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  1. Does anyone know a english speaking shop that sells G-force Life Batterys ? http://www.gforce-hobby.jp/products-en/GFG101.html ive found only japanese shops which carry them
  2. I would totally buy one ........but this ugly shell ....OMG IS THIS THING UGLY
  3. Ive just ordered the Kyosho hub, praying that it comes with the lockbolt :/ you can see on the second pic that kyosho have some sort of bolt....anyone got a part# for this?
  4. Hey Mates, how to mount Kyosho Scorpion wheels (the rear ones) on our beloved Hex drives? In my search for nice Centerline style wheels i saw those gems but i wonder if they require some sort of adapter or do the Kyosho drives fit on our cars.
  5. Can someone explain me why i cant get my Yuki B3 BL Combo to run? The Manual is kinda ........pointless to the Point where German Translation is the opposite of the English on some steps it starts that the Cell count (automatic accor. to the manual) dont seem to detect the correct number of cells in my nimh pack. i guess the beepÅ› go till five and the long beep seems to be indicate #5 so one long and one short beep seems to be 6cells .....i press set and go the the next steps->seems self explaining. but it seems the motor runs only Backwards in neutral and the forward/backward is switched. Somehow ive managed ONCE to get this right just to find out that the motor/ESC shuts down when i full accel. any ideas?
  6. yeah i just wish i could put them in a hardcase similar to the Tamiya ones
  7. The Thing is, they dont sell the 2200 here in Germany. I go with those http://www.hoelleinshop.com/Alles-fuer-den-Elektroflug/Akkus-LiPo-Equalizer-Akku-Zubehoer/Lithium-Polymer-LiPo-/A123-2500mAh-2er-Reihenpack-mit-Kokam-Balanceranschluss-6-6-V-LiFePO4-.htm?shop=hoellein&SessionId=&a=article&ProdNr=HN125761&t=49302&c=11777&p=11777&rdeocl=1&rdetpl=productpage&rdebox=box1
  8. this and the fact that Tamiya went into Bizzaroland with the Prices for theire own LIFE(A123) Batterys 50-60 bucks? when other shops offer unbranded for 25. The only Thing that makes me really want a Tamiya Pack is the Hardcase for the Racing Pack is there a way to get such an Oval Hardcase seperate?
  9. So i made up my mind and prepare myself to switch over to LIFEpo batterys. most stuff is clear - a Charger which can handle Life batterys ->Graupner Ultramat 14 plus - 2s A123 2500mah Battery Pack - Deans plug needed unclear: its a 6.6V battery, so how to counter the speed loss? should i upgrade in the same stroke to a brushless? or is just gearing up a good solution?
  10. Thanks for the Info well the Main reason for my choice is simple: I have a few Madbull shells but no longer a Madbull Chassie also i hate Lexan Shells ......really i hate them with passion
  11. wait ......there are some people getting paid for building Tamiya Kits????
  12. Well my Thinking was more that a Buggy Shock mount (its different) would allow the Body to sit more flush btw iam thinking on putting one of my Madbull shells on my TA01/TA02/Manta Ray/Prerunner (its a massive Kitbash)
  13. Hey Mates, could someone with a TA01 Buggy and a Madbull/Fighterbuggy try if the Shell fit between the Shock mounts? Thanks in advance
  14. So its a WW2 with an Extra Axle and a VERY UGLY Lexan Shell ? .......YAY
  15. Hey Mates What do i need to put Brat Wheels/Rims on a Blitzer Rear: Alloy Adapter + Barrelnut Front:a shorter Axle .....but which?a Grasshoper Axle?
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