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  1. Also your idea will work fine; the 6 channel receivers are pretty much the same size, shape and cost as the 3 channels. I use a Flysky FS-T6 Transmitter and I'm pretty sure you could just use one of the sticks for steering, throttle and brake/reverse.
  2. Where abouts in the world are you? If you are somewhere down the south west of england I can assist you with coming up with something. I make quite a few bits on my lathe and have made my own equipment to assist with my right leg amputation. I'd be happy to assist with helping you modify your equipment if it would help you out. I'm thinking a clamp around the wheel of a trigger grip RC controller with a thumb loop or similar that would assist with the steering control.
  3. I don't know what it is, but I want a Turbo Beaver on the name alone.
  4. "My old RC10 was fun until it broke, and it broke a lot. It's just not suited to bashing. Tamiya parts are plentiful and for the most part cheap. Keep the RC10 for the nostalgia, but buy a bashable tamiya for some addictive fun is my opinion" Ignore me, I mis-read and assumed he wanted a basher.
  5. My old RC10 was fun until it broke, and it broke a lot. It's just not suited to bashing. Tamiya parts are plentiful and for the most part cheap. Keep the RC10 for the nostalgia, but buy a bashable tamiya for some addictive fun is my opinion.
  6. I've been using the TT-02 Audi Quattro rally car on the road and its quite a lot of fun even stock. With just a little water on the road it becomes a car which will do broad power oversteer slides controllable on the throttle. It was a change for me from RWD because when you jam on the brakes all the wheels stop rather than just the rears, which does change your driving style a bit... I say stock. I'm lying. During the build I added CVAs, a 2s lipo and bearings. It came with a torque tuned motor. To me it looked (and looks) good value for money.
  7. Good few of those are my area. In salisbury there is a very good model (small) shop however his RC stock is not usually that good. Lots of plastic model kits and 00/n gauge trains though. It's called Salisbury Model Centre and is fairly near the train station. Ray68, I'm not a million miles from you (my parents-in-law run a shop in Westbury), are there any good areas to run models near you? For my other hobby (building large model steam locomotives) I go to the West Wiltshire Society of Model Engineers near Westbury but I don't like to ruin their grass with my DT03!
  8. Sorry lowspot, must have been posting at the same time. I can't seem to edit my posts from my work PC for some reason, so sorry for the extra!
  9. You just use the one that comes with the Tamiya kit, but it doesn't sound like the right one is supplied. I can't remember which fits which off the top of my head but if you gently try a couple of the options supplied with the lunch box you will find if the right one is present it slides on relatively easily wheras the others won't. I THINK Hi-tec is 24 tooth. Don't force it if it won't go, but the correct one will take a little pushing to get it seated, its hard to describe. Make sure you have test-connected it all first so you can fire up the radio gear and centre the servo before you fit the arm (make sure your transmitter trims are zeroed). Another tip, it can be quite easy to strip the threads on the screw in the middle of the servo drive shaft on a plastic shaft so don't grolly it up too much. If you worry it will shake loose a tiny dab of threadlock on the screw helps retain it, or failing that a miniscule amount of superglue (I mean really, really tiny). Personally I always use a servo saver, you lose a little bit of steering accuracy on the cheaper (and kit supplied) ones, but you also don't end up replacing damaged components as much. It's not just the servo that the servo saver saves.
  10. Life is far too short to be anything other than a big kid. If you've paid the bills, got a full stomach and a roof over your head then you've been sensible enough for one lifetime. She looks like she is enjoying herself, this is going to be an expensive hobby if she gets the bug!
  11. Never really looked at those before, a few minutes on google and I'm hooked! Shame they are so expensive, prices are insane! Good luck with finding the parts you need
  12. I would use a multimeter to check for voltage on the fan wiring. If there is voltage but no spin then the fan should be replaced, if there is no voltage then the failure is in the ESC. Also check its free spinning and not pushed down too far on its shaft. Sometimes easing a PC type fan up a little is enough to get is free turning again.
  13. It could be worse. I once bought a pair of Jaguar XJ6 on eBay whilst in a state of advanced refreshment; a working one and one for spares, came as a package. If you are thinking "Tamiya never made an XJ6?" you would be right. These were 1:1 scale. Still, I enjoyed cruising around before I ran out of fuel money. Enjoy your purchase.
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