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  1. Thanks for the offer however I've already got a v2 M05.
  2. No thank you, the chassis is extremely used.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for either a M03 roller or just a chassis. Thanks
  4. Currently it's brushed so that isn't a issue. I'm just waiting for the magnetic body mounts to arrive then it will be ready for its first test.
  5. Many years ago I had a M03 and ran it as a rally mini, it was great fun. I fancied some that wasn't mega expensive but still good fun and had good part support. Long story short I found a German shop selling the rolling chassis for €50, with shipping it £55 so a pretty good price. It arrived within a few days and I didn't get hit with any tax (not sure if I'm under the tax limit). Originally I was going to build another mini but fancied something different this time. Years ago HPI sold a range of m chassis shells that were pretty good. This the round I fancy a however they are RWD, yes I could have got the M06 however the motor hangs over the back quite a bit and I read that this can have adverse effects to the handling. I knew with the M03 it was a simple job to make it RWD however it's not so easy with the M05. I've basically swapped the front a rear arms and hubs around, flipped the servo around and I was pretty much there. I needed to make up two steering links and order the adjust camber links but other than that's it's pretty straight forward. The was built box stock other than I fitted some 55mm oil shocks and bearings. (Not sure why the photos are sideways)
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