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  1. LOL because its painted on the outside every time you bash it you need to touch up. Much easier to add more rust
  2. Here's the Morris Minor van shell I am using. Its a white ABS shell from Kamtec so you have to cut the windows out and paint the outside. I painted it Triumph Wedgewood blue and trial fitted it to the M01 chassis. But it looked too shiny so I cut some plastic glued it in and added some rust.
  3. Yes I think you can swap the ends and turn the front wheel drive chassis into rear wheel drive. Its just a shame they made so many different lengths.
  4. Cheers but I am going to go with the M02 now as I have 3x chassis. The M02 middle tub is the same as the M01 but not the end parts. Here are a few pics of the old M01 and the new M02 Medium. Maybe there was a M02 (short) that may of been the same? The M02 medium is a fair bit longer than the M01.
  5. I have managed to get 1x M02L and 2x M02M chassis but as yet no M01 chassis. I don't think there are any M01 chassis left out there and if there is one on a shelf somewhere the plastic will be pretty brittle by now. So I have built up one of the M02M chassis and am waiting for the gearbox casing to come from OZ. I have started to paint up a nice Morris Minor van; will pop up some pics when finished. Jason
  6. I will be running off road. Is this any good James? http://www.asiatees.com/display?Miscellaneous-All-Parts-Hop-Ups-Upgrades&brand=Miscellaneous&model=All&id=98782&pid=1 By geared diffs do you mean the TA06 gears (Tamiya 54428) ? Can you post up links to what I need to build these diffs? Thanks Jason
  7. Ok cheers Steve. I will cut it out then
  8. Hi I have a nice blue alli motor heat sink which fits in the floor of the chassis but how do I get the hole to fit it? Looking from the underside the plastic appears to be a knock out but it does not want to budge and I don't want to break the chassis. Do I need to dremel it out or do I need to be more forceful? Thanks Jason
  9. Hi I am also interested in the same upgrade. From a bit of Googling I think you have to decided if you want to use it off or on road and set a budget as this will determine how many turns motor you will need. Interesting video of a few motors tested in a similar buggy.
  10. Fingers crossed I will have one soon coming from OZ thanks to Alex. I am not sure there is anything left apart from the screws that is original on my "bargain" Ebay buy now so hopefully it will last awhile before the kids break it.
  11. Hi I am rebuilding a M01 that I bought on eBay as a "Bargain" but am slowly replacing everything on it including the chassis. So now I need a Tamiya M-Chassis B Parts (Gear Case), Part No's. 50652 (SP-652 & 0005550 & 1000550) Anyone got one for sale? Thanks Jason
  12. Hi I am waiting for my new bearings for my M01 and then it's finished so for the next project I am looking to build a brushless DB01. Has anyone got a bashed about scruffy DB01 that needs work for sale? I am in North Essex in the UK but reasonable postage is cool. Thanks Jason
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