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  1. I think back in the 80's or even now if you were racing you want to identify your car easily from others , I think back then the only car I did the right colour was my Hotshot , now with the nostalgia people have an image in their mind and that's usually box art , I still don't really do box art , it might be easier in some ways as you don't have to agonise over it or find it looks terrible in real life ! To each their own !
  2. Finished the new body , bit conservative but loads better . Also found a TMS Tornado motor that was made by the people who made the chassis , its got a little roughed up on the Decal and there's no repro decal made but it runs sweet as a nut !
  3. I can't speak for the rest of the car but the front bumper and mount look like they have zero miles on them compared to the suspension arms and bottom of the chassis so I'd assume they are new items .
  4. What a great thread ! But how to respond .....? When I was a kid I started with a Sand Rover , had that huge buzz and pride during and after the build that we are all familiar with that's the core of the topic , I drove the wheels of that car and it was followed by many other Tamiya cars culminating in a Hotshot that I raced in a small local way and even helped run an RC club at school but I'll come back to the Hotshot later . The only non Tamiya car I owned as a kid was a Mardave Meteor , but I religiously read Model Car Monthly and Radio Race Car magazines and followed the releases from other manufacturers that were not sold at my local model shops , cars like the Yokomo Dog fighter YZ-834b , SG Coyote , PB Mini Mustang and Hirobo Zerda , I dreamt of those cars but never saw one in the flesh . Anyway I grew and moved onto other things as most of us did and lost interest in RC Cars for many years . Fast forward to a few years ago and after a chat with one of my child hood friends where we both started to talk about the old days and it endid in us both getting modern buggy's , brushless , lipo 2.4g etc , wow how they have moved on ! 30 min run times and the speed and handling were way beyond anything from the 80's , then my friend said he still had all his old buggies and that was it I guess , I'd lost all mine to the sands of time so I thought I'd have a look at weather I could find some of them and of course I could find them on eBay as original cars or some of the Re Re models that Tamiya was doing but that was not all I found ! The other thing I found was the cars I had never had by the exotic manufacturers I'd seem only in magazines in my youth ! At this time I was not flush with money but had a growing family but I set my mind on one of my dream cars of my youth ! The Yokomo Dog fighter YZ834-B , even a few years ago the price for a complete one was high so I started collecting parts , I got a little burst of joy with every part arriving and every assembly completed until I finally had the car complete and could drive it ,it was like being a kid again ! I'm going through my list of cars I never had still , some are more complete than others when I get them and each time I strip and clean a new old car the first time , looking for damaged or worn parts I get that buzz again , hunting down replacement parts often for months till you find them , finally getting it all completed ,running it for the first time and finding its unique handling style ! But I returned to the car I lost , my racing Hotshot ! In its final form it had Supershot CVA shocks all round , a TMS fibreglass chassis , I'd transplanted the front suspension to the rear after seeing the PB Mini Mustang and set it up so chassis roll induced rear steering , it had a huge old ESC with a Turbo relay ! And a Demon 27 HT motor for standard class and a Kyosho Me Mans 240s for mod class's , I loved that car ! My latest project has been to recreate it , again its taken months , designing a replica of the TMS chassis , replicating the rear suspension steering system , finding old photos to work from .This week I finished it , there's a thread for it on here if you look , it was a surreal feeling driving it , like putting on a pair of really comfy shoes , I just slipped back in time and it just felt right . Mostly all my vintage cars get driven lightly from time to time but the are vintage and if you break a part it can be months finding a replacement but not my Hotshot , its a Re Re and the parts are easy to find so she's a hard runner ! In order to get that endorphin rush we need to do the new (to us) and to stretch ourselves , if its as easy as buying a kit that's easily affordable and building something that's easily in our skill set then then there will be little gained , we need to work for it , these days I spend more time on paint than I used to on a build because I want to stretch myself . Thats my 2p worth , happy play time every body .
  5. Looks like your going to have a blast on the beach , well chosen parts as there's very little metal to rust ! Might want full waterproof electrics so you can just hose the sand off when you get home , I'd have to do a rusty effect body , have you seen the salting paint method for rust , even if you don't like the effect its worth looking it up on YouTube . Have fun !
  6. As above get the highest mah 7.2v NiMH you can fit , on the Bruiser the heavier the battery the better ! Within reason of course but the weight helps the rather stiff suspension to work and look more scale when driving .
  7. Love the rebuild thread , gotta say I'd avoid snow with vintage plastic ! It gets really brittle and the slightest thing can crack it , its loads of fun in the snow but be super careful !
  8. Team CRP do a metal brace to go on the front of these to strengthen the chassis , glad you got her back on the road !
  9. There were several fibreglass chassis for the hotshot back in the 80's , TMS of which this is based , Super Charge did another , there were even full scale plans published in Model Cars Magazine so you could DIY one , I did a DIY version to begin with and then moved to the TMS version
  10. The body turned out bad , don't know what I was thinking , I've already ordered another to replace it but its now a runner , a few pictures of the horror show body and a clip of it running on a loose surface car park . https://youtu.be/tu6DJQmrw2c
  11. I've given it its first run , its loaded with a Novak Super Rooster ,a Demon 16x2t brushed motor and 15t pinion , I ran it for 5 min and the motor was still cool , it tracked true in a straight line at speed , gentle steering produced slight under steer but if thrown into the corner the roll steering worked and it turns on a sixpence . For those familiar with vintage 1980's 4x4's the closest handling comparison is with a PB Mini Mustang although there is more transmition drag than the Mini Mustang .
  12. I used to race a Hotshot back when i was in my teens in the 80's , the car evolved over the years to be something quite unique and went pretty well , sadly it has vanished in the mists of time but I've had a hankering to recreate it for some time now , the final speck was as follows . 1 TMS fibreglass chassis 2 TMS drive shafts all round including prop 3 TMS alloy front hubs 4 steel suspension/steering balls all round 5 Downsway Turbo Relay ESC 6 Demon 27 HT for standard class and Kyosho Le Mans 240 s for mod class 7 Modded to fit front suspension arms at rear with steering links set to produce rear steering under chassis roll 8 Supershot Shocks all round I have a few old pictures , sadly they were stored in a shed and got damp , they were also shot probably with a disposable fixed focus camera but you can just make out some of the detail. This is early on with Kyosho Scorpion shocks up front and the original shocks both at the back . These are later on in its history showing it nearer to final speck but with a home made chassis made of copper backed circuit board as that's all i could get at the time . I'm nearly finished the reconstruction now with just paint to do , I've tried to stay true to the original while making changes that reflect greater resources but retain the geometry . This is of 3d printed modified front suspension arms fitted to rear gearbox , printed in Carbon Fibre Nylon . New Chassis ,a replica of original TMS version . And with a replica TMS body specifically for the chassis.
  13. Also depends on the plastic , nylon goes yellow badly , white abs can also go yellow but there are other plastics that are unaffected .
  14. Nothing says vintage like a Meccano bumper !
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