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  1. ...you constantly browse this site and realize there's still models you want, no matter how many you already have.
  2. 18 servos, actually. Saved a ton of money by using a Turnigy TGY-4409MD servo instead of the Hitec 645MG they sell the kit with. Almost identical specs, but actually a little faster. Only had to change one thing in the code they provided to use, them, too. I'm looking into giving it a little bit of autonomy with a color tracking setup I found someone had written the code for, maybe then I can mount the lasers and machine guns.
  3. Took a short break from My Hilux replica, for this: Not really Tamiya, except for a handful of screws, but I always wanted a bot. Especially since I work with industrial versions every day now.
  4. ...you wake up at 7 am, on your day off, just to work on RC's, and are annoyed that the hobby shop isn't open until 10 when you need parts.
  5. I had read somewhere that the bigger version is too big to fit. Never tried it, though.
  6. Not for a hornet, but should be close. http://www.rcmt.net/forums/showthread.php?5818-tamiya-brat-TLT-experiment
  7. Thanks you guys! I really appreciate the compliments. I just might, if I can find another deal on a roller like this one. That would be really cool to have the pair of them running side by side! I'm cleaning up the chassis right now, and it actually hasn't been bad at all. Universals are a bit grimy, and the bearings are dirty. That's been about it. Rebuilding the regular-bore aeration shocks on the rear, too. Seems a bit odd to have the big-bores in front, so I may swap them out. I actually didn't realize there was a difference until I got them in the mail. Oops. Gives me a chance to put a spacer in there and drop the front down a bit like it should be, though. Goal is to at least start mounting electronics tonight, but we'll see if I get that far. Need to get the bench cleared off for the next project that arrives tomorrow, that I'm really excited about. It's technically R/C, but it has six legs instead of wheels....
  8. Ok, I'm not done with the decals, but I'm having to quit for the night before I screw it up too badly. The paint is far from perfect, but thankfully the decals hide most of my poor masking skills. When I got the package today that had them, I just got too excited and had to see how it turned out.
  9. It has been a long afternoon. Did I mention I hate masking and painting? And that I'm no good at multi-color paint schemes? Well, I thought all the stuff on the Hilux was vinyl. Boy was I wrong.
  10. Again, these ^^^^^ are just my faves. I'm sure someone else will chime in!
  11. First on my list in that wheelbase: HPI Lancia Stratos Then there's: Again, HPI, 911. They have a couple of cool 225mm bodies, too. Of course, there's always the classic Tamiya Mini, which honestly I really love, especially rallied-out: That's the M05 '94 Monte Carlo body And then there's this. I really want to try this one, too. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/78000-porsche-959-mf-01x-tgb-body-project-source-for-driver-heads/
  12. Hmm, it got censored, but I can bet I know where you got those. I just got my Hilux decals in today from the same vendor in Canada.
  13. Based on sheer looks alone, I'd say the M-05. That is a gorgeous chassis. Is there a reason you would stay mid-length? Seems like all the cool bodies (at least the ones i like) are 210mm. Been considering some for my MF-01X Jimny. Would be a GREAT rally car, w/4wd, in my head, at least.
  14. I've found screws and nuts in my living room before and actually known which car it was from.... Double post, sorry! I was trying to edit...
  15. I've found screws and nuts before in my living room, and actually known which car it's from....
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