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  1. Thanks man The bug is still work in progress...
  2. Hi there, just wanted to share the progress of my Dessert Scout projekt. This time i mainly took care of the lighting, now all lights work Enjoy
  3. Nope didnt hear about it. Should give it a try. Thq for the hint Honestly i did that but i didnt like it. I made the front fenders in aluminum silver and the rear fenders kept in tan color. Btw i droped the silver rims and repainted them white with some heavy rusty spots.
  4. Hi guys, thanks for the kind comments. Hopefully i can do some filling on the nose section and some detail painting today. Im still not satisfied with the wheel covers. I find they should be rusty white instead of old silver. Needful advice is welcome when it comes to weathering. I just checked out youtube for advice. The salt method is already known
  5. Hi folks, i´d like to introduce my Scorcher and myself. Last year i got into rc cars with a Sand Scorcher. It was a pleasure to built it. The techincal part was easy the painting although gave me a hard time. So a year after i decided to do a face lift to my Scorcher. After dremeling, priming, filling and painting i almost finished it today. I still need a bit of experience in body work and weathering. Lots of 3d printed parts have been added and there is still a lot work ahead. Here are some impressions of the current status of my Desert Scout. Feel free to leave a feedback.
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