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  1. Hi Guys If anyone has a hilux monster racer nib for sale pls drop me a message. Thank you kindly
  2. Egress box wanted...preferably vintage but re release would do. drop me an email would be really appreciated!!!
  3. I also have a nip 1989 bodyset too. Any questions feel free... Thanks 😊
  4. Nib or mint condition...buy or trade for 1989 egress... Thanks guys
  5. That looks fantastic great job. where did you get hold of the new stickers? 😊
  6. Hi there... Any chance you have the measurements for the hole for the driver figure as mounting a avante 2001 shell on my 89 egress? Was told it was the same but it isn't haha..thanks.
  7. Where did you get the 2001 wheels? the car looks awesome!!!
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