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  1. Accel: same for me. I build them like I would do puzzle but the time I have for playing is not there. So as a pass time the fun of putting them together is my main goal. Browsing on the internet is the main culprit for looking in new models on the market specially in the bed at night. I noticed that Hercules is making some very nice models with opening doors etc. Looks like they are cloning Tamiya on their semi trucks big time.
  2. Here are just a few of my kits on pictures
  3. Super nice these semi's trucks. I just started the hobby in the big trucks and the quality is just top. I have still dozens of other Tamiya's kits to build and suddenly tried the semi's. So far my flatbed trailer is done. And I am building the grand hauler presently and could not resist to buy the Freightliner, the Scania R470 and the semi trailer. A lot of work for a while. I have so many Tamiya's built over the years that there is no more room in the house to store them. Not counting my rc planes, my drones and helicopters. Lol I
  4. How do you paint the logo Scania in front since no decal are supplied. Nice job on your Scania. Just waiting for mine from the post office.
  5. I am half way to finish my flatbed trailer and I found something that should be rectified. The rear lower shocks attachement is running to close and rubbing on the tire at full suspension movement. I had to shave a bit the brass shocks inserts to have more clearance because it touch the screw head. Even on the picture shown above you can see that there is hardly no clearance on the side tire and the side of the shock. I can imagine it is the same on the trucks because tamiya uses all the same suspension system on the trailers and the trucks. .
  6. 56319. Yes. And lots of choices beside the Fed Ex decals. Thanks.
  7. Berman: who sells the Fed Ex decals for the trailer? Never seen this decal offered by Tamiya on their trailer line!
  8. Good idea. What kind of spools have you installed in the flat bed. By the way this Peterbuilt grand hauler is very popular here in Canada. Most of them are used with double trailers and for carrying heavy loads. A lots of them are used before the winters to carry highway salts loads from the depots brought by ships along the waterways and transported in the large main cities. We see also a lots of Freightliner Cascadia transport trucks on the highways. European models like the Mann , Scania are unseen here.
  9. What a beautiful outfit you have. I am just about to start building my flatbed trailer. My Grand Hauler is not done yet but I will skip most of the painting since I bought it with the matt black version. Also I bought the motorized legs for the trailer and the animal guard. More I had ordered the semi container 40 foot trailer that I just cancelled and bought the Freightliner Cascadia evolution instead. Lots of work ahead and my time is not there. I found the the Freightliner was a better buy than the container trailer.
  10. Its always better to have the light buckets included with the body. I am finishing the Subaru Impresa rally that came with the light buckets. Installing full set of lights including turn signals, headlight, parking lights, stop lights and back up lights
  11. Fits perfect. Just add some inserts to the rear posts for longer posts because of the high roof of the Toyota. I bought the bodyset including all the decals etc for a cheap price online marketplace.
  12. I see that it is an old tread from 2016 but found it very interesting because I just received my flat bed trailer from Tamiya for my Peterbuilt Grand Hauler tractor trailer truck.
  13. I read something boring on my tablet and when the tablet start to fall from my hands it's time to dodo. Another thing you can do to help falling asleep is to run a small fan in the background. The noise from the fan will help you also.
  14. Quality first. I hate poor quality kits.
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