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  1. MIne showed up last week. still bundled and put away
  2. my rrr is pretty tuned in. love it
  3. tuning in the front wheels has always been my problem on buggies. u gotta mess with it. lots of guys on here are better than me. im gonna build mt reg durga soon. perhaps ill see yhour prob. im still tuning in my rrr
  4. so u need to look at the front wheels. shim them up or adjust the turnbuclkles. look at the hex on the front wheels. are the wheels loose on the axle? also where are u running the buggy? in the street? if you are trying to tune the steering on a road that has a curve to the curb then u cant. flat surface is needed. that can be a hard thing to find. 4wd is another thing. those front wheels need to be nuts on. but, on dirt it doesnt matter. close is good. have u ran the db01 on loose terrain?
  5. my 2 cents is buggies steering is meant for off road ive tried to tune in buggy steering but u cant make a buggy an on road car. . perhaps the performance guys can help but ive never been able to make a buggy street worthy.
  6. im gonna wait to say what the body is. @J@mes im thinking the anodized sky blue is a winner but ill wait
  7. @Mrowka its tamiya perhaps the body does need to be known.
  8. So u cant or wont do 2? or is that not an option?
  9. @gregdogghurst curious what you did as i have a RRR here
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