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  1. The first re release of the avante 2011 came with a set of df03 wheels Not my car but these are the wheels it came with
  2. G'day peeps Need help with restoring my Falcon plastics Firstly I have a practice bumper (see pic) so I am willing to try different methods. I know I'm not going to get the deep scratches out and have so far sanded half the bumper with 400, 1200 and 2000 grit wet and dry. I am happy with the smoothness however as you can see in the pic it has a milky white appearance now. Have I done something wrong or is there a way of restoring the black finish? Will the same thing happen with the chassis and other harder plastic parts? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Chris
  3. Thanks, I will investigate the frog parts option for sure!
  4. Hi All, Looking to put dyna blaster wheels and tyres on my beetle/blackfoot project. Has anyone done this? I have rere frog hex adapters but am assuming I'm going to need different front spindles for the front wheels. Any help muchly appreciated!
  5. Thanks, Not gunna lie, I didn't watch the video but I will now
  6. Loving these parts! Are you going to make them in black? If not what paint do you use? Would dying them work? Cheers, Chris
  7. Just buy through RC Mart, even including postage they're a lot cheaper even if you can find one locally. I know this goes against the "Support your LHS" mantra, but if they can't support you... I have had excellent dealings with RC Mart and they package extremely well. Every box I've had delivered has been banged and dented (thanks Australia post!) but the box inside is nicely safe within bubblewrap.
  8. Thanks jonboy1! Sorry to hear you sold your Astute, I own 3 and they would probably be the last to be sold if I ever had to sell any cars I've had to put the car on the back burner/storage for now as I'm building my house and my life is a mess! My local track has however moved and is in the process of rebuilding which is exciting my desire to run the Astute (and others) and do some set up testing. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get my s**t together and get some running in and can post some results and pics/vids.
  9. Hi Chip1, Unfortunately there are very few metal parts that are available but in my experience the use of metal parts only ends up transmitting the stress to other parts in the chassis and you end up breaking larger and harder to replace parts. 3D printed parts are the way to go, as you can see in my build ORB make all the rare parts needed and you can replace other parts such as hubs and arms with madcap and bearhawk alternatives with a little work. I highly recommend reading Max's tutorials on the astute as they are a wealth of knowledge and he has already done the hard yards with testing and experimentation Good luck with the build!
  10. Thanks Davey! I've always loved the Astute and own a new built Astute and restored Super Astute. With the Astute being new built I didn't want to mod or run it. The Super Astute got a few good runs in and I nearly went down a similar line to this one but I decided to restore and shelve it due to its originality. When this one presented itself (Thanks again Bel) with the A&L transmission and other mods I just had to get it and allow my creative juices to run wild. My aim was firstly reliability but also to see what could be done to make it more competitive with modern buggies without ruining its classic look. Time will tell if I have succeeded and I'm sure there will be more adjustments/mods to come as required.
  11. Thanks Bel and thanks again for the car! I can't wait to get a test in but I've been so busy lately with work and other things it's hard to find the time.
  12. Bomba01


    Loving this build, I've never thought of a Porsche as a model I would own but after seeing your build it has grown on me to the point of..... Yep had to get one
  13. I was hoping to find some time to get a run in but I've been a bit busy with other stuff but I did manage to get the display shell done and get some outside shots done Hope you all like it, The rear wing decal looks a lot bluer in the pics than in real life, mirror decals are very hard to photograph... Enjoy!
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