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  1. The front-wheel drive M-01 and rear-wheel drive M-02 chassis are symmetrical; Depending on where you mount certain parts, they can be converted from one to the other. The chassis I have is a 239mm M-02L and I want to convert it to an M-01 with the same parts. Hubs, steering arms, bumpers and body mounts need to be removed and swapped. The wheels shafts are also swapped: the "M-01L" already assembled: The steering servo rod needs to be lengthened as the servo is now located behind the battery. For this I have used some electronic circuit board spacers that also had the same thread as the rod: Tests and video: https://youtu.be/UI4emLlQf7A [VIDEO]https://youtu.be/UI4emLlQf7A[/VIDEO] Spanish thread here: [URL="Spanish thread here: http://reparar-cochesrc.blogspot.com/2022/04/convierte-chasis-tamiya-m-02-traccion.html"]http://reparar-cochesrc.blogspot.com/2022/04/convierte-chasis-tamiya-m-02-traccion.html[/URL]
  2. Radioshack is a dealer: it does not manufacture RC cars. Radioshack chose some RC car models from Nikko, Taiyo, Yonewaga and many unknown manufacturers from Taiwan / Hong Kong with exclusive bodies, stickers, colors... for Radioshack in the 80's and 90's If you want to know what manufacturer made the RC car and year of manufacture, look for an FCC Id number on the sticker on the back of the transmitter. The first three characters are the manufacturer code: C6D Nikko Electronics Toy Pte Ltd Singapore CVT Nikko Co Ltd Japan HS4 Nikko Electronics Malaysia CP5 Taiyo Toy(s) PTE LTD (Radio Racer) Singapore AEK Taiyo Co., Ltd. Japan BXJ Yonezawa Corporation Japan F5J Ka Wah Manufactory Lt. (Digitcon) Macau - China ATN Sun Chung Precision Metal Industry Ltd (Radcon) - Hong Kong GLE Suncon Toys Industry Ltd Hong Kong D4B Robocom Co Inc. - South Korea Examples: Golden Arrow , 60-4080 Fcc id: CVT9BKSA-10 -----> Nikko - Japan (1989) Black Phantom, 60-4103, Fcc Id: CVT60-4103, -----> Nikko - Japan 1992 BUGGY SPECIAL TURBO 60-4069, Fcc Id: GL57BUSA-14, ----> Takahashi Kogyo Co Ltd - Japan 1987 Turbo Super Concord Aero Buggy , 60-4036 , Fcc Id: D4B60-4036 ----> Robocom Co Inc. - South Korea (1989) Red Arrow 60-4077 , Fcc Id: ATN7PP604077 ----> Sun Chung - Radcon - Hong Kong (1988) Frame Buggy , 60-4073, Fcc Id: F5J4KK604073 , -----> Ka Wah Manufactory Lt. - Macau - China - 1988
  3. I don't know how the electronics of the Tamiya QD 1/10 are but if it is similar to the Tamiya QD 1/14, it has a lot of information here: https://reparar-cochesrc.blogspot.com/2015/12/reparar-antena-de-emisora-tamiya-qd.html
  4. Thunderbolt was sold with 380 motor or 540 motor (I think it is 540SH 45 turns). Rhino has the same geaxbox for a 540SH 27 turns motor. I had with Rhino Aero and it also has the same gearbox. There are other buggies (Nikko Dragon / Nikko Phoenix) that seem to have the same chassis and gearbox.
  5. You can use a hobby servo without the electronics. Read this: http://reparar-cochesrc.blogspot.com/2017/11/sustituir-un-servo-nikko-por-otro-servo.html
  6. The Hornet body fits well on Nikko Thunderbolt / Bison. You would have to put mounting posts.
  7. Another pictures (Badiola RC photographer):
  8. aliexpress.com/item/32729418917.html
  9. Look at Hsp 08060 dogbones (77mm): aliexpress.com/item/32624056216.html
  10. With On road wheels and Corally 16T motor:
  11. In action: (with "silver can" 27T motor):
  12. How to fix the broken motor mount (Tamiya TA01 / TA02). We only need two countersunk head screws (M3 and 20-25mm long) and a drill. It is attached with 2 nuts:
  13. I have the Nikko Mosquito
  14. The car was manufactured in 2012 or 2013. Reely is a "white Brand" of Carson (German electronics and hobby dealer). At least I already have the manual, parts list and exploded view. There are still spare parts in internet stores.
  15. Thanks, I have already identified the manufacturer/dealer. It is a chassis of the Detonator Monster or Rockhard Truggy models, both by Reely
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