for 1/10 RC Touring M-Chassis Car Blue Item# DBB-2050BU$39.90 USD1$39.90 USD Aluminum Long-Span Suspension Arms And Knuckles Performance Upgrade Kit for Tamiya M05 M06 Item# TAMC-S01BU$59.90 USD1$59.90 USD Drivetrain And Steering Upgrade Kit For Tamiya M05 M06 Item# TAMC-S02BU$59.90 USD1$59.90 USD Aluminum Single Piece Motor Mount with Heat Sink (BU) for Tamiya M06 Item# M06-013BU$10.90 USD1$10.90 USD M-06 Rear Aluminum Damper Stay Mount Item# 54326$13.90 USD1$13.90 USD Aluminum Single Piece Gearbox Plate for Tamiya M06 Item# M06-013O2BU$8.90 USD1$8.90 USD Steel & Aluminum King Pin Set (4pcs) For Tamiya M05 & M06 Item# M06-135BU$4.90 USD1$4.90 USD Alum. Shock Spring Base Cover 13mm For Damper Item# 3RAC-DP01/LB$4.50 USD1$4.50 USD Alloy Wheel Washer Set Thick 5mm (BU) For 1/10 RC Touring Drift Crawler Item# WA-015BU$5.90 USD1$5.90 USD Alum Drive Shaft (LB) Item# M03M-07/LB$5.10 USD1$5.10 USD 7075 Aluminum Steering Turnbuckle Shaft 3 x 93mm For Tamiya M05 M06 Item# TAMC-007BU$2.90 USD1$2.90 USD Aluminum Axles For Tamiya M05 M06 Item# TAMC-020BU$2.90 USD1$2.90 USD
  6. So i late night ordered this car. I love the look of this for an on road kit. The Tamiya 58665 1/10 RC Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 Hybrid Kit, with F103GT Chassis, Model:TAM58665 by Tamiya Im in the mood to make an on road speed car. Id love to make it ridiculously fast. Any help would be awesome. also, im trying to learn about on board gps speed so if anyone has something to contribute that would be great.
  7. Paid for a d-01 durga, worth it to see if it gets here to the USA. i Hope it does as i have a db-01 rrr sitting here.
  8. use the correct paint, dont rush. If u rush it it wont be right. Lesson learned
  9. grab some extra diffs, or the trf201 diffs, i melted mine running it pretty hard
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