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  1. You can’t beat a good clod. Great fun to tinker with. I modded mine up. Dropped the suspension and some other bits and pieces. Runs way better than stock. I found stock was bad. Dual escs, dual batteries, dual steering servos and traxxas oil shocks transformed it but it’s quite a shopping list. Yeah you could’ve bought something out of the box for that but the fun for me was modding up. It’s still no traxxas and I don’t care. It’s great fun. Haven’t had it out in 6 months, or any rc for that matter due moving and getting a new full size car so might have to take it out now :-)
  2. Ah it really is a case of comparing apples with oranges. Of course the voltage is different too, not to mention they're not lipos. Doh! Just out of interest, why do they not make lion rc batteries? Is it the chemistry doesn't lend itself to the voltages and amps needed in a small space? I've seen videos of iPads going on fire so it's not just lipos that are volatile if damaged, it's any lithium battery?
  3. I've got an external battery pack to charge iPads/usb type charge ports etc. It's about the same size as my turnigy 2s 4200 mah packs. It's shorter but a bit wider, so about the same relatively. Yet it's capacity is 16750mah. An iPad battery is 11000mah. Yes, they're wide but they're dead thin. Apart from the plastic skin, why are rc battery packs so big for relatively small capacity? I have an inkling that it's something to do with the C rating. I almost know that my 16750 battery pack probably can't put out 160 amps unlike an rc lipo. I just don't know how this equates to size. I find lipos and batteries quite interesting. A bit of a mystery but interesting.
  4. One of those truggy types would be good. Buggy with big wheels. Or a faster crawler. i took a clod on a walk with the misses but felt too self conscious as the path ended up full of joggers and families. It's too big to fit in a rucksack and quite heavy and awkward to carry comfortably so it was out the whole walk. Maybe one of those crawlers made faster or a truggy type. You could sneak it in and out of a backpack then :-). Only if you get self conscious like me :-)
  5. Finally finished my lunchbox. It's stock box art so won't put a pic up. Nice to have a box art one
  6. I was lying on the sofa wondering I was watching it, then pressed "info" and noticed it's a 2 hour job, then popped the charger on. When the beeper went off it really took some effort to unglue myself again from the sofa :-). cracked me up when I was running it a dog started barking its head off. Heard it get a telling off ha
  7. Moved property and there's quiet tarmac where I live, a small uphill road. Looked at the tt02b tonight in between midsummer murders and decided to take it for a blast as couldn't remember what it was like. It's not stock. Running castle 5700 and Tamiya high speed spur with the usual metal Tamiya 'boxes and 2.2 DF03 rims, cv shafts plus various other bits. The front FRP shock tower is cracked but I figured if it goes I'll ditch it into a hedge. Man, I'd forgotten what it was like. An animal. A hilarious animal with worn components! A - it goes into orbit. It's too fast for the roads around me. B - just how worn some of the running gear is from the speeds and torque. It needs new tyres, rear drive shafts, skid plates, shocks, towers, blah blah. I remember now that's why it took a "shelf holiday" as couldn't face more online ordering. I have no idea what I'm rambling on about but thought I'd jot down my surprise.
  8. What rims are the jumbo kings on? Are they mounted Clod axles? Are they after market tubes, or is the whole axle after market?
  9. Words right out of my mouth, they're awesome :-))
  10. Yeah the full modded clods can make up a fast truck that, for a truck handle well at speed. Low cg decent suspension, alu or carbon chassis etc. But they're actually not really clods, just use clod axles and the basic clod platform. More bespoke builds and can get pricey. You see the chassis on eBay from time to time. I got an old flashback chassis second hand. Still a few new chassis out new, If you're not into the bespoke side there's prob cheaper out of the box options for faster solid axle trucks. I'm always curious. id say you're doing the right thing enjoy running it stock. They're really cool bouncing about :-)
  11. That Tamiya Bracing is pretty effective, you shouldn't have problems in that area of the super clod running stock. When giving you advice re going faster I should've clarified I don't run the chassis as is. Don't want to lead you down a garden path, Forgive me, it's been a minute and to be honest I'd forgotten. Stock chassis is a bit weak torsionally with the heavy axles at either end. Fine stock, but start going too fast over lumps and bumps and it'll prob show some issues. You'll be alright going a little bit faster but don't go mad I'd say. I ended up mucking about with some alu framing to make it stiff. To be fair I had made it weaker by cutting holes in the floor of it. Tough as old boots now and doesn't flex at all. It seems to take a kicking and handle speed. Don't doubt it it'll prob crack somewhere at some point. Mind you at one point I half hoped it might crack so I could justify another chassis I fleetingly looked at, but it's stubbornly taken the most bizarre abuse without issue the last year so see how it goes. Chassis stock def has limitations to going faster.
  12. That chassis looks real attractive. I might have to look into a txt2! I remember watching a Doc on YouTube and it went into tyre cutting on monsters quite in depth. How's the chassis perform on them and potential for fiddling about with running gear, shocks etc etc? Do they take it well? You mentioned other trucks that are available these days that are more capable than clod at higher speeds. Any modern solid axle ones worth mentioning? Reason I ask is I'm always looking for new ideas. I've seen some reference to axial, but I think it's a modded crawler and axles people are using rather than a stock monster base . I'm currently starting right at the beginning of a more classic mod clod. It's to be race 4 linked, lower cg, Crawford chassis I had in storage. Work in progress, it's just parts I've accrued over a year in a box at the min, with a few pencil sketches of setups. It's not using a kit, just a couple of axles and wheels as a base. A slow burner. Moving house hasn't helped.
  13. Thanks mate, speaking of other trucks, is the txt2 worth a look? I've read about it and it sure looks pretty interesting but wasn't sure what its like. Is it the txt1 that had the issue where they had to release a sort of add on kit to fix the problems or is that txt2?
  14. Yes as I did emphasise in my first post the steering mod is not necessary, it's more luxury. I personally feel if you spend xxx on a clod is personal taste and not as easy as say spending it on another truck beyond X. It depends what you want. I knew what I wanted and another truck wouldn't have ticked the box. I run mine as fast as I'm comfortable with and it's not fast but it licks along and the chassis is absolutely fine. It'll do jumps but it's absolutely no traxxas at all, but I didn't want a traxxas :-). I have t found other trucks I really like yet so happy with it. For anything very fast you want metal race chassis which costs a lot, then you're onto the realms of building it yourself. I personally am quite attracted to this bespoke building rather than out of the box so I may venture into it but it's eyes open. Unless you really have a specific project in mind , knowing the limitations (without going full mod clod) and aren't expecting a traxxas indestructible rubber ball, then it is best to stick to minimal spend.
  15. It really does, especially when you have to double everything on a clod. Best way is if you can make links yourself and cut the mount plates yourself. You could do it for materials cost then plus the servos and rod ends. Just spotted the thunder tech one is discontinued apologies for that. They're prob releasing another design. Same happened when I ordered the trans mounted 4 link mount. Was discontinued so emailed him and he said a new one was coming and he'd send me the new one which was improved.
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