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  1. M chassis im not using. No hopups all stock kit. Very little use. No electronics. Please refer to my showroom to view pics. USA based. Basically ill take offers or possibly trade but would prefer to just sell the car. Original box and parts trees and manual included. Pm me. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=135659&id=46110
  2. Wair, you are doing the decals then doing the roof? Brave man you are....
  3. Ive got a mon-tech mini body and i started to work up a pint scheme. the window masks are not great. But the rear side window masks are so bad the im just going to mask them myself. Really? Like if you are going to provide masks then they need to "fit". If not then dont include them.
  4. Cant wait to throw my "now completed" cars in the mix. Have scouted my dirt spots and will have buggies running as buggies should....in actual dirt.
  5. @Golden yeah man i would cut them out completly. I use a hobby knife basically a scalpel. If you dont trust your hand use a pair of scissors. Then just test fit. remeber the decal will move based on shape so a gentle pull to keep it on track is needed or it will follow a strait line. press the bubbles out as u go but stop if u feel a crease is forming, go back and re adjust. Im not a soapy water fan because the decal wont stick so fine adjustments dont work. my opinion.
  6. I kike the Turnigy Trackstar brushless combos. Nice range of KV chices. I have 5 of them and they are nice
  7. One of the things u may try on those long decals is leaving the backing on and test fitting to get some muscle memory. then only remove a third of the backing from the front. making sure the initial placement is correct. Body contors are tough. Lots of practice basically. But yeah the soapy water thing works. The hairdryr works. Just go slow.
  8. @Kelleye Great buggy. I have 3. one is pretty much a trf201. Get the slipper correct and its a fun kit. Im running 3250 kv brushless. Fast enough. However i did melt diff once.
  9. Wasn't rere per say, It was the existence of what i remembered still being available. The longevity of tamiya is what makes the brand valuable. Granted there are many things that in our eyeys could be improved on, but the long term consistency is a comfort zone. Not a perfect situation after re entering. But we all know what we are dealing with now.
  10. the fact that this thread was on the second page just goes to show how bad our hobby is suffering right now. These motors and esc have been out of stock for months.
  11. Since covid there sure isnt much available. It would be great if Tamiya could comment.
  12. For some reason the B2 part of my trans is loose and not seated correctly on one side. any thoughts before i tear it open? SOLVED. forgot a bearing
  13. it doesnt last, looks awesome for a bit then u need ti re apply. think about it. its an after thought. looks good, has no function. dont expect a fine paint marker to last. its a vanity thing. every tire i my fleet is paint markered. if and when it wears off i can reapply. its a hobby thing
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