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  1. Hi thanks :)

    its a fun little buggy even if its 

    Consider as a "toy" grade. 

    I've upgraded the shocks to oil, and ball bearings all the car. 

    Im using hobbywing 1040 esc and 21T goolrc motor(i orderd 17t to🙈)

    And sanwa servo.

    For spare parts i bought a 3d printer so i can make my own if needed ;)

    Btw do you know if the hotshot wheels will fit in this buggies?


  2. yes i had the radio link for a few months, its a nice radio it have lots of unnecessary tuning options but it feels cheap in the hand. other then this it will do the work. 

    now i returned to the flysky gt3c, its lighter and feels much better to hold. 

    btw the gyro wasn't helpful at all, maybe its good for drifting but not for bashing.

    and for the remote light switch you will need one of this... remote light switch

  3. thanks for the replay's :) 

    yes i think it was produce from 84-88 or 89 under MRC/Tamiya. 

    i got my'n in 89 and it was stored until now, i just found it in the garage and since the electronics are more affordable this days i decided to renew it. 

    its nice to see it runs after 26 year :D  

    now im looking for a Hotshot to make a side by side video.

  4. Well, i've got this MRC road winner when i was a kid in 1989 and only run it a few times t'll it had some radio problems and stop running. so it was on storage since 1990 until now ;)

    so i decided to make it run and parts this days are very cheap so i did it. 

    i got a new 21T motor and ESC new servo new oil shocks and im using Flysky gt3c remote.

    i had a test run with a week battery 2S 1500mah 15c lipo, in the first seconds it got a very strong burst! until the battery C rating dropped... but i have a new 2S 4000mah 30c lipo on the way and will make a video of it ;)







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