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  1. The dashboard is all finished, and comes in at a very reasonable price i think. https://www.shapeways.com/product/2DJKCE4JC/tamiya-sand-scorcher-dashboard-body?optionId=59817612 A friend of mine is in the process of making a nice finished version complete with LED back lighting! Can't wait to see the completed effect.
  2. I need to press on with the dash. It's very nearly ready. I need to paint the dials. I think you will like it!
  3. I found exoxy resin worked best for fitting the arches. I avoid cheapo resin though. You'd think epoxy is epoxy, but it isn't. I used some small clamps (clothes pegs would prob do it) to hold them in place, and that has worked great.
  4. I'm pleased you like them! I've fixed the numbering - thanks for that. If you have any questions on fitting, please just shoot me a message.
  5. Good point. I certainly could not guarantee a fit to the blitzer suspension. Looks like the front shocks would need an extra cutout. The arches already have a removable tab for RC Channel linkage suspension, so may not be far off - but it's hard to tell without one in hand.
  6. Is the Blitzer Beetle not the same shell as a re-re, give or take? Looks like they might fit fine. I could even do them in red! I upload my designs to shapeways for them to print, and I can then choose to also sell them directly from Shapeways. Shapeways postage is expensive for us in euroland (not so in the US). I tend to buy 4 of 5 sets together with other orders to vastly reduce this cost. I sometimes list them on ebay - user Babble53 if you keep your eye out. The Shapeways listed price is also for their 'fast' manufacturing time. There's a good saving if you select 'extended manufacturing time' at checkout.
  7. I though i'd share with you my printed wheel arches curently on Shapeways. I've sold a few sets now, and people are really happy with them. There is also my brushless fitting kit, of which i have sold a lot now. If you look under my 'creations' tab, you will also see my dashboard project that is near completion. I have two versions, one with metal detailing around the dials, one with plastic. The metal is more expensive, and a bit chunkier. The shapeways 'stainless steel' metal colour is not as chrome like as i'd hoped. I'm starting to think the plastic parts painted silver will be better - what do you think? https://www.shapeways.com/designer/scorched_parts/creations
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