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  1. That’s brilliant. Let me know your details and I can PayPal some money over to you. Thanks!
  2. Ah rubbish, sorry to hear that. If it makes you feel any better, I’m off work after breaking myself on my MTB (hence dragging out little projects to tinker with) and my mate manage to prang my car for me, as he had to drive us home from Wales!
  3. Right, I missed out on the one I was bidding on so I’ll definitely take you up on your chassis if that’s still ok? Thanks
  4. Oh wow, that’s very good of you! I have no idea if I need any other bits, I think the car I have looks complete aside from the chassis being hacked up! Shall I PayPal you over some money then?
  5. I am, I’m in a particularly snowy bit of Hampshire!
  6. Hi Jim, thanks, I might be interested! Two questions... Does it have the battery retainer? How much would you want for it? I’m possibly buying another compete car, but I could have two compete cars this way! Thanks again
  7. Thanks Colda, I’m keeping an eye on eBay and may end up buying another TA03F in its entirety yet, but please do give me a heads up if you do want to move that chassis on cheaply Waterbok, I don’t know enough about them to say this for definite, but I’m pretty sure they’re different. I think I have that TA03R on my watched items already! Thanks for the pointer though.
  8. Nobody? I’ve seen loads of threads where people are rebuilding these with the carbon chassis kits, surely someone must have a scabby, old, plastic chassis knocking around?
  9. Hi, Does anyone have a standard TA03F chassis with battery stay they’d like to sell? I picked up a cheap TA03F a few weeks back, but it’s had a chunk of the chassis cut away to allow a hard case battery to be fitted. Not looking to make this mint, just useable! TIA
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