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  1. hey everyone, i lost a 1150 washer for my top force rear diff. I think im gonna run to hardware store but thought if anyone had a suggestion? can i throw a 1150 bearing in there instead of the ball retainer and washers?
  2. just to say, ive had no issue with rcjaz
  3. just go with a sport or torque tuned motor, they are inexpensive. 3000-4000 mah battery pack again inexpensive. possibly check out your pinion and change it for a slightly more performance one. thats it. unless u wanna go lipo and brushless and hit the rabbit hole. tires are great u already have for what u described
  4. only thing i would say is if the kit is for a little guy a modern track offroad buggy is gonna get stuck offroad.
  5. @Carmine A Ha maybe try my hands at a rust bucket sleeper
  6. Is that the going price? $150?? I have one and was considering selling. but at 150 ill keep it.
  7. Also, as far as a motor? Ill defiantly throw a brushless in this. Its a vw bus kit, but i have been looking at other shells
  8. @DeadMeat666 sorry about the wrong tag. Anyway. I’ll hrab my two other m06 and see what I can determine about weight. But my other two drive well, lots of “drift”. I’d say some extra weight may be good. Haven’t driven it as I want to finish the blue completely. As well as carbon front damper stay. As far as hex, it’s two different kits as photographed and posted earlier.
  9. https://imgur.com/gallery/RZ5GjBj https://imgur.com/gallery/IEk0zl8
  10. @DeadMeat1966 im trying to link all the pics from imjur. i took like 20.
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