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  1. You can use a hobby servo without the electronics. Read this: http://reparar-cochesrc.blogspot.com/2017/11/sustituir-un-servo-nikko-por-otro-servo.html
  2. The Hornet body fits well on Nikko Thunderbolt / Bison. You would have to put mounting posts.
  3. Another pictures (Badiola RC photographer):
  4. aliexpress.com/item/32729418917.html
  5. Look at Hsp 08060 dogbones (77mm): aliexpress.com/item/32624056216.html
  6. With On road wheels and Corally 16T motor:
  7. In action: (with "silver can" 27T motor):
  8. How to fix the broken motor mount (Tamiya TA01 / TA02). We only need two countersunk head screws (M3 and 20-25mm long) and a drill. It is attached with 2 nuts:
  9. I have the Nikko Mosquito
  10. The car was manufactured in 2012 or 2013. Reely is a "white Brand" of Carson (German electronics and hobby dealer). At least I already have the manual, parts list and exploded view. There are still spare parts in internet stores.
  11. Thanks, I have already identified the manufacturer/dealer. It is a chassis of the Detonator Monster or Rockhard Truggy models, both by Reely
  12. Chassis identification. This is a 4wd chassis; it has no brand or reference. It is very wide (320mm) and the wheelbase is 260mm. It looks like a 1/10 Short course chassis. Does anyone know the manufacturer or recognize it? Thanks
  13. There is information at: http://reparar-cochesrc.blogspot.com/2015/12/reparar-antena-de-emisora-tamiya-qd.html
  14. It may be a flip-flop or monostable multivibrator built with inverter gates to separate the PPM signal into two PWM signals:
  15. It´s a semi-proportional control car. The steering is proportional control and a single speed to go forward or backward. SN76604 i.c. was widely used the for steering control.
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