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  1. chazekxt

    "sears" Lobo

    any update's on this car
  2. rtr arma esc 27t and stock motor, oil filled shock's, new foam's in tires 95.00 shipped to us only ON EBAY NOW …….
  3. need a grass hopper or your old blitzer beetle cheap in the usa
  4. don't need it evx2 esc 45.00 shipped to us only. will trade for a set of 12mm hex sc wheels and tires. 2.2 3.0
  5. hey kev can I still get the rear shock mount some where? I might offer him 30 bucks for it
  6. thanks. I can buy new kit just don't want to spend 130 for new that's .all
  7. thanks. I was going to buy it. all the grasshoppers ive seen guy's want almost new price's for them.
  8. hey guy's got some ? what should I offer for this used grasshopper. need's ft wheels and tires. is this rear shock mount stock or not? I do have esc and servo and motor for it.thanks.
  9. need a set of gh ft stock wheels plz
  10. yea lot of good deals in uk but not so much here in usa
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