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  1. The Hornet body fits well on Nikko Thunderbolt / Bison. You would have to put mounting posts.
  2. Another pictures (Badiola RC photographer):
  3. aliexpress.com/item/32729418917.html
  4. Look at Hsp 08060 dogbones (77mm): aliexpress.com/item/32624056216.html
  5. With On road wheels and Corally 16T motor:
  6. In action: (with "silver can" 27T motor):
  7. How to fix the broken motor mount (Tamiya TA01 / TA02). We only need two countersunk head screws (M3 and 20-25mm long) and a drill. It is attached with 2 nuts:
  8. I have the Nikko Mosquito
  9. The car was manufactured in 2012 or 2013. Reely is a "white Brand" of Carson (German electronics and hobby dealer). At least I already have the manual, parts list and exploded view. There are still spare parts in internet stores.
  10. Thanks, I have already identified the manufacturer/dealer. It is a chassis of the Detonator Monster or Rockhard Truggy models, both by Reely
  11. Chassis identification. This is a 4wd chassis; it has no brand or reference. It is very wide (320mm) and the wheelbase is 260mm. It looks like a 1/10 Short course chassis. Does anyone know the manufacturer or recognize it? Thanks
  12. There is information at: http://reparar-cochesrc.blogspot.com/2015/12/reparar-antena-de-emisora-tamiya-qd.html
  13. It may be a flip-flop or monostable multivibrator built with inverter gates to separate the PPM signal into two PWM signals:
  14. It´s a semi-proportional control car. The steering is proportional control and a single speed to go forward or backward. SN76604 i.c. was widely used the for steering control.
  15. Those 80´s toy grade cars have 6 functions control (7 functions including Stop). Here is a Nikko car with those functions: http://reparar-cochesrc.blogspot.com/2015/12/emisora-nikko-de-6-funciones-y.html Nikko used a square signal (50% duty cycle) for "forward - 350Hz" and "backward - 900Hz". On the "right" side it was 75% duty cycle and on the "left" it was 25% duty cycle. Taiyo used the same signal and frequencies but forward and backward were swapped. Other manufacturers used other I.C's decoders but the control signal was the same (the square signal frequencies could be different). Some of these i.c.´s are: TA7657 T8140
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