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  1. Thanks for the info, I found a spare in the shed but I think it was the 6mm thick type you mentioned and was obviously too small.
  2. enjay

    What have I got?

    Cheers for that.
  3. This thing here "E5". Child 2 crashed the truck the other day and the steering ceased working, upon inspection at home this thing was missing. Anyone know it's part number, what it's called and where I can get one?
  4. enjay

    What have I got?

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me what model this Kyosho buggy is? I have it cleaned and working and will possibly be selling but no idea on the name. Thanks in advance.
  5. Or similar as I want to replace the smooth tyres from my Aqroshot to some with more grip for off road running.
  6. To hijack this thread slightly. I got a couple of gravel hounds of Ebay a couple of weeks ago, both had rear tyres perished but other than that in working order. Tyres arrived yesterday and I had new bearings for both so set about getting them running today. First car no problem but the second one I'm having trouble with. When I push forward or back I can hear the motor revving however the wheels hardly move, the car jolts forward and backward intermittently. Took it slightly apart and exposed the motor, if I run the motor on it's own with no other cogs attached it runs freely as it should, however when all the gears are in situ, nothing really driving. Didn't get much time to look any further into it as I had an anxious 10 year old waiting to have a go of the other car. Any ideas what to look at before I start pulling it apart again?
  7. Thanks for the reply, got sorted now!
  8. Ignore thread, found the reference number (MR115ZZ). Was going to buy of Ebay for about six pound a set, just got two sets foc from a supplier I work with. Little wins!
  9. Hi all, not been on for a while but a recent purchase of two starter cars for the kids has reignited the buzz. I want to upgrade bearings on a couple of df02 (Gravel Hounds), does anyone know or have a link to the actual bearing reference numbers? I only ask as a have a lot of contacts in the bearing trade so could get them as a freebie if I knew the actual bearing part number. TIA
  10. Oh hang on, stupid question coming; so if I fit this esc I no longer need the second servo currently attached to the msc or anything else in its place?
  11. That looks just the job, thanks I will give that a go. Not bad, it's the first part I've had to replace in 17 years of having it.
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