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  1. We (UK) no longer pay EU taxes so although it's cheaper we'll have to pay our UK Vat when it arrives.
  2. Sorry I mean the width, depth and hight.
  3. Looks amazing, fancy doing me on in blue 🤣 Out of curiosity what's the overall dimensions of the Yaris body?
  4. If I wanted a new 1/10 track buggy I wouldn't be going Tamiya, they just aren't very good on a track no matter how many upgrades you add. The new associated B7 came out so there will no doubt be a few good 2nd hand B6.3s for sale. MB models currently have a brand new one on offer - https://www.rccarshop.co.uk/AS90034-TEAM-ASSOCIATED-RC10B6-4-TEAM-KIT
  5. A few nuts and bolts - There's 1350 pieces here to keep me going for a while. On average each item cost £0.03 which is wayyyyy cheaper than buying from eBay or your LHS.
  6. Very nice build, although I've got a brand new chassis in the loft I can't bring myself to run this - 90% of the parts were brand new however it's where possible I've added M05 V2 pro parts.
  7. Another afternoon spent modeling and printing more parts for the M01. Currently I have zero intentions on running mine and everything is intact however a few people have asked for 3D printed spares as the originals are so hard to get hold of. Printed in black PETG for extra strength these came out really nicely.
  8. Does anyone fancy taking the guess which spring set would work for the XM01?
  9. The M05s are ok however need a few upgrades to get them going, they are also soon to be discontinued in favour of the MB01 (advoid). Upgrades I'd want at minimum - Bearings £10 - should be standard in 2024 Metal steering assembly £20 - the stock plastic one has a lot of slop and is known for being a weak point. Oil shocks £20 - the stock pogo sticks are 💩 CVDs £15 - the dog bones can lock up when at max steering causing binding, they are also quite easy to lose if you had a crash. One piece arms £25 + suspension pins - these aren't must but look nice and take some of the sloppyness out. I think you can pick the M05 with a body for around £100 so it's not that expensive, once you factor in all of the upgrades that's another £65. IMO you'd be better off getting an M07, it's a much better car out of the box and costs around £150 (with no body), the only upgrade that I'd install during the build would be the metal diff pins which are about £5-10. The M07 uses fibre reinforced places Vs the cheap shiny plastics of the M05 and is a much better overall car. That being said I do like my M05 v2 pro but if I didn't already have 50% of the parts as spares then I wouldn't have built it and would have jumped straight to an M07.
  10. For Tamiya it's ideal, they only have to manufacture one car that will work with all of their body shells. Hopefully the lack of buy in will cause them to rethink the chassis as all of the previous M chassis cars stuck around for at least 10+ years before being discontinued, we most certainly don't want to be stuck with this 💩 for that long 🤣
  11. It should do however "bashing" an original M01 body could be considered as sacrilege! The L&L one is the closest but still isn't anyway near as good as the original tamiya one.
  12. I always forget that, you can buy hubs that shorten the wheelbase so that kinda counts. The M08 can be all three wheelbases out of the box. The design between the two is similar and I don't think they share that many parts. Never the less you get a lot of bang for your buck IMO
  13. Between the M07/8 and XM01 the Tamiya M chassis market is the best it's ever been and their offering something for everyone. The M07/M08 are very well priced compared the to MB01 and MF01X as you get proper plastics, bearing, oil diffs, oil shocks and hex HW. You don't get the flexibility that the MB01 offers but that isn't the end of the world. Hopefully the MF01X will disappear as everything from the battery backwards is poorly designed which is a shame as @Honza has shown a mid motor MF01x is possible and would have been the route to go before the XM01 was announced. It's 2024, it's time for shiny plastics to be left behind 🤣
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